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Node Red Gridsetpoint Netzsollwert variabel anpassen


ich möchte meinen Netzsollwert in Abhängigkeit vom "EM24PV" ändern.

EM24PV hat die Rolle PV-Wechselrichter Zähler

konkret :

wenn die PV Anlage z.B. 1000 Watt erzeugt . --->1000 Watt wird am Zähler angezeigt . ----> Netzsollwert um 1000 Watt verringern

Ich komme nicht auf den zwischenbaustein der das steuern kann

Vielen Dank schon mal


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how can I force chargeing from PV only / disable feed-in until batteries are full

Hi Folks,

during winter season, daily PV yield is not sufficient to fully recharge the batteries, especialy when direct consumption is also part of the usage.

My DSO does allow PV feed-in but does not allow chargeing from grid.

Using battery life alone, it would take weeks until a SoC of 100% can be reached, because discharging would still be allowed.

I'd rather find a solution to use almost all (and only) PV for chargeing, as well as prevent discharging until a SOC of 100% has been reached.

What would be the best option, given that I have Node-Red and the Cerbo with activated mqtt at hand?

My first guess is, to set the grid-setpoint to the value of the actual grid-consumption (so direct usage of PV will not take place, as all PV will be used for chargeing the batteries) .... do this until SOC of 100% has been reached, then return to a standard grid setpoint.

When minimum SOC has been reached, restart that procedure.

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