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Digital input problems with Globallink 520

I have connected my Globallink 520 to my boat bilge pump by using an automotive relay in parallel with the bilge pump circuit. I have jumpered both digital inputs together for trial purpose, so when the bilge pump is activated both digital inputs are shorted to the GND digital input port. I am trying to count bilge pump cycles and trigger an alarm, but also just trigger an alarm when the bilge pump cycles.

Here is what now happens:

1. The digital inputs increment by 2 or 3 per bilge pump cycle, and digital input 1 increments differently from blige pump 2.

2. The device reboots itself regularly so the counts revert to 0 on a random basis - every day or so. The device is reliably connected to a battery which is on a charger monitored by a smart shunt, so I don't believe this is due to power outages.

3. I am unable to reliably trigger an alarm when the bilge pump goes off.

When the digital state goes from High to Low is that saved by the Globallink 520 or does the digital state have to be Low when the device is polled by VRM? This would mean I need some kind of latching relay to trigger an alarm to VRM from the 520.

John Haley

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