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Orion tr smart 12/24 low output voltage

I have 12V lead battery and regular alternator on my boat. I installed Orion TR smart 12/24 to charge my LiFePo4 24V/50Ah battery, The problem is that output voltage is around 20V while it se to be 28,2V. I have tried charger mode and power supply, but the result is the same. Obviously my 24V battery is not charging as voltage is too low.

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100/20 sometimes stops charging and then carrying on again.

Hello together, my 100/20 is charging a 16S-LiFePo4 batterie with 90Ah. It’s running on two 400W modules (mpp at 34V per module) I have seen now for the second time, that the charger just dropped down to 2 ore 3 watt, without a reason. After a wile it starts working again and I am not able to figure it out. I have checked the manual of the charger and made sure, that there is no problem. The settings are right, cable are fine and also not overheating or anything else. Has anyone experienced anything similar and was able to figure it out?




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Why does my 215 wat solar panel deliver 26v but the MPPT 100,20 show 13-14 v only.

Recently purchased 215-24 V Mono panel, Smart Solar MPPT 100/20 and a Phoenix 12 375 VE Direct.

Installed it 28 days ago getting 26-29 v from panel for about a week had a change in the weather and lost voltage from panel. Weather has consistently improved over last week but only getting 13-14 volts. Checked open circuit voltage receiving 26v average. I can not obtain the 5 volt difference need between batteries and panel batteries showing 11.7 v

Any suggestions

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Why does my SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT appear to be limiting the watts I am getting from my system?

I have a 300 Watt solar setup with a 48V battery that I am trying to use the SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT to charge. The setup is designed to have a high enough voltage to charge the 48V battery, around 52-55V, but it appears that the MPPT is stepping down the watts coming off of the panels. When I directly connect the solar panels to the input of the battery, the watt meter reads about 180W coming in. It has read as high as 215W with ideal conditions. However, when I feed the power from the panels through my MPPT, it only reads about 110W. I don't make any changes to the setup except for adding the MPPT. Is there a setting that I have wrong somewhere in the Victron app? Or is this supposed to happen? If anyone knows where the 70 or so watts that I appear to be losing are going I would appreciate the help!



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SmartSolar 75/15 low voltage under load

Hi There

first off thanks for reading my question, and thank you in advance for any answers that come through.

What was working perfectly fine now is not, and any attempt to run load from the “Load” terminals on the SmartSolar controller fails. Without any items turned on, the available voltage is 13.4v. As soon as you turn on something; a light, usb charger, etc; the voltage drops to 9v and renders the available power useless. I have a 12v 90w laptop charger. Plug that in and voltage drops to 4-5v.

the setup is as follows:

  • I’ve converted the kids cubby house to an outdoor office
  • 200w solar panel
  • SmartSolar 75/15
  • OMP 12v, 25a circuit breaker for each circuit. PV - Battery - 12v Load - 240v/500w inverter
  • Everything is cabled with Narva 50amp rated cable
  • 50Ah LiFePO battery
  • 12v load consists of 3 LED lights, usb charge ports, and 12v power sockets. This is connected to the Load output on the smart controller
  • Inverter has its positive connected directly to the battery, with the negative connected to the 12v load circuit so that in the event of the low battery, the circuit will cut out - as per the instruction manual.
  • Inverter is for a 32” Samsung Smart monitor.
  • 12v load and inverter are connected to a common ground bus.
  • As per instructions, PV is not on the common ground
  • Inverter power is not affected as it’s powered directly with battery
  • PV charging seems unaffected suggesting it’s specific to the Load component of the controller
  • Peak amperage is around 13amps

troubleshooting tasks already undertaken

  • Charge battery with mains powered car charger.
  • Swapped OMP circuit breaker from load with Inverter circuit breaker. No change
  • removed positive wire from load terminal on the controller and connected directly to battery. All other wiring unchanged. This resolved the problem and suggests a problem with the controller. Am currently running this setup for a number of hours and seems to be fine
  • Reset controller to factory defaults
  • Disconnected and reconnected all power to controller several times
  • According to the app, I have the Latest firmware versions installed v1.59
  • Battery setting set to always on
  • Jumper removed

Keen to hear of any other troubleshooting I should do or if you think the controller has a fault.


thanks again.

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Low Power/AES Mode not enabling when AC present (read on to understand ;) )

A slightly odd issue - and there is a reason why this SHOULD work I think ...

I have an EasyPlus 12/1600/70. I have AES enabled in Search Mode.
If I have the EP switched to "Inverter Only" mode, it only will enter Low Power mode when the Shore Power has no supply coming in.

  • If Shore Power is connected WHEN in Low Power mode, it will stay in Low Power until there is a demand, but when the demand goes, the EP stays in Inverting Mode.
  • If Shore Power is NOT connected, the EP will switch to Inverting from Low Power when there is a demand, but when the demand does, it WILL switch back to Low Power.

Hopefully this screenshot from VRM with annotations will help? Note that the only change made at any time on the timeline shown until 15:00 at the end was removing and putting back the AC supply. Nothing on the EP output was touched.


The EasyPlus is running firmware 492.

I want to be able to run the systems off the battery on a regular basis because I do evaluations and testing, and it is useful to be able to remotely (as opposed to going to site and pulling cable/switch) to disconnect the AC Supply to allow me to do this. But the EP not switching into Low Power/AES stops this being an accurate evaluation as it skews the results.

I am sure AES operation should not care if there is an Active AC connection or not when the EasyPlus/Multiplus is set to "Inverter Only", as "Inverter Only" is not using the AC supply in any way surely?

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