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Cerbo GX connected with LTE 4G antenna not connecting to VRM portal

Last week I set up a test bench at our shop's shed, which included a Cerbo GX connected to a Smart Shunt, Multiplus Compact, and LTE 4G antenna. I had been experimenting with the setup and accessing the Cerbo GX via cellular network, however over the weekend I am no longer able to access the system through the VRM portal. I had some connectivity issues previously, but now I am unable to connect at all (even after resetting the whole system).

Is there some setting that needs to be changed in order to get connectivity back?

jtingram2691 asked

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Cerbo GX and 4G-LTE settings


I have the Cerbo GX with the optional LTE-4G-Modem. The APN settings in the Modem settings only allows you to type in the APN name, but NOT the username and password.

I purchased an inexpensive prepaid SIM card for 365 days with 20GB of data. But I just can’t get the GX-LTE-4G modem to go online. The SIM card works fine on my iPhone if I type in the complete APN information. So I’m assuming it’s something to do with the APN. The unit detects 3 bars of the Antenna signal and the Carrier service, but the internet continues to be “offline”.

Any reason why it doesn’t let you type in the complete APN settings?

tomio asked
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Data use for GX LTE 4G

Anyone know what the data use is for the data use for GX LTE 4G. Some telco's have IOT SIM plans which are cheaper than a normal data SIM. But the data limits are small.

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Cerbo and LTE Modem APN Settings


Is possible to set the APN setting in the Cebro when using the LTE modem?

We need to set the APN and the Username and password as we want use multi network SIM Cards.

chriscarter asked

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