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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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Can multiple GX 140 Tank Module connected to the Cerbo GX?

This is an information post.

If you are needing more than 4 tank inputs, we have tested with 12.

2 x GX Tank 140 and the 4 native inputs.

Our voltage based tank level input sensors are either differential pressure or ultrasonic under tank.

There are also LPG tank sensors that are voltage based. All 12 tanks appear on the Cerbo Tank display. Pic attached.

For fewer that 12 it would be easier to see...Watch video on Youtube search Safiery. Cheers


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Import Venus GX configuration

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to import a pre-made configuration on a Venus GX device ? To save time at production level.

A question was asked a year ago, and it was, according to @mvader (Victron Energy) on the list (Link), but I can't find anything on my GX that would do the job.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

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How to connect a PylonTech (UPower) hub to a Venus GX?

Hi there!

After swapping the Venus (replacement) I can see all devices BUT the PylonTech US2000 stack.

Three stacks 4 batteries each going to the hub as before.


CAN iin Venus s at 500kbs.

If I connect only one single slave battery (DIP0000) it shows up right away in the Venus. If I connect one stack (DIP0100) nothing shows up. Same for the hub (DIP000001)

Before swapping the Venus it worked as it is!!! So what detail in programming the Venus am i missing..?

Have a nice day and hopefully til soon, Flow

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Switch Multiplus with Venus GX and NodeRed


I have a switch connected to the I/O of my venus, now i would like to switch the multiplus 24/5000 on and off.

the I/O signal is working, it sends 3 or 4 to the multi. Sounds alright so far. But the strange thing is the multi is swiching on for maybe 3 sec and turns off. Same thing if i repeat pushing the switch.

thanks for help

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Time to go not changing

I just installed a BVM 712. I set the battery capacity and everything appears to be working but the time to go does not change. i ran every light and the fridge for over 12 hours last night and this morning the time to go is at 240 H which is the same as it was last night prior to running these things. The battery charge percentage came down from 100% to 93% so it seems to me that the time to go should have changed as well. What am I missing?

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connecting Venus GX to battery

I'm replacing my almost-failed AGM batteries with PylonTech.

What is 'best' or 'accepted' practice to connect the venus (power) to the batteries? There is a diagram i found which shows the gx powered off the Multiplus battery terminals. Presumably somehow terminating the power leads with 8mm lugs. sticking the bare wire under the nut doesn't seem right...

The gx has a fuse in line, but i'll also include a switch.

Is that best, or should i power it off either the 'output' side of the battery main breaker, or the 'input' side of the main breaker. In which case, i'd have to also provide a negative bus connection point as well.

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Venus GX not reporting correct information

Good Day,

I just installed a parallel system(multi 3000/24) . all is well with this system except for the VRM, its doesnt report any AC input or AC loads. The DC loads are also high as i only have a BMV connected to it .

Firmware version in gx is v2.87



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Alarm Relay Function - Set Alarm Relay On via dbus

I am trying to programmatically set the state of Relay 1 on & off on a VenusOS on an RPi via sending the following command but the change is not applied. Relay 1 function is configured as an Alarm Relay.

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState SetValue %1

While dbus command returns a successful result the "Alarm relay on" toggle switch in the UI under settings->relay does not reflect the issued command.

I can programmatically change the Function & Relay Polarity and the change is reflected in the UI immediately.

I looked at the var/log/localsettings/current file and confirmed that the UI and CLI command is affecting the same setting.

@400000006106581304f7c444 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 1, New: 0 //UI "Alarm relay on" Setting Change
@4000000061065c1c04621bc4 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 0, New: 1 //CLU dbus Setting Change

Has anyone else had the same issue before?

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VenusGX allegedly swallowed a microSD

Funny story. After perpetual problems getting a clear view on the "north side" of a Venus GX (see

And for future generations - here it is:


A customer said the Venus GX swallowed the microSD card he tried to insert. Needless to say, a microSD card is not recognized. I asked him if he didn't throw it into the USB port. Allegedly no.

But - given the scarcity of north views, he used this picture I sent him:


"I tried to insert it as is pictured"

Now I'm getting a very bad suspicion. You see in that picture the microSD seems to be exactly mirrored to what the picture on the VenusGX casing says. I hope (and that would be my question) that's not the reason why a microSD card would simply fall into the Venus GX.

So we will now have to go to the installation, dismantle the VenusGX and see where the SDcard went. As I said: funny story.

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Venus GX - one or two USB host ports?

I'm looking at the tech specs of a Venus GX which say there are two USB host ports. Looking at the Venus GX "high quality photos", there seems to be only one. So which one is it?

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GX device in ES II not finding wifi after a while

- Connected GX device in ES II to mobile hot spot on my phone. (Built in AP on the GX is enabled)

- Left ES II ON for 1 day. When i come back, GX doesnt auto connect to my phone's hot spot - doesnt even see it as availabe. So i cannot connect to VRM and send data from last day.

Must reboot GX device, then it will find phones hotspot, and correctly connects to VRM and sends data.

Will i need to reboot GX everytime i come onsite?

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VRM data missing … after 2hr network outage

We had a 2hr network router problem. Other devices were connected but the Venus was not. I rebooted the router and the Venus after.

Data for the duration of the 2hr network problem was lost. Any idea what causes this data loss?

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