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Can GX generator start/stop feature control AC in of Quattro?

Hello all,

For a setup on a yacht, I want to control the AC in 2 of the Quattro so that during the sunny hours of the day, the shore power does not charge the Quattro. The result is that during the day only my solar panels charge the batteries.

I enabled in the Venus GX the feature generator start/stop, in such a way that the generator starts at 18.00 and stops at 08.00 hrs. I then set AC in 2 in the GX to generator. I am assuming this then controls relay 1 of the GX and switches it on and off based upon the indicated hours.

I then wired relay 1 of the GX to the auxilary relay of the Quattro.

With VE-configure, I added the following assistant to the Quattro:


Will this work? Will the AC in 2 be ignored from 08.00 till 18.00 hrs?

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Venus GX remote console password

Good day guys,

Good day guys, i have multiple Venus gx units that i need to submit an RMA for,

I need to test these units but all of them have a remote console password,

How can i access the cosole without the password or can i reset the password?

Please help

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Venus GX temperature operated relay

i just want to operate the relay on a temperature value. i have the temperature showing on the dash board but cant find a way of linking it to the relay control. It just shows alarm, generator, tank pump, or manual.



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Venus GX randomly goes offline


I have a Venus GX which the vast majority of the time works just fine. It is connected via a Wifi router situated the other side of a brick wall, but the signal strength is always above 50%

Every now and then, though, maybe once a month, it just goes, and stays, offline. The process to get it back is:

1) Turning it off and on again.
2) Accessing it directly, via the "Venus_" rather than via the house's WiFi.
3) Then going into the VictronConnect app.

Do all of that, and it comes back fine. Until the next time. Only takes a few minutes, but rather vexing when no one is onsite.

The software is up to date. I have been through all the troubleshooting here:

Ideas? As you may gather, I am a complete novice.



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Adding Venus GX to multi control and Multiplus 12

Howdy everyone,

I have an existing MultiPlus (v2002142) and multi control panel that was installed in our boat and working.

We added a Venus GX to our system this week with latest firmware. Now both the Multiplus and multi control are plugged directly into the Venus GX VE.Bus ports.

The Venus GX sees the Multiplus just fine. The multi control though is non-operational.

The mulit control will have the following lights on. Some random txt will be on the LCD panel.

  • Mains on
  • Bulk
  • Absorption
  • Float
  • Inverter

Q1: Is the VE.Bus cable a straight through RJ45? I could find only one passing reference. I had to make my own cable from the GX to the multi-control

Q2: Will the MultiPlus with the old microprocessor support GX and multi-control together like the data sheet shows?

Q3: Do I need to do a firmware upgrade on the Multi-Control from 142 -> 159 to get this to work? Its $70 for the USB to MK3 to do the upgrade.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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21 Answers

Venus keeps loosing internet connection


A Venus has a LAN connection and the WiFi as a failsafe enabled and set up in case someone pulls the network cable.

The VRM works fine for 3-10 days until it looses it's connection to the Venus and the only way to get it back online is to power down the Venus and back up again and all works....for some time. DHCP enabled and latest Venus FW.

What could this issue be caused by?

Thanks for any tips!!

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1 Answer

Can we connect two different battery (24V & 48V) system to one venus device?

I am having two independent battery systems.

1) This is my primary battery (48V) system with Victron smart shunt + Victron solar charge controller + Victron MultiPlus. All are connected to one venus device

2) This is my secondary battery (24V) system with Victron smart shunt + Victron solar charge controller + DC to DC charger. This is not connected to any venus device.

Can I connect both systems with one venus device?

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Fronius Symo AC-out, VRM/GX Dashboard Critical Loads measurement


we installed a Grind connected System with an Innovenergy Salidomo battery and a Fronius Symo on the AC out in ESS Mode (1:1 rule regarded). Everything works fine. But on the GX/Dashboard overview I see on the circuit diagram as the inverter is connected to the AC in and not AC out. Not too bad, but visualized critical load is the sum of critical loads and PV power, so therefore it is confusing that during the day the critical loads go to zero when production is higher than consumption. Is ist possible to change that so that critical loads is shown correctly?

In my oppinion the position of Inverter should be set on AC_in or AC_out, therefore a internal calculation can estimate the true value for Critical load.

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Multiplus II Current Sensor position

Some help please.... Installed Multiplus-II in grid interactive config with non-essential loads on ACin and essential loads on ACout. Installed supplied AC Current Sensor on grid mains supply conductor to premises. The problem: On Venus GX system overview all consumption is displayed under 'Critical loads' with 'AC loads' zero (even though some non-essential loads are on and drawing power). When mains CB is tripped, non-essential loads on ACin are load-shedded (as they should) and the 'Critical loads' value reduces accordingly (still zero on 'AC loads' on overview. I presume I have missed a setting somewhere - usually do installations with ET112 - 1st time using Multiplus II. Any advice?

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Measuring PV output, into a Venus device, for Enphase microinverters

I will be doing a system with a MultiplusII, AC coupled to several strings of Enphase micro inverters. I want to measure the PV input, as data into the VenusGX, from the microinveters. I have spec'd an ET112 meter to do that, but I presume that might not putting mutliple active wires (from each PV string) through the meter doesn't sound like a good idea. perhaps a 3phase meter, setup to read 3 strings? Or is there enphase support (sunspec standard?) on Venus devices yet? Is anyone familiar with the enphase envoy? Perhaps enphase has a solution...

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Internal Error Alarm from Venus GX with Pylontech

I’ve had an error come up on one of our GX devices saying “Internal Error Alarm”. This seems to be related to the BMS in our Pylontech batteries.

All I can find in Victrons docs is under – the last line in 2.1.2. Although this is no help; it only shows me that it’s an alarm that is being monitored.

Can you please tell me what this alarm means?

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Venus GX Losing contact with VRM

We've got a Venus GX connected with LAN to a Huawei router, very often the Venus dissappears from the VRM, rebooting the Venus GX makes it register again for a little while, then above repeats itself. In the meantime, all other equipment keeps on running fine, just the Venus loses contact to VRM. It has the latest firmware installed (2.85 at the time of writing), tried DHCP and fixed IP, both give the same problem. Our other installations on Huawei routers do work properly. We're kind of stuck with this, any thoughts on this issue?

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What are the characteristics of the 2 Venus relays, maximum voltage and intensity?

What are the characteristics of the 2 Venus relays, maximum voltage and intensity?

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beneteau VDO 5 sensor probe on Cerbo

MIght be a very dumb question but as i understand, the Cerbo only takes resistive tank sensors as inputs. On my boat and many others there is a VDO sensor which comes statard. It consists of five small screws in the tank which then connects to some type of conversion box which then goes to the VDO display panel. The wires to this panel are a positive, Negative and some type of measuring signal wire.

Can this type of measuring device be used in anyway on the Cerbo? I'm clueless with this but maybe someone in the community has a thought or experience.

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