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Victron GX LTE as a failover

Does anyone here uses Victron GX LTE as a failover for their GX device? I'd like my Cerbo to use my wifi router by default and automatically switch to GX LTE when I switch off the router to save energy. According to manual the Cerbo does automatically switch between Ethernet and WIFI, but no mention of LTE https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/Cerbo_GX/en/internet-connectivity.html#UUID-3d87b06d-37ea-8e8c-64e2-3723b602fe88

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GX LTE 4G: SIM not inserted, but it is.


I have bought a GX LTE 4G module and have inserted a sim card. But it keeps telling me that there is no sim inserted. It doesn't recognise the sim card but when I insert it into my phone it works fine.

It is a normal mobile sim (data and phone) that is inserted into the module. Do I need an only data sim card? Will this fix my problem?

It is inserted into a Multiplus II GX and is running firmware v2.84
Thank you in advance!

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Cerbo and LTE Modem APN Settings


Is possible to set the APN setting in the Cebro when using the LTE modem?

We need to set the APN and the Username and password as we want use multi network SIM Cards.

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GX LTE 4G-A not transmitting to VRM

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with the GX LTE-A transmitting data to VRM. I have a T-Mobile unlimited data SIM card. The GX LTE shows that it is connected to the T-Mobile network. Internet-Online, Sim status-Ready. I have also manually entered the APN (fast.t-mobile.com).

When I look at VRM online portal I see error #159.

If I turn off Use Secure Connection (HTTPS) I get error #150

Please see photos for reference.

Any help on the matter would be greatly apricated.







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Can the GX LTE 4G-A use an AT&T LTE-M SIM? Or will they be making one?

I looked at the GlobalLink but it doesn't have enough VE direct ports to replace my CerboGX. With AT&T selling $30 a year unlimited data M1 plans, keeping VRM updated with less of an monthly outflow of cash would be a great thing and they work pretty much everywhere in the US, Canada & Mexico. Of course, if they made one specifically for that (low power) that would be better. The GL just falls very short on the capabilities and cannot really replace a Cerbo. -Bill

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I have a rather large Victron System that was recently commissioned and all was great. We added a GSM 4G-LTE and everything went haywire in regards to the MFD Integration. If the GSM is unplugged the APP on the SIMRAD MFD works great. And if the SIMRAD is unplugged the GSM works great and will work as intended. WIth Both plugged into the CERBO the APP stops working on the MFD and we lose INTERNET DATA and connection to the VRM. Sometimes the MFD will pop up a screen saying to "Make sure MQTT Plaintext is on", which it is. I have a feeling this has to do with SIMRADS DHCP server in their system and addressing conflicts, but I am not sure. Have you ever had this issue before? What can I do to remedy this?

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Cerbo GX Error 153 on 4G

Good time of day!

I have an issue with Cerbo GX connecting to the VRM server over 4G. WiFi works fine, however when I switch over to 4G using the Victron modem it cuts out. It throws Error 153 (more detail on image).


SIM card is definitely working, tried 3 different ones including one I normally use on my phone.

What should I do to get it working?

Thanks in advance!

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Which GX device would you recommend? And LTE 4G, or router?


I've tried reading up on the different GX devices, but I don't have the full overview. I'd like some input in regards to what others would choose.

My needs, in prioritized order, is to remotely:

- Open a relay to start the generator. This is an old yanmar diesel with a starter engine, so the relay needs to be open for a few seconds to connect the starter battery with the starter engine, and then the relay needs to close again.

- Turn on and off the inverter part of the Multiplus

- Turn on and off the charger part of the Multiplus

- Any BMS functionality is an added bonus, but not strictly needed

Which GX would you choose?

I don't have wifi with the system yet, so the next question is:

would you choose a victron LTE 4G to remotely operate this, or a standard 12v router?

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GX LTE 4G-E is not being recognised by my GX Controller.

Hi, I have just had the system commissioned by On Board Energy (victron dealer) at Nuneaton

1 week ago with all the latest equipment just shipped from Holland.

I purchased the GX LTE 4G-E when I was there as it had only just arrived by carrier.

The GX Colour Controller shows V 2.51 When I scroll to settings-modem the GX LTE 4G-E cannot be found. I have checked the sim with my other devices, and contacted EE all is operational.

You will have to excuse my lack of tech understanding as this is quite new to me!

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CERBO GX and Modem 4G GPS


I'm wondering about the MODEM GX LTE 4G-E - VICTRON ENERGY modem.

My first question is whether it is possible to connect a hub just after the modem to send internet to the CERBO GX but also to a laptop?

My second question is whether it is possible to connect the Cerbo GX to a 4G hub other than the one I mentioned just before? In this case, will the connection to the VRM servers still be done automatically for updates?

What about the GPS connection in this case? How to send GPS data to CERBO GX?

Thanks in advance.




Je me questionne sur le modem MODEM GX LTE 4G-E - VICTRON ENERGY.

Ma première question est de savoir s'il possible de brancher un hub juste après le modem pour envoyer de l'internet sur le CERBO GX mais également sur un ordinateur portable ?

Ma deuxième question est de savoir s'il est possible de connecter le Cerbo GX à un hub 4G autre que celui dont j'ai parlé juste avant ? Dans ce cas, la connection aux serveurs VRM se fera t'elle quand même automatiquement pour les mises à jours ?

Qu'en est t'il dans ce cas de la connection GPS ? Comment envoyer les données GPS au CERBO GX ?

Merci par avance.


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Cerbo losing connection to LTE modem

I've got a cerbo (with 2.60 f/w) and the newer LTE modem but the cerbo seems to lose the connectivity with the modem itself every day or so. When I look at the console, the message in the GSM page is "No GSM modem connected".

A reboot of the cerbo always restores the connection, so this isn't an electrical issue (USB plug being disconnected etc).

There doesn't appear to be any firmware update available/necessary for the modem.

Is it possible (I have root access enabled on the cerbo) to look at more detailed logs to help determine what the problem is?

Is this a known bug in 2.60?

Thanks for any advice.

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Cerbo GX FW 2.60 and GX 4G Connection Issue

Hi All,

I installed a GX LTE 4G today and found that an icon was trying to display on the top right by the clock, and that the system was reporting internet Offline, when the system was clearly online and communicating with VRM. See screen shots

I also logged in via ssh and found that the ppp0 interface had received an IP address and was able to do DNS lookups and ping.

I wasn't able to do any further investigation. Since I have got home what I have noticed is that the location symbol moves one to the right and back again.





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