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How does a Multiplus II behave if no assistant is installed ?

I have red many Victron documents, watched webinars and also searched through the Victron Community but was not able to clearly figure out how a Multiplus II behaves if no assistent is installed. Would be great if someone could provide some informations.

Scenario 1:
- ACin of the Multi connected to the grid, no feed back to the grid
- Critical loads connected to ACout1
- One Pylontech US2000C and a Cerbo GX
- no PV, no MPPT

a) Will the Multi keep the battery always 100% charged?
b) Will the load on ACout1 fed from ACin or from the inverter by discharging the battery?
c) In case of a grid loss, will the load on ACout1 fed by the inverter and battery?

Scenario 2:
- Same as scenario 1 but additionall with PV and MPPT

a) Will the battery primarily charged by the MPPT and in case there is not enough sun via ACin?
b) Will the load on ACout1 primarily fed by the inverter by discharging the battery and in case there is not enough sun via ACin?

Actually I would like to set up a self-consumption system with backup capability and the possibility to charge the battery with an generator in case of a long lasting loss of grid. For this an ESS seems to be the right choice. But Victron says, that an ESS should not be used in case of "Off-grid systems - either with or without generator". That surprises me because a long lasting grid loss leads to a kind of "Off-grid system".

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[résolu]assistants relais et conditions multiples

Bonjour à tous

J'ai une installation avec des batteries BYD, des mppt, un multiplus II et... une éolienne. Le chargeur qui vient avec l'éolienne n'est bien entendu pas capable de communiquer avec le système GX et donc de profiter de DVCC, donc il faut trouver un autre moyen de piloter la charge de l'éolienne.

Pour cela, j'utilise un contacteur triphasé 63A NC qui met les phases de l'éolienne en court circuit pour la freiner quand la charge n'est pas nécessaire. Ce contacteur est relié à la sortie ACout2 du multi. C'est un contacteur NC par sécurité, donc ACout2 actif -> charge autorisée.

Je me sers d'assistants pour piloter le relais ACout2 du multiplus II de manière à piloter le contacteur. J'ai donc défini deux assistants relais :

1- désactivation (OFF) si SOC>85% ou si Vdc>56,5V pendant 4s

2- activation (ON) si SOC<75% ou si Vdc<53V pendant 300s

Ça fonctionne, MAIS je rencontre un problème qui est que même batterie > à 85%, si la tension baisse en dessous de 53V, le relais se réactive. Donc la question est : comment rendre les conditions "OFF" prioritaires sur celles de "ON" ?

En même temps au moment ou j'écris ce message, je suis en train de me dire qu'il doit suffire que j'inverse l'ordre des assistants... c'est bien ça ?


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Any Changelog Information for ESS Assistant ID 0184


I have recently reconfigured some ESS Systems because of some changes. In VE Configure it wants me to update my ESS Assisant from ID 017E to 0184. However the assistants changelog in Victron Professional ends at 017E.

I also want to update the Systems to v.500 while I'm on it, but I am not sure whether I will run into problems without the Changelog?

Does anyone maybe from Victron knows where to get the changelog and / or if I run into problems with Firmware Version v.500 and 017E Assistant?

There was a problem posted here 10 days ago where someone couldn't get ESS running again after Updating to v.500

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Remotetly turn assistants on or off

I'm using assistants on my Quattro to ignore AC to maximise solar charging by keeping my (Lithium) battery bank between 80% and 95% charged.

However, in order for my (passive) battery balancing using my BMS (Batrium) to occur I need periodically to allow the AC to fully charge the batteries and keep them there for an hour or so for the full balancing process to complete.

Is there a way to turn an assistant on and off remotely using a Cerbo and NR, MQTT, etc.?

I can't see any MQTT topics relating to Assistants, could I maybe use the relays some way?

Of course, ultimately using the "Irradiated" setting on the MPPT relays would be nice so that the assistant(s) are ON when the sun is out and OFF when it's dark!

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Using Power Assist function along with ESS assistant

We have a house where we would like to support the insufficient grid power with the help of the inverters+batteries & Fronius PV inverter.
We have following equipment and conditions:
- 3 phase MP48/5000 system with Cerbo GX & Touch & 30 kWh LFP battery
- Fronius PV inverter 10 kW sitting on the MP 48/5000 output so that it works when the public grid is off
- Exporting any power to the grid is not allowed (zero feed in)
- AC grid with the power of 15 kW max

How can we set up both - power assist (to limit the load on the grid within 15 kW) and at the same time provide Fronius PV inverter with zero feed in, which is normally done with ESS assistant.

If we put ESS assistant we can have zero feed in but we cannot have power assist function as it is being disabled when selecting ESS.

How can we have both - limiting 15kW on the grid and having zero export to the grid using MP 48/5000?

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Programmable Relay, ON/OFF triggered same time, which one is higher priority?

If I have two programmable relays assistants to set the K1 ON and OFF, and at some point, both assistants set the K1 ON and OFF. How will be the status of K1? ON or OFF?

Let´s say the logics are the following:

- Assistant1: K1 set ON if SOC Higher than 20%

- Assistant2: K2 set OFF if SOC Higher than 80%


- SOC 50%= K1 ON

- SOC 81%= K1 ???

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Multiplus installed along with a WaterTurbine

Dear member of the community.

I have recently installed a Multiplus 24/1200/25 (which I will be updating sooner than later), and along with it, I have installed a micro-water turbine of 200W (AC, nominal voltage of 220). The problem I am having right now, is that this water turbine gives me frequencies between 63 and 38 Hz depending on the amount of energy I am generating with it, also de voltage ranges from 310 to 190 V, also depending on the energy generated.

I have read a bit about the 1140 Interface, but there is not enough information about it, for example, knowing which ranges of frequencies, voltages and current will be accepted by the assistant and also by the multiplus (given that the multiplus only accepts AC input of min 45Hz - 180V and max AC input of 65Hz - 270V. So, how would de 1140 work?

Also the problem, apparently, is tha the 1140 interface must be close to the water turbine, thing that is a bit difficult, because it is close to a river, (100 meters from the multiplus).

If there is another solution that is not the 1140 interface, please let me know. And if this is the only one, please explain to me how this works and how could I do it.

Thank you very much!

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Multiplus2 assistant generator start and stop


i want to use an additional inverter (pv micro inverter connected to the batterie) to increase the total inverter power of my system. The micro inverter is connected to the batterie via a NO contactor. As controlling voltage i want to use the ACOut2 relais of the MP2. I configured the generator start and stop assistant as follows:

- Use ACOut 2 relay to start generator

- Close relay to start generator

- Start generator when load higher than 2000 Watt for 5 seconds

and stop generator when load lower than 0 Watt for 5 seconds.

- The generator is not stopped by AC input

Problem is, if the AC load rises above 2 kW nothing happens, no voltage on ACOut2. What did i do wrong?

ACin is connected to the grid. Besides the generator assistant the ESS assistant is active and working fine.

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Relay switching on PV generation

Hi Everyone,

I have a Multi2 inverter, with a 250/100 VE.CAN MPPT and a Cerbo GX.

I would like to switch a relay based on the current PV generation (Watts or Current will work, but not Voltage as this does not relate to available power very well).

Idea would be: [If (PVGen > 1000W for > 5 min) then Relay on for 5 hours.]

This relay will then switch my pool pump on. This would ensure that the pool pump will only run if the sun is out - I do not want it running while it's overcast or raining.

I would prefer not having to rely on SoC as I want the pump to switch on before the batteries are charged up. I cannot find a way to do this - please point me in the right direction?



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Assistants not always visible in remote console

This is my first question - the guides and documentation have been amazing and I have managed (on my first time setting up Victron kit) to install and setup a multiplus 2 GX 3000 in parallel with a multiplus 2 3000. I used VE configure and Victron connect to setup the ESS assistant but it did not show up in the console despite doing everything according to the guides - I tried updates and starting again. I noticed that the install behaved like ESS was setup but it just didn’t show in the console.

Eventually it just appeared and I can’t tell why… perhaps it was after a switch off then on or after a software reboot? Anyway…. It showed up and worked perfectly for a week, until I decided to add a generator start/stop assistant as well (I want to use the periodical test run feature to control the relay based on a time). After setting up the assistant and restarting the system, it is clear that the install is operating as per the installed assistants (switching the relay based on load) but I can’t see either assistant in the console again. I need to use the console to access the test run function because it wasn’t shown in VE Configure when I ran the assistant (yes I definitely sent the new settings to each device).

I have tried on/off, reboot, update then reinstall assistants, I have the latest firmware on both devices…… Do I just need to wait a few hours for them to appear in the console? Does anyone know if there is a particular way to get the assistants to show?

Thank you all :)

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What's the lowest inverter operational DC input voltage of a 48V GX controlled ESS?

After several issues with a firmware update stopping my ESS working with a connected 40A sensor, I am finally getting the system work work as intended but one sticking issue is the voltage will not go below 41.2V, regardless to any settings I adjust.


41.2V happens to be the minimum inverter restart voltage set out by the ESS assistant and is the only thing I can think is the issue, but why does the inverter cut out at the voltage the inverter should be restarting at, if my assumption is correct. If the DC input low shut down is 37.2V, why does it show down at 41.2v?

To test my assumption, I have set every voltage I can adjust to its lowest setting so see if there is any change, and still no change. Dynamic cut-off all set to 36V & sustain set to 36V in the ESS


assistant. DC input shut-down set to 37.2V, DC input low restart set to 41.2V (the same voltage the inverter cuts out at???) My ideal minimum is 38V to maximise the useful energy within the battery whilst maintaining battery longevity.

I have even turned off Battery monitor in the remote console, as well as setting th minimum SOC to 0%, Ive turned off BatteryLife (set it to Optimized (without batterylife), DVCC off, Low battery voltage alarm disabled, still it will not go below 41.2V

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AUX1 and general flag not working

Hello, I have one multiplus 48/3000 and I'm trying to disable the grid and go full on batteries when the grid is not needed, the grid will be enabled only when the load is above 1850W and I want to charge the battery during the night from 22:00 to 7:00. Unfortunately with the standard ESS I cannot get it work so I used the programmable relay, the general flag and the generator start/stop.

the multiplus correctly switch to the grid when the configured load is above the value, when the load return to normal values he switch off the grid. this part works properly.

But when I try to close the AUX1 relay (both manually and both using the Cerbo relay port) the multiplus did nothing.

Do you think my configuration is correct?

thanks in advance


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Self-consumption Assistant has started setting Ignore AC, turning off grid.


I have a simple single-phase MP Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT. Batteries are 300Ah NiFe.

I have been using the self-consumption Hub-2 V3 Assistant (0168) for 10 months. Five months ago, I noticed on my power bill that the Assistant hadn't been "disconnect from grid at night"-ing as advertised so I started manually turning off the grid at sundown.

For the past few days, the Victron has started setting Ignore AC to 1 after I turn the grid on in the morning, disabling export of excess PV power to the grid.

If I delete the Assistant, Ignore AC goes off (0) and I can export PV. So it's not a hardware or grid problem?

However, on cloudy days, I can't charge the batteries as, without the Assistant, it starts importing power from the grid to charge them. Inefficiencies x Inefficiencies x Inefficiencies. Oh, for a NEVER-EVER-CHARGE-BATTERIES-FROM-THE-GRID flag!

Today I upgraded VEConfig3 and tried the latest version of the Hub-2 V3 Assistant, (0182). Same problem.

Any ideas what might have suddenly triggered this behaviour after 10 months?

Possibly related: New NiFe batteries need to be conditioned with high currents so for the past 4 months (it took me a while to find this out) I've been manually turning on the charger when PV power reaches 1500W to give them 42A for a few hours/day.

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Bulk never ends, sits at 85%, keeps charging from grid overnight

What is supposed to trigger the end of Bulk charging?
- Voltage reaching Absorption voltage?
- Low charging current?
- SoC?
- Some combination of the above?

I have a single-phase MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT. Batteries are 300Ah NiFe (nickel-iron).
The MultiPlus is the only device connected to the batteries. There are no other chargers or loads or BMSes.

Six months ago, the MP used to finish Bulk charging and occasionally go into Absorption as scheduled. All good.

But now it stays in Bulk forever (32V, 6A, SoC=85%), continuing charging all night from the grid.
Absorption voltage = 32V
Float voltage = 28.5V
SOC when bulk is finished = 85%
Assistant = Self-Consumption Hub-2 V3 (0182)

Could this be a bug introduced when I last upgraded all Victron software?

If I reload the Assistant, on the first day, it "Disconnects From The Grid At Night" at sundown and starts inverting as expected. From day two onwards it just stays in Bulk, charging overnight.


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Older Multiplus with BlueSolar HUB-1

Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, and I'm quite new to Victron products, solar power and electronics in general.

I have an old (donated) MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 and BlueSolar 150/85 from years ago. The Multiplus is product code 1910 with firmware version 209 (I updated this myself, it was running 1xx).

Currently, the inverter and MPPT are connected to the batteries, but there is no intelligence. I'd like to run the HUB-1 assistant on this device to allow the MPPT to serve AC loads when the batteries are full. I'm starting to think that this is not possible on the older MultiPlus that I have. Is that correct?

My ultimate goal is for load-shedding/grid-blackout resilience and to NOT feed back to mains. Ideally, the inverter will run from solar, failing which it will run from mains, failing which it will use the batteries. Solar -> mains -> batteries.

If this device can not run the HUB-1 assistant, is there another way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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