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GlobalLink 520 External Antenna

Not so much a question but a ‘buy one of these now!’

I was lucky if I got 89db of signal with my GlobalLink, it would go for hours without updating to the VRM.

I decided to buy the external antenna just to see if it would do SOMETHING.

Fitted it today and straight away I saw a 14db increase in the signal.

I now have 75db signal and the upload is occurring every 15mins on the dot.

Really happy.

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christern avatar image christern commented ·
"the external antenna". Does that mean one of the Victron antennas? Which? Or another brand/type?

(Curious as I am planning to go for the GL soon and the signal strength is very weak where my boat usually is. Also many antennas I have seen are claimed to give only +3-5db.)

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nibunker avatar image nibunker christern commented ·

Its this antenna -

I didn't use the wall bracket and just screwed the antenna directly into the GlobalLink.

My average upload schedule to the portal was every 3-4hrs, it’s been a rock solid every 15mins today since adding the antenna this morning.

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goffen avatar image goffen nibunker commented ·
I guess it depends on if it's the building that's damping your signal or if it's the distance to the sender. I had barely contact without antenna, i then added a table antenna i had lying about for a small improvement (still mounted indoor). Then i bought the outdoor antenna from victron (the whip, not the puck) and mounted high on my wall outside on the side of the house towards the sender. Still just small improvement and still poor signal. I then got a directional 4g antenna and went from poor to excellent.


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