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No Solar kWh data in download

Anyone know why the Solar Yield kWh column is empty in the kWh.xlsx files?
Seems the only way to get this data is to use the Log.xlsx file and the data is in uneven time intervals, requiring more steps to be performed before being able to use it for analysis.

TIA, Marc

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EM24 - confused by the energy fwd/rev values.....

My installation as a Multiplus II that balances out the smart meter to zero by using PV energy from another inverter to charge a Pylontech 48V installation.....single phase.

I now checked the values from the EM24 smart meter that is connected to my VenusGX but i'm not able to make a decent trackable rhime out of this.

That is the values as of today:

Total L1 L2 L3
Forward 461,3 445,3 478,8 156,8
Reverse 260,1 2,86 502,69 336,61

So my naive guess would be that Forward L1+L2+L3 should be Forward Total....but no way. The same for Reverse......So for me it all does not make any sense.

Sure the inverter (if on L2) would compensate (send out Power to L2 to the grid if it takes the same Power on L3)....but still the sum should be ZERO.

What i'm looking for is kWh that really i had to buy and kWh that went out of my network to the energy provider.....but here its very strange and not trackable at all.....

My hope/fear is that the Total values really provide the absolute that if L1 is taking energy and L2 is providing the same energy out of my home it should not count anything as the overall value is Zero.

Thanks a Lot


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Monitoren kWh thuisbatterij

Dag iedereen,

Hoe kan ik in het VRM-portaal zien hoeveel kWh de thuisbatterij heeft geleverd ( bv. per dag) en hoeveel ze werd opgeladen. Het is me ook niet duidelijk hoeveel kWh ( de woning) per dag verbruikt. als we de slimme meter raadplegen op de dag van onderstaande printscreen dan was het verbruik 5kWh.

De configuratie is als volgt :

Multiplus 3000 II GX met een Pylontech Force L1 batterij van 10,7kWh - Cerbo GX - ET340 op kop van de installatie.

Binnenkort ga ik de output van de omvormer PV meten met een ET112. Zou hier mee het probleem worden opgelost?

Alvast bedankt voor de info.


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Daily running consumption kwhs

Hi all , I have a new victron system. Quattro , smart mppt , cerbo and touch screen .is there some way I can see my daily kWh consumption upto the present time , upto midday for example or do I have to wait until tomorrow to see this . I can see my current solar yield to the hour but not my usage apart from soc. Am I not looking properly ..thanks. Dennis.

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Feature request: kWh consumed counter with reset button

Hi all

It would be nice to have a kWh counter for consumption out of the inverter that I can reset (set to zero) by pressing a button before doing something. Ideally, the counter could subtract a base load (kW) that the user could type in. This feature is different from hourly kWh consumption as my usage would not align with hours.

VRM or CCGX console would be fine.

I want to know the kWh consumed for certain processes like running the washing machine, electric kettle or doing some welding, etc.

Thanks for considering

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Inconsistent energy production and consumption readings

We're working with a couple of systems where the production and consumption readings in VRM don't really make sense - namely, for a given period, kWh consumed far exceeds kWh produced. I'd love to get a better understanding of what might be going on.

The composition of both systems is as follows:

  • Three-phase off-grid systems with PV + battery + genset
  • Battery inverters (6x): Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2
  • MPPT charge controllers (3x): SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100
  • PV inverter (1x): Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S
  • Diesel generator

The issue is that in the kWh Excel report (and also in the VRM UI), it appears that the energy delivered from the batteries is far greater than the energy going to them.

Example over a 30-day period:

  • PV to battery: 908 kWh
  • Genset to battery: 87 kWh
  • Battery to consumer: 1575 kWh

It's not clear where the extra ~600 kWh come from. It's obviously not just additional discharge of the batteries, which have a capacity of ~100 kWh. Also this kind of pattern – of consumption being greater than production – is repeated on a daily basis; i.e. it's not just a one-off data glitch.

Any ideas what the culprit might be? And in the meantime, any thoughts as to whether the production or the consumption values are likely to be more reliable?

Finally, besides the two systems that exhibit this issue, there is a third with the same composition, where the readings there appear to be more consistent. In that the energy delivered from the batteries is 70-80% of the energy going into them.

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How many total kWh during a certain time

I cannot find a way on VRM of totalling the amount of kWh consumed over a set period of time, say overnight, this would be very handy as running an off grid system as is for analysing I have to set to 12hrs and add up the consumption or am I being stupid!?

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VRM Battery capacity used kWh - Li BMS as battery monitor Is there an accurate VRM data field showing used battery capacity (kWh used)? The battery is Lithium with its own BMS as battery monitor and no external BMV. Battery summary widget only shows power output etc. Maybe the only way is to take total solar generation and subtract AC power delivery but there will be some variance...

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Multiplus ignore le réseau électrique national

Bonjour j'ai un problème avec mon multiplus il ignore le réseau national électrique (AC1) même s'il n'y a pas coupure. Il faut que les batteries soient complètement déchargées et le courant sera coupé et un petit temps le convertisseur se met en route et reconnaît le réseau électrique. Vous pouvez m'aider ?

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KVA hours or kWh

Hi, I have an Victron installation with a CCGX which at present is connected to a shoreline all the time. When I check the production report at the end of the month there is a big difference between the shore meter ( which I know to be correct) and the production report downloaded from the VRM portal. (shore meter 183 kWh, VRM report 210 kWh) Could the VRM report actually be KVA h and not kWh ?

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Determining Amps put into the battery based on the History side of the Connect App

My controller shows I made 2.15 KW yesterday. I am trying to determine the approx Amps it would have put back into the battery.

I used a Calc program and if I calc it at 80v I get 27 amps and if I use 12v its 179 amps. We had reasonable sun yesterday in the desert of Arizona. Since the voltage from the panels varies all day long depending on clouds and angle of the sun I am wondering what voltage to use to calculate the approx amperage put back from the KW reported by the 100/50 controller.

Thanks, Bill .


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