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GX-LTE-4G-E in Japan?


Does the LTE-4G-e modem work in Japan?

Purchased a prepaid SIM card but can’t get it to work. The APN settings page only allows you to type in the name, but no username and password that you can type in.

I tried the SIM card on my iPhone and I’m able to connect to the LTE network, so it looks like the SIM itself is working.

tomio asked

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GX LTE 4G not connecting



I’ve connected my GX LTE 4G to my CerboGX and everything seems fine but it just won’t connect properly so I can use the VRM.

Any advice?

sweyn asked
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Cerbo and LTE Modem APN Settings


Is possible to set the APN setting in the Cebro when using the LTE modem?

We need to set the APN and the Username and password as we want use multi network SIM Cards.

chriscarter asked

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CERBO GX and Modem 4G GPS


I'm wondering about the MODEM GX LTE 4G-E - VICTRON ENERGY modem.

My first question is whether it is possible to connect a hub just after the modem to send internet to the CERBO GX but also to a laptop?

My second question is whether it is possible to connect the Cerbo GX to a 4G hub other than the one I mentioned just before? In this case, will the connection to the VRM servers still be done automatically for updates?

What about the GPS connection in this case? How to send GPS data to CERBO GX?

Thanks in advance.




Je me questionne sur le modem MODEM GX LTE 4G-E - VICTRON ENERGY.

Ma première question est de savoir s'il possible de brancher un hub juste après le modem pour envoyer de l'internet sur le CERBO GX mais également sur un ordinateur portable ?

Ma deuxième question est de savoir s'il est possible de connecter le Cerbo GX à un hub 4G autre que celui dont j'ai parlé juste avant ? Dans ce cas, la connection aux serveurs VRM se fera t'elle quand même automatiquement pour les mises à jours ?

Qu'en est t'il dans ce cas de la connection GPS ? Comment envoyer les données GPS au CERBO GX ?

Merci par avance.


julien65150 asked
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