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node-red controlling ac-out-2 on multiplus II ESS

In the venus large installation guide ( ), it states for Multiplus II "Includes alarm relays as well as the AC-out 2 relay: its not possible to control those; and there is no plan to make them controllable from within Node-RED."

Is it still the case that AC-out-2 relay is not controllable and is not planned to be controllable? If so, is there a technical limitation to this, or what is the reason? Will it definitely never be supported, or is it merely "not yet" supported?

I use AC-out-2 on my Multiplus II for non-essentials, and currently it is turned off as soon as the grid input on AC-in fails. I know there are meant to be ways to change that default AC-out-2 behaviour using assistants, but it looks a bit daunting to edit those. If Node-RED supported being able to set AC-out-2, it looks like it could then be fairly simple (compared to the assistants) to allow it to provide power to non-essentials while SoC of batteries is above a certain level.

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