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LG Chem Resu PLUS connected to Victron Multiplus and Venus GX isn't recognized

I have a LG Chem RESU10 connected to Victron Multiplus 48/3000/35-16 and Victron Color Control GX. The Battery is recognized and shown on the GX. But when I put two LG Chem RESU10 onto a RESU Plus and the RESU Plus to the GX, the RESU Plus and the batteries aren't recognized and shown on the GX.

Cabling is checked.
Has anyone worked with this constellation?

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How to connect MPPT 450/100 + LG Resu + Cerbo GX + Multiplus 2

I am trying to create a system that will save energy from solarpanels to my battery and also sell the energy from battery to the grid. I have followed the instructions regarding installing the LG Resu battery to the Cerbo GX. But when doing so, the MPPT "disconnected" (both the battery and the MPPT was connected to the VE.Can bus on the Cerbo GX). I have read the ESS instructions and other blog post. But I cannot get it to work. My questions are:

- Where do i connect the RJ45 cable from MPPT in the Cerbo GX? The instruction for the LG Resu battery tells me that I have to connect it to the VE. Can bus and then the MPTT "is disconnected".

- Which settings do I have to change to make it work?

Here is a picture of the current status of the installation.



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Replaced Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 connected to LG RESU 6.4

Five years ago I installed a Multiplus 48/5000 connected to a LG RESU 6.4 battery it all worked well and use the Hub 4 assistant. The unit recently failed and I have replaced it I read that the best assistant to use now was ESS so I set it up as per these instructions https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:lg_chem_resu There is an AC connected PV system. Now the the CCGX doesnt show the connected PV but the main problem is the battery only charged up to 85% and it will not discharge.

All thoughts appreciated.

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LG Chem RESU Plus and Multi Plus 2 not inverting

Been running a ESS system for some years, Multi Plus 2 and LG Chem RESU 6.5, it's all been working fine.

To add more capacity i have added a RESU 10 via a RESU Plus (bonding the two batteries togeather).

I have changed the capacity in VE Configure = to 315 Ah (sum of the two batteries). Changed the relevant DIP switches on the batteries.

Also running colour GX, the battery is recognised, and last night scheduled charge worked as expected. However the inverter will not invert. Grid power = AC load and battery is not discharged.

I have reconfigured the battery DIPs, connected directly to the inverter (not via RESU PLUS) and system works as expected with each battery in turn.

I have asked LG Chem for the latest BMS firmware, but in the mean time any ideas?

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How should the 2 LG batteries (with a resu plus) display on a CCGX ?

Hi, I connected 2 LG Resu 10 with Resu + on a Multiplus 5000 and the PACK1 battery (selected on Resu+) is visible on the CCGX ... But is this normal to see only 1 battery...

What are the conditions to see the PACK number change on Resu+ ?

Can we see the 2 batteries SOC on the screen of CCGX ?

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How to get Venus GX to show two LG resu 6.5 batteries at the same time

Hi All, we have an off-gird system using two LG resu 6.5 batteries in parallel with each other which is monitored with a Venus GX. The LGs also get tied to a large AGM setup at certain times of the day to share the charging. Overall the system is monitored and controlled by many Sonoff switches and a few Orange Pi's running a common bash script which works pretty well for us.

One very minor outstanding issue is the Venus GX only shows one LG battery at a time. If we unplug a canbus cable from one of the batteries, the VGX will show the other and vice versa, but the VGX will never show both at the same time. The VGX shows them both as Product: LG resu battery and Product ID: B004. Is it because they have the same product details? Do they need to be daisy chained rather than each connected directly to a canbus port on the VGX?

Its surprising the VGX can't tell it has two batteries connected to it..

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check when VenusGX updated (LG RESU issue)

We have a Multiplus with a VebusGX connected to an LG Resu+ with 2x LG RESU 10's and an AC coupled Fronius.

This has been operating for several years, but just stopped working. The battery breakers are tripping every 5 mins, which means they do not have a CAN connection to the VenusGX- and I can see remotely that the LG battery is not showing up in the device list on the Venus.

Someone onsite has checked the cabling, and it all looks fine (ie unchanged). I am looking at the Venus firmware updates (which were set to automatic in VRM) as its running 2.73, which is fairly new.

My primary question is, can I tell when a VenusGX installed a firmware?

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Easysolar-II GX with LG Chem Resu lost mppt comms

Tiny home with Easysolar-II 48/3000 GX with LG Chem Resu 10, & MPPT 250/70 has been operating well for 6 months except that around once a month the system looses comms to the MPPT. If not rectified, the system will keep working and drain the battery till it cuts out. The issue can be easily rectified by remotely on VRM or at site, but the issue reoccurs over time. If not picked up, the mppt goes off line and battery will discharge. Everything has been checked such as firmware updates, cables, connectors etc. Does anyone have any thoughts?

David / Mat

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MultiPlus-II GX 48/3000/35-32 compatible to LG Chem RESU 6.5?

Hey here,

I'm wondering if the MultiPlus-II GX 48/3000/35-32 can be used together with an LG Chem RESU 6.5. Especially I'm interested, if this is combination is certified or tested by anyone.

As can be read here, the combination of MultiPlus-II and a LG Chem RESU needs a GX interface to trigger the keep-alive via CAN-bus at the RESU. So I'm wondering if this can be done by the GX-version of the MultiPlus-II, so that no extra device is needed to be installed.

Thanks in advance!

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Lg Chem Resu Off Grid Use?

I want to use lg chem resu in my rv with my existing multiplus II I want to know can I use Lg chem resu 6.5 to power my rv

Stop Motion Studio asked
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Multiplus II 5000 GX with LG RESU10

Hello everyone,

I would like to install a Multiplus II GX 5kVA with a couple LG RESU10 with RESU Plus.

I know this setup is not officially supported, but I saw a thread posted by cwarhurst of a setup with a Multiplus 5kVA and 2x RESU10 and I would like to have confirmation that the new Multiplus II GX work fine with the LG batteries.

The plan is to install the new Cerbo GX to control the MP Inverter and the MPPTs.

Thank you for any help


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Multiplus II 48v with LG Chem LI

I have been trying to get the MultiPlus to work with the LGBattery with out success all morning.

Following the instructions in the Victron & LGChem whitepaper, I set the VEConfigure ESS assistant and the CGCX.

When I turn on the Multiplus I get an low battery error (the battery is at 51,9V). When I plug in the grid, the charger and bulk lights turn on, but the battery does not charge. I see the grid and the energy needed for the Multiplus comes from the grid, but does not charge the battery.

I am lost on where to go from here.

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LG RESU 6.4EX and 48v Phoenix

Hi, I have a customer with an older LG RESU 6.4EX, they are now discontinued. This battery is brand new unopened. I have a list of compatible inverters and the 48/3000 Phoenix is one of them. I am trying to set it up as an off grid system for my customer. I want to know if anyone has any experience with this battery and its firmware, and its compatibility with the 48v Phoenix. I have no idea if this battery is able to be wired directly to an MPPT charge controller either and if that is a possibility, it believe all of the newer RESU batteries require a grid connection to function properly.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Temperature Sensor - DVCC and RESU 6.5 ?

I just "discovered" a temp Sensor hidden in the package of my Multigrid 3000.
(Multigrid, Venus GX, LG Chem RESU 6.5, external PV inverters ). Obviously the temp sensor is supposed to be used for the DVCC feature.
Reading through some documentation I found the following note:

Important: Where batteries are connected via CAN-bus, check the relevant page on the Battery Compatibility manual to see if enabling DVCC has been tested with your battery-type, and is OK. If DVCC is not mentioned in notes relating to your battery, do not enable DVCC.

Reading the Battery Compatibility Manual for my LG RESU 6.5, there is no specific note about DVCC. So shall I simply forget the Temp Sensor ?

And btw.. what are the other two T-sensors for which are listed under "devices".

Txs to get the newbie up to speed :o)

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