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Victron Connect y-axis scaling


I‘m using the Victron Connect App on iOS to read data from a Smart Battery Sense. I find it very irritating that I cannot move or scale the y-axis. Am I missing something? An autofit button would also be very nice. Sometimes the app doesn‘t show the data or cuts partly off due to wrong scaling. In that case the only fix seems to be to switch the axis to temperature or none, then change it back to voltage.

Its also kinda sad that I cannot export the trend data but I already commented on another thread regarding that problem:



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Hi, good suggestions; and somewhere this year I hope to do a round of improvements on the trends user interface.

Also data export is on our list.

Thanks! Matthijs

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This still needs a resolution. I went to look at battery voltage history over the last day and despite it varying about 1V, the Y-axis insisted on being at a nearly 13V scale with no other data selected to compare to. It becomes much harder to see what is happening against such a huge backdrop.

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