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Touchscreen cable repair / replace

So my cable for my Touch70 sadly got cut in a clumsy moment! Its just an HDMI cable with usb power of course, standard things in 1000s of electronic products.

Yet Dealer and UK Victron repair centre says "it cant be replaced, you need a new screen". Now screen clearly perfectly fine, in fact 600mm of cable perfectly fine! So why on earth would buy a new £300+ screen when the cable needs new plugs or ends? I love Victron gear but that is ludicrous, and certainly not the work of a green, company trying to reduce waste etc.

So cable needs new plugs etc is all, probably tackle it myself if for the life I could ascertain the pins and cores that Victron used. Anyone able to help with any nuggets of info?

Shocked that a company invested in renewables etc, expect a £300 working screen to get trashed in waste when its working fine... Very very poor design V.

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The perfectly good screen needing a new end to cable.


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I do feel with you on it being a costly mishap, but the products are used in many different, even harsh, environments and this is reflected in the robust no end-user serviceable components design for many of the Victron products in my opinion. It also allows simplified installation, without the need for additional power cables etc. which simply adds points of failure otherwise. The below link may offer insights into alternatives without the price tag. PS - It also works just fine over a standard HDMI cable and HD TV, just without the touch function ;)

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I'd seen on amazon some solderless HDMI connector blocks. They're bulky but thought that might have been a quick fix for you. The USB power makes it a bit more niche though. Maybe worth giving aliexpress/amazon a search for some solderless HDMI with USB power connectors.

If not looks like you'll have to crack out the soldering iron and with a magnifying glass or two.... Solder on USB, Solder on HDMI then heatshink the wires as best you can. MIght not be flashy but for £300 who cares.

Or say sod it and go raspi route.

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@matt1309 Yes I already have HDMI plugs etc, but as there is no "standard" of wiring colours etc, without Victron playing ball and helping, nothing I can do with it.

Raspberry Pi ? For a screen?

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Ahh I see that's a shame. Would've thought it would've been standard that is a shame. I dont know enough about HDMI protocol to work out if there's an easy way to decipher which is which.

If your only other choice is to bin/buy new then just before that might be worth breaking into the other end see if you can use that to work out which pin is which..

Sorry when i said raspberry pi i meant maybe consider swapping your entire gx setup to it pi running venus os. With touch screen. (or via lan as that'll still probably work out cheaper)

Not as polished as the victron made devices, but you'd definitely be able to replace parts in the event of issues like the one you've ran into here. (Pi would be able to be fixed with cheap parts if you ever ran into similar issues in furture)

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Can't you use the other half of the broken cable to "buzz out" the pin assignments? It'll be a laborious task and might not yield results but if you fancy a challenge? :)

My guess is that these screens are probably made by a third party and so Victron probably don't have spare parts or any component level knowledge of them in order to help you directly.

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