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Multiplus and Multiplus Compact - Reliability and Bluetooth

Is there any difference in reliability between Victron MultiPlus and Victron MultiPlus Compact? Ive lost the link but read a link where someone had dismantled the newer Victron MultiPlus and said there had been some cost cutting. They're both a similar price. I appreciate this is a victron forum so may get flamed for asking such a question :-)

Can both be monitored using the plugin VE direct bluetooth adapter? inverter voltage/current output, charge output/status? IIRC On the same page I read that the new Victron MultiPlus doesnt display this accurately. Not sure if the Victron MultiPlus Compact allows you to monitor these parameters.

On a side note, would have been nice to name a new product something completely different to reduce the google search confusion.


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Victron multiplus12/1600 as Grid with gti and limiter

Hello I have a sun-1000gtil2 with limiter which works fine but I have no use anymore in my house for it. ( have bigger one’s doing all the job)

So I liketo use it in my Gartenhauses where I have a multiplus. My question is:

Since the sun inverter is not 100% limiting and Sometimes feeds 5-10 Watts back when loads change quickly, I wonder if this would destroy the 12/1600 multiplus or this is not a big deal? Or it even just charges the battery and I worry to much ;)

Thank you for the answer

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Victron Multiplus Compact best setup in a motorhome?

Hello everyone,

I'm installing a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V in my motorhome, and would like to validate my planned setup with y'all.

The Multiplus is connected to a bank of 3 parallel LiFePO4 12V 100Ah batteries, thru a 300A megafuse on the positive cable and a BMV712 shunt on the negative cable, and as soon as I finish upgrading its firmware and configuring it, will be connected "in between" my motorhome's external AC cable -- the plan is to cut the cable at the point it comes in from the street, and the part coming in will be connected to the Multiplus "AC IN", and the part going into the motorhome will be connected to the Multiplus "AC OUT".

The idea is to be able to use the Multiplus charging and automatic transfer switching capabilities).

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

-- Durval.

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Help with Victron Configure Charger Settings

Multiplus C

currently going thru my config of the Multiplus Compact (24/1600).

I already adjusted some settings with help from a distributor, but I'm not happy as there are some unclear values, which I'd be happy to understand.

I plan to charge my LiFePo4 when connected to shore. That can be one day, or 1-2 weeks.

My idea is I don't need to charge to the extreme, as I am on 230V anyway in the charging situation.

Thus, my charging voltage settings are quite low.

LiFePo4 Balancing starts at 27.2 (3.4) end ends at 28.8V (3.6)

My Multiplus Compact float is currently set to 26.4 and absorption to 27.6V.

In The Victron Configure Software, there are some details I don't understand:

Talking about these points:

Charger Settings

4) Lithium.

It seems, when I check this option, I don't have possibilities to adjust the absorption/float voltages, it's greyed out?

I'd like to use Lithium settings, but still adjust voltage values, for me the values are too high, my battery manufacturer suggests to set it lower.

So currently I've unchecked Lithium and adjusted manually.

Not sure if the resulting charge curve is good for LiFEPo4. In my understanding, especially after the absorption is done, it shouldn't hold the voltage any more to protect the LiFePo4 cells from overloading.

So would a "fixed curve" make sense, or what?

5) Storage Mode

How much will the voltage be reduced below float value? I find no values or percentage given in the manual. is there a storage mode for the Multiplus C at all?

11)Battery Type

My battery is a self built 2p8s LiFePo4 220Ah 24V,

So should anything specific be set here at all?

Again: the voltages which are preset for the Lithium mode are too high.

12) Absorption Time

I don t get it. Why will it be limited? Is it the time it stays on full voltage after that voltage has been reached?

Or is it the Time it charges with the Absorption Value, and after this time it goes to Float, even if battery is not full?

If so, where do I set the time it stays on full voltage after it is reached?

Currently set to 1h

13) Repeated absorption interval

I don't get this neither. Why is the loading dependent on an interval, and not on the "Full" status of the LiFePo4 pack?

e.g., the MPPT Smartsolar will load the LifePo4 till it reached the voltage , and eventually swith to float.

So how is this interval setting understood, related to the default loading whenever the battery is not in float or storage mode?

Currently set to 7d

14) Max Absorption Time.

I don't understand. Can u explain?

Currently set to 1h

Explanation to any of these setting values is highly appreciated !


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Multiplus Compact configurable in Victron Connect App?

Considering to buy either a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, or the MK3/USB Adapter, to configure a Multiplus Compact 24/1600

As I don't have permanent access to a windows machine, I'd rather use the Victron Connect App.

Someone told me there might be a special login or password to access many features similar to the Victron Configure Software.

If I can adjust settings with Victron Connect, please help me out step by step what I need.

If not, what could be done with the App regarding settings of Multiplus Compact at all?

Some distributors and Victron staff tell it's possible others say nope.

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MultiPlus C12/2000/80 or 12/2000/80

Can someone tell me what the difference is between the compact and the non compact version?

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Multiplus Compact - How to realize "AC Output 2" similar to Multiplus

Good day,
I have to install a MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30 to a boat. In difference to the bigger (not compact) Multiplus the compact units have no AC output 2.
This auxilliary output is nice for cutting off the AC power from the hot water boiler when the Multiplus is inverting to reduce the loads on the battery bank.

Has anybody realized a setup like this?
Thanks for hints and suggestions

Greetings from Flensburg, Ole

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Can I use auxiliary battery charger output (4 amp) on MultiPlus compact to charge a AGM start battery?

I have a new MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger. I see a 4 amp output for auxiliary charging. Can I use this on AGM start battery for charging.

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Multiplus Compact no communication through VE. Bus


I've been trying to configure a parallel system with 2x Multi Compact 12/2000/80.

But cannot communicate at all with one particular unit. I've been able to configure the other unit using a MK3-USB & Victron Connect software. I was able to update the firmware to 2608481.

I cannot connect to the other using the same setup (pc, patch cable, MK3, Connect software.) In connect it recognizes the MK3 and tries to retrieve the data from the multi - this fails to connect and the "Force Detection" button also fails to connect.

I have tried VE.Config to connect but this also fails. I have downloaded the firmware and also tried to force it to update using VE.Flash & this fails to connect as well. - As far as I am aware the firmware currently on the unit is 2608430.

I tried to use VE. Bus Quick configure to setup the parallel system, the program recognized the first unit as the master, recognized the second unit as the slave but was not successful because of the difference in firmware. Any ideas on where I can get version 2608430 would be helpful, then I can try VE. Bus quick configure with matching firmware numbers.

To ensure the equipment was not at fault I have now managed to try 4 different PC's & several different patch cables.

I'm resisting having to take the unit out and returning to the supplier until I know I've done everything possible.

Any help/things I haven't thought of would be appreciated.

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Power issue with Multiplus Compact in ESS System


I'm using a Multi C 24/1600/40 in ESS configuration. Everything works fine, but the Multis max. Output Power is about 1050W.


In the datasheet normal Power of 1300W is written. If I disconnect ACin, the Multi works fine with about 1500W for short time.


When I reconnect ACin an the load of my House exceeded 2000W, and no Inverter Limits are set, the Multi Power ist max. 1050W to Grid.


Because i run an AC Couplet PV Inverter I test it at night, by set "Grid Power" to -1500w for short time. Is this normal? If it, I wish to see a little note in the Datasheet that in ESS no 1300W possible, if not, can someone tell me about an issue? My config was already seen by distributor and he said it's fine.

Thank you

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Multiplus Compact recommended battery capacity

What is the basis for the recommended battery bank capacity for Multiplus Compact?

The manual for the Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-50 recommends a battery capacity of 350-1000 amp-hours. I have two 100 amp-hour lithium ion batteries, with a maximum continuous discharge of 100 amps each. That does not meet the 350 AH minimum recommendation, but my total storage capacity should be enough for my limited A/C power demands. (Running a microwave oven for a few minutes each day, and making a slice of toast).

I do not want to buy an inverter/charger and go to all of the effort to install it and find that it really does not do what I need.

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Multiplus compact displays "low battery" and won't start


I have a 200ah 12v system with a multiplus compact inverter. Recently, my inverter shut off and displays "low battery". I was changing cables (I shut everything off and disconnected the battery) and I think it might be the probable cause.

Problem: it hasn't started back up yet, despite the soc being 100% and voltage not falling below 12.9v. I've given it days and "low battery" still displays on the controller.

Main question: Can I fix the issue without having the MK3 or is this something that I need to fire it back up?

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Multiplus 12/2000 will not connect to laptop with MK3

I installed a 12/2000 Multiplus compact in my travel trailer with 100ah Battleborn batteries. I am having two issues.

1) The Multi will not connect to neither of my two laptops using two separate MK3’s. The RJ45 cable I am using is from Victron and connects to my Smart Dongle without any issues. I need to program my Multi with the laptop as it has not been yet. This is making me feel like I wasted a lot of money of it.

2) When I am plugged into 30A shore power, the Multi will not let me use shore power for large loads (starting my AC) and it tries to do all of the work. My smart dongle then reads that it overloaded and the Multi shuts off and then back on. When plugged into shore power, this shouldn’t happen. It should just pass the power through (even power boost if needed) but it does not.

Previous posts have not been helpful with resolving this.

So far very frustrated with Victron products and will be selling this on EBay if it can’t be resolved.

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MultiPlus sparking inside when grid connected - service centre found nothing wrong with it!

My 2.5 year old MultiPlus has slowly developed a fault where over the last 2 months, when it started disconnecting the grid for no apparent reason. No warnings or messages on VenusGX console or VRM. The unit is installed in a motorhome, it's been working fine for more than 2 years and every few days I'm connected to a new 16A AC230V supply (via a "UK" caravan socket) at various campgrounds. This behaviour seems to happen irrelevant of location (and thus the quality of the grid supply is not the problem). The fault is when I start using some AC230V loads in pass-thru mode (without using the inverter), I could hear sparking inside the multiplus, coming from the bottom right corner, and eventually something in the multiplus trips (distinct click can be heard) and MultiPlus starts inverting to supply the load, which then works fine. After sometime something clicks again, and it the cycle starts again...

Here is an example (1 minute), with grid connected, powerassist OFF, current limit set to 0A (so that charger is taken out of the picture, and pass-thru is forced). I connect a 1000W fan heater - hear the sounds coming from the bottom-right corner of the MultiPlus:

Somebody please tell me whether this is normal or not, and what could possibly be the problem? I would like to tell the service centre where to start looking...

The service centre says they found no problem with it... It's not like I would go into all the hassle pulling the unit out, sending it via courier, waiting for it for 1.5 months, while stuck at a single location, as I have no way to charge my batteries other than solar right now - just to hear "there's nothing wrong with the unit". Anyone had a similar experience with Victron's authorised service centre taking over a month to "look" at the issue and then telling you that there is no fault? What can I do to escalate it?

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Double pole breaker?

According to install manual, a DOUBLE pole fuse/breaker is required on the AC input to a 12/2000 multiplus in a 30 amp circuit. Is this correct? Or could I use an inline fuse?

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