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HTML5 Table list Scroll issue B&G and Simrad MFD's

Hello Team,

I have been working on B&G Zeus3 12 and Simrad MFD devices for 5 months. I have developed a dashboard HTML Application and I successfully deployed that in the B&G Zeus3 and Simrad devices. All the components in the UI(user interface) are coming fine, but I have a table with some data list in my UI(user interface). I would like to scroll my table list from top to bottom, but I am having a problem with scrolling. I could not able to scroll. It is not working in those two devices. The scrolling is working fine in my PC. I have updated the software version to latest(20.2.1) still the problem remains same. There is a Wheel key for B&G device, we can use that to scroll the list, but I don't want that. Is there a way to overcome this touch scroll problem.

Thank you

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