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How do I get the Multi RS solar to accept my AC IN from the generator.

Hi there, I have wired my setup virtually identical to the one shown in the manual for the Multi RS solar, with the exception of the BMS i/o but this is not relevant here.

I'm trying to get the multi rs solar to start charging my batteries, (and / or pass electricity through the multi) from the AC supplied by a generator.

However when It's all connected I get just a few watts being registered if any, - AC IN relay states that it is open, and I get a flashing plug icon on the multi RS.

I have tested the ac and all seems as it should, save for a small amount of voltage detected between neutral and earth. - So I gave the system a dedicated clean earth to eliminate this and still have the same issue.

I have also looked at the knowledge base for similar issues and scoured the web - and any answers that seem like they could solve my problem dont seem to apply for me.

For example, on other units there seems to be a tick box option to accept lower quality AC from generators. which is not available on the menus for the multi rs solar from the victron connect app.

I don't have solar connected at the moment as my panels haven't arrived. and am not sure if that's in any way relevant.

What is it that the multi is looking for in order to accept the AC that i can provide?

Many thanks in advance for any advice here


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1. Generator support is available with the latest firmware v1.11

With the latest VictronConnect version v5.80 and v1.11 MultiRS firmware you'll have access to the settings:
Moderate generator load changes.

Additionally, if your generator get rejected after a few seconds you have the option to disable UPS functionality at the expense of slightly longer transfer times:

I used these settings with my generator and it works well. Of course you'll also need to alter your AC input current limit to suit your generator's capacity.

2. The diagram on the front of the unit is faithful. The AC Out-2 is wired ahead of the AC-In relays, not behind.
AC Out-2 is active whenever AC is present at AC-In even if the AC-In relays are open.
There are no relays to control AC Out-2. As such, no firmware updates could alter this. An external contactor would be needed to switch dump loads according to your needs.

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@WKirby Thankyou for this, I was sweating a bit over generators not working! Now have my own unit working with a generator so I can proceed with supply of multiRS to client projects that need to use them :)

I had seen the settings in the new 1.11 firmware for moderate generator load but han't disabled the UPS function, Doh!

Also found that the ESS settings wont connect charger to the generator unless your below your minimum % or you have it in keep batteries charged ESS mode, obvious in hindsight...

Also I have found your answers to be extremely useful on other topics to date, so thankyou also for your general effort to support others on this forum

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Hi sorry to tag you but really am stumped on this one

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff)

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·
Hi @Neil M,

Generator support is currently in a beta test phase - I will send you an email.

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Hi @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager), Could you please also send me an email re the status of beta firmware for generator support on the Multi RS?

If you have 5 minutes to chat on the phone/zoom that would be even better, will outline my queries below.

I have a Multi RS installed as a trial unit (personally owned & off grid) and have been generally impressed with the unit vs the 5KVa Easy solar, especially when it comes to noise. The MP is certainly more flexible at the minute but the AC input controls in the new firmware have helped with most of this.


I have orders pending for another 2x units for different off-grid sites where the MultiRS would be ideal if it supported a generator input - Do you have an approximate timeframe for generator support please?

Appreciate you can't guarentee me a date but Generator input is unlikely to be needed until the back end of this year for both systems, so can order them on the basis that generator support will follow later, provided later is by October 2023!

What I don't want to do is install them if it is going to turn out that hardware mods are needed for generator support and they're not suitable, is this a possibility?


AC2- Out seems to be wired in parralel with the ACIN behind the ACIN relays and does not have a relay in the diagram on the case. Am I correct in understanding that the AC2 output does not have its own relay so can never be controlled individually (firmware updates or otherwise)?

Not a deal breaker as I can use the MultiRS relay (or the CCGX) to throw a contactor with a 48v Coil to control dump loads, just would be easier/neater if i could use AC2 out to control a Dump load as you can with the MP2/ES2.

Thanks in advance

Rob Souto

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