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Why is Cerbo GX Not Reverting to my WIFI When Victron GX LTE 4G-E device Data is Finished?

After successfully using WIFI with my Cerbo GX for about a year, I decided to install a Victron GX LTE 4G-E device with SIM card as a backup internet connection for the Cerbo GX. However, whenever there is no active data subscription for the GX LTE 4G-E SIM card, the Cerbo GX fails to use the available WIFI and VRM sends no data alarm even when there is active WIFI internet. VRM starts receiving data only when I load data into the GX LTE 4G-E SIM card again.

How can I achieve my goal of having Cerbo GX use WIFI internet as default and only using the GX LTE 4G-E connection when there is no WIFI internet? Right now, it is partially doing the opposite of this.

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You would need to use two functions, first being the reboot on loss of comms, this would restart the GX and the connectivity priority would start again at the top.

AIUI it will not move unless the current connection disconnects - this means a link down.

When mobile devices run out of data they are still connected to the data network but are just restricted, from the GX perspective this link is healthy, so it won't move unless offlined, hence the reboot being a good idea, at which point it will first try wifi before moving on.

Same logic applies to wifi connections.

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Okay thanks for answering my question. If WIFI is cheap but GX LTE data is expensive and one wants to have GX LTE as backup only. The way it is designed now, anytime WIFI is down for however short a time, the Cerbo will move to GX LTE and stay there till it has consumed all the data or till one has manually done a reboot. I think Victron can make Cerbo do better than this. They can make user to also be able to manually select between WIFI and GX LTE and the other network options. They can make it such that user is able to know which connection option is in use per time. Victron is known as a company that is excellently devoted to continuous improvement, use of customer feedback and knowledge sharing. Thanks.

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All good points, though I suspect they are limited by the underlying OS and architecture.

What may work better for you (assuming you have a wifi router of sorts), some domestic wifi routers allow the LTE dongle to be attached to the router, so it will failover and back depending on loss of fixed line internet. This would be transparent to the GX.

If you are a mobile user then that would not be an option.

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