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check when VenusGX updated (LG RESU issue)

We have a Multiplus with a VebusGX connected to an LG Resu+ with 2x LG RESU 10's and an AC coupled Fronius.

This has been operating for several years, but just stopped working. The battery breakers are tripping every 5 mins, which means they do not have a CAN connection to the VenusGX- and I can see remotely that the LG battery is not showing up in the device list on the Venus.

Someone onsite has checked the cabling, and it all looks fine (ie unchanged). I am looking at the Venus firmware updates (which were set to automatic in VRM) as its running 2.73, which is fairly new.

My primary question is, can I tell when a VenusGX installed a firmware?

Venus GX - VGXLG Chem RESU
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It was the end of August when 2.73 was released so basically between then and now.

I would say in theory when the Venus was last reboot, but I am assuming in your troubleshooting it has been done already.

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