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Quattro - Battery data available on VE.Bus?

I am not very familiar with the victron communication universe.

Does the VE.Bus interface of a Quattro provide actual battery voltage and current (charing discharging) data? The device should because these data are necessary for control purposes.

And further more, can these data be logged, either directly on a computer (via MK3--) or via ethernet network (ethernet remote2+Router) without a BMV device?

In this case, can settings be done via this 2 connection options on the device (Quattro) or is an additional device ( VE.Dir. Blue. Smart Dongle ) for this purpose necessary?

The application is actual a test set-up in a Lab.

Kindest regards and thanks for the support.

Joss Fritz

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Hello..Victron Inverter Selection

Need some helped...

We are in the process of a refurb project to a 1929 hydro powerhouse on our boarding school campus. We will be using power spout 48-volt turbine generators.

We will also use solar as another source.

The powerhouse currently has a primary grid service. but we will bring the hydro online and the primary grid would not be used.

What we would like to see happen:

The hydro as the primary source

The solar as the secondary source.

The grid if all else fails.

What Victron inverter would work for this project?

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Quattro 10kw Firmware Update Problem

So I have attempted to update the firmware on my 10kw quattro. After everything complete I get a window on the pc saying a general error has occured and all leds on the inverter are flashing. I can connect with ve config and it reports the new firmware version but the inverter is not starting up. Any help much appreciated. Used an MK2 interface.

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