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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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Alarm Relay Function - Set Alarm Relay On via dbus

I am trying to programmatically set the state of Relay 1 on & off on a VenusOS on an RPi via sending the following command but the change is not applied. Relay 1 function is configured as an Alarm Relay.

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState SetValue %1

While dbus command returns a successful result the "Alarm relay on" toggle switch in the UI under settings->relay does not reflect the issued command.

I can programmatically change the Function & Relay Polarity and the change is reflected in the UI immediately.

I looked at the var/log/localsettings/current file and confirmed that the UI and CLI command is affecting the same setting.

@400000006106581304f7c444 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 1, New: 0 //UI "Alarm relay on" Setting Change
@4000000061065c1c04621bc4 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 0, New: 1 //CLU dbus Setting Change

Has anyone else had the same issue before?

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VenusGX allegedly swallowed a microSD

Funny story. After perpetual problems getting a clear view on the "north side" of a Venus GX (see

And for future generations - here it is:


A customer said the Venus GX swallowed the microSD card he tried to insert. Needless to say, a microSD card is not recognized. I asked him if he didn't throw it into the USB port. Allegedly no.

But - given the scarcity of north views, he used this picture I sent him:


"I tried to insert it as is pictured"

Now I'm getting a very bad suspicion. You see in that picture the microSD seems to be exactly mirrored to what the picture on the VenusGX casing says. I hope (and that would be my question) that's not the reason why a microSD card would simply fall into the Venus GX.

So we will now have to go to the installation, dismantle the VenusGX and see where the SDcard went. As I said: funny story.

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Venus GX - one or two USB host ports?

I'm looking at the tech specs of a Venus GX which say there are two USB host ports. Looking at the Venus GX "high quality photos", there seems to be only one. So which one is it?

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GX device in ES II not finding wifi after a while

- Connected GX device in ES II to mobile hot spot on my phone. (Built in AP on the GX is enabled)

- Left ES II ON for 1 day. When i come back, GX doesnt auto connect to my phone's hot spot - doesnt even see it as availabe. So i cannot connect to VRM and send data from last day.

Must reboot GX device, then it will find phones hotspot, and correctly connects to VRM and sends data.

Will i need to reboot GX everytime i come onsite?

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VRM data missing … after 2hr network outage

We had a 2hr network router problem. Other devices were connected but the Venus was not. I rebooted the router and the Venus after.

Data for the duration of the 2hr network problem was lost. Any idea what causes this data loss?

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Smartshunt with no cable?


I have one doubt about smartshunt...

I would like to use it in DC only sites, with just an MPPT and maybe a monitoring device (Venus or raspberry). In this situation, if I add a smarshunt to have SOC reading, can I create a bluetooth network and read it trough the MPPT (smart model) or do I need to also connect it via Ve.Direct/ USB to Venus/ raspberry?

Will it appear as a valid Battery Monitor in VenusOS if connected trough bluetooth to the Smart MPPT ?

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Does ESS function require use of a GX device?

Hello, in order to use ESS, must I have a GX device such as Venus or Cerbo? If so, which is better?

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Installation site isolé


J'aurais besoin d'informations pour une installation en site isolé.

Mes équipements :

CCGX avec venusOS 2.87

Multiplus 5000Va/48v

MPPT 150/85

Onduleur sma 3kw avec AC sensor

Batteries pylontech 48v

Convertisseur CC 48v/12v

BMV 48v pour convertisseur 48v/12v.

1. Quel est l'assistant à utiliser actuellement ?

J'ai mis : "aide à la convertion" et l'assistant "mesure compteur 220v" (ac sensor).

Ou puis-je trouvé les informations de configuration pour site isolé ?

J'ai suivi une partie du paramétrage de l'ESS pour le multiplus Veconfig. Et j'utilise le DVCC. Merci

Merci de votre aide


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Multiplus II force charge / inverter mode via Venus GX

I'm looking for a way to remotely switch my Multiplus II between inverter / charger mode.

This is essentially due to the variable tariff I'm on, I've got a script on a Raspberry Pi which looks at the day ahead and plans when to charge and when not to.

I gather there is something with node-red, maybe MQTT, but ideally I'd love to control a relay on an Arduino to input to the Multiplus or Venus GX to tell it the mode - is this an option?

If not, MQTT is my second preferred option of those I gather exist - can I request this via this method?

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Battery temperature reading from a Multi's sensor in DVCC setup with STS turned on, while the Multi is switched off?

I've found out, that despite the Multi being switched off in this boat installation for most of the time (to conserve power), VRM reads the battery temperature from its sensor (see the first screenshot attached). Can the MPPT 75/15 being set up as DVCC with STS turned on, read the battery temperature sensor (while the Multi is switched off) in this installation?

In an older thread, I saw the answer that, the Multi should be in charger only mode at least to read the battery temperature, but still, some more clarification is needed as you can see the VRM reads temperature from the Multi's probe despite having it switched off.


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IMT Irradiance Sensor - Cerbo GX - Not Connecting Properly

I am working on a small solar and 12V battery system using a SmartSolar Charger, Phoenix Inverter, and SmartShunt. This is intended to be a solar power demonstration unit so it would be very helpful to measure irradiance and cell temperature with an IMT sensor and have a few Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB available.

However, I am having trouble getting the sensor to connect properly. I am using the official FTDI USB-RS485-WE-5000-BT adapter as recommended and it can be seen and seems to connect for a couple seconds every minute or so but no readings show up. The sensor is powered directly from 12V battery voltage.

I had attempted this using a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS as described here: but have switched over to a Cerbo GX in order to attempt to rectify this problem with no change in the behavior.

Sensor shows up but shows "Not Connected":


Does seem to connect every ~1-2 minutes but nothing shows up:



I have no trouble accessing the sensor using Si Modbus Configurator from my PC and can read values from it. I do see the G value change when shining a light on it. Everything seems to be configured properly there according to and the IMT application note.



The VRM does show "Meteorological sensor [1] Product Id" to be b030 after connection but nothing else in the data export.

Pretty stumped as the device is seems to be recognized but not getting any data through. Any ideas to help me troubleshoot this?

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MFD integration Difficulties with Simrad

We are trying to connect Venus with Quattro and CANbus Lithium to Simrad NSS12 evo3 Version 19.1.1 and can’t connect.
the error message is “cant connect to MQTT” and an image that doesn’t match the Venus 2.42 screen options. The Venus has MQTT on Lan (SSL) and or (Text).
we have tried every conceivable combination...
see screen shots below.

Advice please to get connected....





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Problème de connexion du Venus aux appareils


j'ai installé un deuxième parc de batteries et j'ai placé un BMV 600S;

Après cette installation, venus refuse de ce connecter à tous mes appareils (BMV 712, BMV 702, BM600s, phoenix inverter 48V3000VA....)

Que dois-je faire

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