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Venus GX wifi connection

If my WiFi router is turned off Venus GX will not automatically re-connect to router when router is turned on again. The only way to get GX to reconnect is to remove power cable and replace it - in effect rebooting the GX. The WiFi signal to the router is good at 75% and has disconnected and reconnected without a problem in the past.

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Venus OS Gridmeter expected Sampling Interval


I'm using a Venus OS (Raspberry), Multiplus-2, PV-Inverter and a own Gridmeter (not official from Victron supported)

The Grid-meter sends data via MQTT to DBUS by a python script like (

How is the expected Sampling time for the Gridmeter-Data? Every Second?

Or is it better to send e.g. every 10 seconds a averaged value of AC-power?

Best Regards, AD.

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venusOS et affichage 2 AC sensor


Je continue ma mise en place.

J'ai 2 AC sensor connecté au multiplus pour mesurer 2 onduleurs PV. J'ai configuré AC sensor sur AUX1 et AUX2 sur le Veconfig.

Mais sur la page web, j'ai que 1 AC sensor d'afficher.

Est-il possible d'afficher les 2 sur la vue web venusOS ?

Merci de votre aide.

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Multiplus AC1 in off


Comment mettre en place la déconnexion de AC1 in?

J'ai un multiplus, 2 ac sensor, mppt et pylontech.

J'utilise ESS.

J'ai vu dans Veconfig qu'il est possible de le désactiver avec aux1. Mais il est utilisé.

Et comment l'avoir sur venusOS?

Pour l'activer ou désactiver manuellement.

Merci de votre aide.

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Issue with Cerbo GX ver.281 in combination Multiplus II and Fronius Primo or Symo

Hi there, after the last update on Cerbo GX to v281 on 31.01.2022 there are some issues with Multiplus II and Fronius (Symo/Primo).

In two of our systems the Fronius connected to the AC outI of the Multi works for a few minutes after {Redetecting} in the {Advanced} line. (Device List/Multiplus II/Advanced/Redetect). Then suddenly the power of the Fronius decreases to 0W and the system discharge the battery according the ESS.

We tried to limit the charge current to 15A in the DVCC wich helps for a while.

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VRM not showing L3 Power anymore ! Bug ?


Seems to be a bug .... isn't it ? Rest of the system works quite nice.

Cerbo GX with 2.81 Firmware.

Thanks a lot !


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Incorrect Time Venus OS v2.80

I have just downloaded the new V2.80 firmware upgrade and the time and date are shown as incorrect. I have attempted to update this manually but it keeps jumping back a day (18-hours approx).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Digital inputs stay “stuck” on 2.80

We have a bilge float switch wired into a digital input port of the Cerbo GX. After updating to 2.80, we’ve had it happen twice that the alarm stays on even after we’ve pumped the bilge dry. Rebooting the Cerbo makes it switch back to the “ok” state.

At this stage the float switch is back dow, but the state is still shown as “Alarm” and Cerbo is still beeping:


After a reboot the state goes back to “Ok”:


Since this didn’t happen with the previous Cerbo firmware, but has happened now twice after the 2.80 update, I’m assuming that this is a new bug.

Here are the settings we use:


(Somewhat unrelated, it seems “invert alarm logic” doesn’t work over MQTT. In Signal K with the Venus plugin I see the state as “Alarm” when it is “Ok” on Cerbo, and vice versa)

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Venus OS v2.80 Bluetooth Issue

My Cerbo GX and a customers Cerbo GX both lost BlueTooth affecting Ruuvi temp sensors, a reboot rectified the issue.

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