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Grafana dashboard - Ideas

I have finally got my VICTRON-Grafana dashboard running :-)

The devices in use are:
Venus GX
Quattro 48/8000
2x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 &
BYD Battery & BMS

I am using a Raspberry Pi4 running DietPi, InfluxDB, Telegraph plugin and Grafana Server.

I also installed the following plugins on grafana:

SUN and Moon (data source)


Carpet Plot

It is still work in progress but I am quite happy with outcome so far.
I have created a "Overview" dashboard where basically everything should be "green" - when OK.
So a quick look should tell me that everything is OK.


There are more detailed dashboards for other things like the inverter:


or Battery


or charger - current data & history


I borrowed some ideas from other dashboards and added some of my ideas.

This is just to give you some additional ideas for the layouts


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Disconnecting Internet to VRM causes interrupt datatransfer to victrongrafana.

My Cerbo GX is via ethernet connected to VRM and from the same switch I receive data to victrongrafana. When I cut the internet connection to VRM the influxdb stops getting dataafter 16-23 hours after disconnecting the internet. After reconnect the internet VRM and (mostly) inflxdb gets data again. With an installation with a color control I didn't had this problem. May the proplem belongs to the wifi-configuration which I don't need and is different to my color control installation?

I run the victrongrafana installation in docker on a raspberry and also on a QNAP TS-253D without problems combiened with the color control.

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My Grafana Dashboard free to use

Hello everybody,

I use Grafana professionally to monitor servers in our data center and servers of our customers.

Since our data center should use 100% photovoltaics, I came to Victron Energy. The test project was the expansion of our mobile home with all the necessary components: battery, MPPT solar charge controller, inverter, shunt and other things.

Victron Energy offers a fantastic interface with VRM. I wanted to see more data and created a Grafana dashboard.

I published this dashboard at Grafana. Everyone is welcome to load the dashboard and see how I set up the displays and how the values are calculated. Maybe you can find some ideas for your own installation.

I am very happy if other ideas are proposed here and I will try to implement them.

Grafana dashboard: https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/14400


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reload past data from VRM to local influx db

I use Grafana to display data from my installation. (https://www.zoomsoft.de/grafana)

Sometimes it happens that the connection is lost and the data is not currently transferred to the local database.

Is there a script with which I can reload the data from VRM?

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Data Sources / InfluxDB


In the settings of the influxdb under http url,

local http: // influxdb: 8086 / is entered.

Which url is entered when accessing the dashboard on the web?

Greetings Günter

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VRM data source for Grafana

Is it possible to get the data source into an existing grafana solution... without installing the composed file with grafana?

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Question regarding grafana - why don’t I see MQTT path options like in the video?


First time working with Grafana and is seems to be going well, however when i want to change a icon on my dashboard i,m unable to see all options. The dude in the victron video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-sGH0etieM&feature=youtu.be does get all options when he types for exampje system.


However if I type system, nothing shows in the lines below.


Any idea why this happens ? Changed browser to test if this was a browser thing...

Tested Chrome, IE and edge,

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