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MP - Which assistant should I use?

I have a CerboGX, a Multiplus 24/3000 (old one, no II), a 24V/280Ah battery and some MPPTs (in total 2kWp Solar). Which Assistent should I use for the following use case?
I want to use solar energy first, then energy from the battery (if SOC > 30%), and last from the grid. Normally the battery should not be charged from the grid (AC input) but this should be possible by hand in exceptional cases.
If the power demand exceeds a certain level (i.e. 1800W), then Power assist should be switched on.

Up to now I have controlled this via a raspberry pi with my own software, but I think this should also be possible via CerboGX and the matching Assistant and may be a nodered flow?

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PV inverter support assistant and DVCC


I have been succesfully using the PV inverter support assistant of a Multiplus 2 to control an external heater (excess solar energy dump in off grid system) via frequency shifting. My system had lead acid batteries.

Now I changed to Pylontech batteries. Charge control is now done via DVCC.

This caused the PV inverter assistant to stop working. I can configure the assistant, and as long as I don’t plug in the VE.bus cable of the inverter in the Cerbo unit, it works: ac output frequency is increased by Multiplus, as expected.

However, as soon as I plug in the cable, and thus establish communication with the inverter, the DVCC seems to overrule the inverter and PV inverter assistant stops frequency shifting.

Is there a way to make this work?



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Problem with Quattro 48/5000 Power Assist

My Quattro 48/5000 is connected to AC 1 with a Honda 2000i –AC1 current limit=15amp.

If I have a load of ~1400 W and my refrigerator starts, the load momentarily exceeds 15 amps and the “Power Assist” cuts in as it should. However, instead of AC1 supplying 15 amps and the balance coming from the battery, it splits the load approximately in half with ~ 750 W being drawn from the battery. This is a problem when the battery is in a low SOC because it drags the battery down when it should be charging. Also, even when the AC load reduces to below 15 amps, the “power assist” is still activated and stays activated –and taking power from the battery--until the load is significantly reduced to say ~300W.

Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem?

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VE.Configure - Problem updating ESS assistant to latest with 501 inverter firmware

Hi All,

Decided to update VE.Bus firmware today from 2623497 to 2623501. This is a MultiPlus II, 48V/5000VA. Firmware update went fine (via latest VE.Flash).

VE.Confiure (which is the latest version) indicates that the assistants that were previously running need to be updated (specifically the ESS assistant). When doing the "update assistants from internet", VE.Configure says that the new ESS assistant needs firmware greater than 2623451, and cannot be updated (when 2623501 is obviously greater than 2623451).

Uploaded the previously running assistant to the MultiPlus, and it still works fine, so that is a good thing.

Possibly I should have updated the assistants while still running 497, instead of trying to update them after 501 was installed. Any answers for this, or is it a VE.Configure bug ? Btw. I have done this many times in the past with no problems.

Thanks, Steve.


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Multiplus frequency shifting: stuck at control range maximum


I use frequency shifting by a MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50 (firmware v430, off grid) to control electrical heaters via an AC Thor controller. The idea is to maximize PV power consumption. Layout:


My MultiPlus setup is the following (full settings attached):

Charger settings:

Absorption voltage 55.50 V (absorption voltage of set MPPT = 57.4 V)
Float voltage 55.10 V (MPPT float 55.2 V)

PV inverter support assistant settings:

*) The solar converter will start reducing its output power at 50.10 Hz.
Output power will be reduced to minimum when the frequency is 51.00 Hz.
The converter will disconnect when the frequency is higher than 53.00 Hz.
*) Total installed PV inverter power is 1500 Watts.
Total installed PV panel power is 1500 Watts.

The issue is that the MultiPlus frequently gets stuck at the maximal value of the frequency control range, i.e. 51 Hz. So not at the "disconnect" value of 53 Hz, which seems to be reset according to what is written in the documentation of the PV inverter assistant (at a voltage equal to Float V - 5.2 V).

An example of this issue is shown in the graph below. At time = 0 h (midnight), the system is already stuck at 51 Hz from the previous day (green curve), despite the fact that the battery voltage is 49 V or lower (blue curve), which is well below the charger absorption voltage setting of 55.5 V (dotted blue line). I had switched off the AC Thor loads the previous day, to avoid battery draining.

In the morning I remotely reset the MultiPlus to get the frequency back at 50 Hz.

At around 12:00 pm, the system did what it should: when the battery voltage increased above +/- 55.5 V (blue curve), the frequency shifted. I switched on the loads again, and AC power was sent to the heaters by the AC Thor controller (red curve). I have two sequential heaters of different power controlled by the AC Thor, explaining the variation in AC power consumption.

One can also see that at the end of the day, around t =18 h , the system again was stuck at 51 Hz (and so power consumption maximal at 1500 W), despite the fact that there was not enough PV power available and that the battery voltage reached values as low as 48 V. This is far below the absorption (and float) voltage set for the MultiPlus charger, so one would expect the frequency to be shifted back to 50 Hz. The battery was drained to 80 %, at which time the AC loads were switched off automatically by a Multiplus relay that I programmed for this purpose.

The problem is of course this behaviour drains the battery unnecessarily.

Weirdly enough, the issue does not always happen. Many times it just works as it should (see bottom graph). I did not find any regularity, except that it seems to happen on days with alternating sunshine/clouds, and after the Multiplus returned from the "disconnect" frequency, 53 Hz in my case. Similar behaviour has been reported a few times before on this forum (mostly in the context of frequency shifting for AC coupled PV charging) but a definitive solution was not given.

Can this be solved by changing the settings somehow? I tried many charger voltage/ frequency range settings already, but always the issue pops up. Or is this inherent to the way the frequency shifting is programmed?

Thank you.


Multiplus settings: MP_settings.txt

A good (sunny) day - example of how it should work:


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AC Thor 9S / 15000 Quattro - not frequency shifting

Morning all,

ive recently had a new system commissioned and I am struggling to get the Quattro to frequency shift for the AC Thor to kick in, we added the PV assistant in VE Configure and left the default settings, batteries are 100% and sun shining bright, I have 12.7kw of Solar panels with two 250/100 MPPTs.

Batteries are two sets of BYD 13.8.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong, AC Thor is set to frequency mode.






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Multiplus Assistants

Hi All

I wondered if there are anyone out there who knows about setting up MPII Assistants in VE Config.

Setup: MPII, CerboGX, Lifepo4 batteries.

Would anyone know how I set up assistants to Turn the Charger on at a certain time and then to turn if off after a few hours - e.g. Inverter ON at 8.30pm and Off at 1.30am?

Many thanks


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Multiplus II, 3-phase, ESS, Ignore AC

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and I have following device setup:
3x MultiPlus-II 48/5000 in 3-phase configuration
DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs)
Pylontech batteries
VenusGX - devices are connected to the VE.Can (Battery & MPPTs) and VE.Bus (Multis)

Next, the software configuration:
VenusOS version: 2.92
Multiplus-II firmware version: 500
=== Multis settings: ===
The same settings on tabs: General, Grid, Inverter on all Multis; Charger settings only on L1 Multi
Grid code: "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" on all Multis
== Assistantants: ==
ESS on all Multis
generator start and stop (load & battery SOC conditions on L1, load conditions on L2, L3)
general flag user

Goal of configuring assistants:
To be able evaluate load on L1, L2, L3 and based on defined conditions set "Ignore AC" to off and take additional power from grid.

So far I have been working with a 1-phase installation - it has worked well. But in this 3-phase system it doesn't work, no reaction on any assistant conditions.

The question:
Is there any recommended/supported settings for this solution?

I have used mainly following documentation for my setup:
Victron & Pylontech US2000, US3000 and Phantom-S [Victron Energy]

Thanks in advance for the responses and advice.

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Programming a time delay for switching the Multiplus 24/3000 back to grid?


is it somehow possible to program a time delay for the Multiplus (in an ESS system) before it switches back from battery to grid in case of an power outage?

In case of repair works on the grid I observed, that the first few minutes are often not stable and so the Multi switches to grid, back to battery then again to grid....

Is there a way to program a delay with assistants(?) with the goal to switch back to grid operation only if the grid is present continuously for about 5 minutes?

I have a hardware solution in mind but a software solution would be much more comfortable.



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Is it Possible to Switch Between 3 Phase and Parallel Single Ops

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this. We have an upcoming system install with 3x Multiplus ii 5000/70 for an off grid install set up in 3 phase. The client needs 3 phase for about 4 hours per day. After that all loads are single phase with some bigger single phase equipment that will be used later in the day. These single phase loads are shop toold that maxes out a single Multiplus 2 ii 5000.

Can anyone imagine a way to have the system set up as 3 phase for part of the day and then paralleled for high load single phase loads the remainder of the time? I do realize that the actual wiring for the single phase will need to be creative if this is at all possible

I've racked my brain and don't believe it's possible other than increasing the number of parallel units but keeping the 3 phase.

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Disable fan for charge OR invert?


I've got a system which I can't check on site if the disable fan logic is as expected.


It's not clear if disabling the fan for charge only will also limit inverter output maximum power, or just reduce the charge current?


Can anyone confirm if silence fans when 'charge' is selected just silences fans whilst charging and the inverter still has maximum power output with fans un-silenced whilst inverting heavier loads?

I expect fans will still come on when inverting heavier loads but I want to minimise them coming on for charging at the expense of the charge current.

This is for a DVCC setup holiday houseboat with a 6k Solar, Multi 5k, 4 x Pylontech US5000.

The main reason is the sound sensitive owner, and not being able to use assistants for disabling charger when ignore AC allows shore power to power assist heavy loads, but still have the charger enabled for cloudy low SOC times. - (Without a manual switch)

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Any Changelog Information for ESS Assistant ID 0184


I have recently reconfigured some ESS Systems because of some changes. In VE Configure it wants me to update my ESS Assisant from ID 017E to 0184. However the assistants changelog in Victron Professional ends at 017E.

I also want to update the Systems to v.500 while I'm on it, but I am not sure whether I will run into problems without the Changelog?

Does anyone maybe from Victron knows where to get the changelog and / or if I run into problems with Firmware Version v.500 and 017E Assistant?

There was a problem posted here 10 days ago where someone couldn't get ESS running again after Updating to v.500

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Multiplus Tripping after V500 Firmware Upgrade - No ESS Assistant Found

Upgraded 2x Multiplus II 48/5000/70 connected in parallel to Fronius 8.2 Primo, now with the upgrade have lost the ESS assistant.

Please Help.


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Any way to install ESS Assistants without VE Configure?

Not a Windows guy (100% Mac based) but would like to install an ESS Assistant. I have a Multiplus II, MK3-USB and a Cerbo. Is there a way?


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Multiplus installed along with a WaterTurbine

Dear member of the community.

I have recently installed a Multiplus 24/1200/25 (which I will be updating sooner than later), and along with it, I have installed a micro-water turbine of 200W (AC, nominal voltage of 220). The problem I am having right now, is that this water turbine gives me frequencies between 63 and 38 Hz depending on the amount of energy I am generating with it, also de voltage ranges from 310 to 190 V, also depending on the energy generated.

I have read a bit about the 1140 Interface, but there is not enough information about it, for example, knowing which ranges of frequencies, voltages and current will be accepted by the assistant and also by the multiplus (given that the multiplus only accepts AC input of min 45Hz - 180V and max AC input of 65Hz - 270V. So, how would de 1140 work?

Also the problem, apparently, is tha the 1140 interface must be close to the water turbine, thing that is a bit difficult, because it is close to a river, (100 meters from the multiplus).

If there is another solution that is not the 1140 interface, please let me know. And if this is the only one, please explain to me how this works and how could I do it.

Thank you very much!

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