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MFD integration Difficulties with Simrad

We are trying to connect Venus with Quattro and CANbus Lithium to Simrad NSS12 evo3 Version 19.1.1 and can’t connect.
the error message is “cant connect to MQTT” and an image that doesn’t match the Venus 2.42 screen options. The Venus has MQTT on Lan (SSL) and or (Text).
we have tried every conceivable combination...
see screen shots below.

Advice please to get connected....





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How can I add a cool down delay on a generator, such as Venus disconnect AC IN 1 when Generator signal is sent to shutdown the generator?

In a system with six(6) Quattros 10K configured in 3Phase and parallel, the backup generator we has a needs of 5 minute cool down period when the generator start signal is removed.

When the Venus relay removes the start signal in relay number 1 the Generator needs to be disconnected from the Quattros, is there a way to have the Quattros Disconnect AC IN 1 so that the generator continues running in its cool down period without load?

FYI we are using ESS, this issue happens when the grid has failed for a long time (days) and generator is turn on for its weekly excessive or when the battery is too low and needs to be charge enough to reach the next solar cycle.

In essence we would like the generator to run without load for a period of 5 minutes after the generator is not needed any more.



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GX Tank 140 with Venus OS on Raspberry?


does the new GX Tank 140 work with the Venus OS on the Raspberry pi? I have Firmware 2.66 on a Raspberry pi 3+ and I cannot see anything that has to do with the GX Tank 140. It's connected via USB.

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VRM Portal issue trying to add new installation (Venus GX)


I'm writing here because I have some problems with VRM Portal and my installation...

For 2 years I didn't go to VRM Portal because I didn't need. It seems that my account has been deleted (I asked for forgotten password but I never received any e-mail). So I created a new account. I did a firmware update on the Venus GX (now 2.73), "she" is now on the internet via wifi. I try to add it on my "installation" (on VRM) using VRM Portal ID but nothing happens. A short message indicates that I will receive a confirmation e-mail but... nothing happens too. Really, I spent a lot of time trying by myself but I have no solutions yet.

Thank you per advance if you think to have a solution !

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DVCC, Multiplus and MPPT


There have been similar posts but not really answered my concerns. I have 2 x MPPT, BMV712 and Originally IP43 charger, these were all connected using VE.Smart Networking.

I have 2 x MPPTs as I use one for the integral Solar Panels and the second allows me to add additional portable solar panels when static for a period of time (e.g. a show). Using VE.Start Networking it allows the MPPTs to synchronously charge batteries from both.

I have a GX device fitted now and my understanding is that you can't use both VE.Smart Networking and GX devices, which is fine in principal, why would you, also now have Multiplus installed.

My question really is, with the VE.Smart Networking disabled and the GX device set for DVCC, I have noticed on more than one occasion a disparity between devices, one MPPT showing on GX console as being in absorption, the other being in float or the Multiplus being in storage/bulk/absorption.

My assumption, incorrectly is that all these devices will be synchronised and charge stages managed by the GX device, they should all be in one or other stages but in unison, charge rates managed based on SOC, temperature etc by the GX device. Especially all devices are actively charging which can often be a scenario

thoughts please


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Charging with two independent multiplus

So my client wants to power two cabins with 2 independent multiplus inverters and a shared pylontech lithium bank and single panel array. Each multiplus will have a backup generator. Not sure if charging from genset simultanously is a problem or even if can be set up in Venus. Any sugestions welcome.

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Can cerbo GX connect to auxiliary digital inputs

I'd like to use the Cerbo GX for monitoring, amongst others, the bilge alarms. But as we have 6 bilge alarm switches already the 4 inputs of the Cerbo is not enough. Is there a way to connect a standard (like modbus or NMEA/CAN) external module with more inputs that the Cerbo can use?

Or is there an extension like the GX tan 140 but for inputs (planned)

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VRM data missing … after 2hr network outage

We had a 2hr network router problem. Other devices were connected but the Venus was not. I rebooted the router and the Venus after.

Data for the duration of the 2hr network problem was lost. Any idea what causes this data loss?

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Venus GX Losing contact with VRM

We've got a Venus GX connected with LAN to a Huawei router, very often the Venus dissappears from the VRM, rebooting the Venus GX makes it register again for a little while, then above repeats itself. In the meantime, all other equipment keeps on running fine, just the Venus loses contact to VRM. It has the latest firmware installed (2.85 at the time of writing), tried DHCP and fixed IP, both give the same problem. Our other installations on Huawei routers do work properly. We're kind of stuck with this, any thoughts on this issue?

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How to set SOC charging target other than 100%?

My system has 2 Smart Li 200Ah batteries, Multiplus 3000/120, 2 MPPTs 100/30, connected via BatteryProtect, Alternator connected to AGM, and via Cyrix Li to Li batteries. Setup includes BMV-712 Smart and Venus GX.

I want to be able to charge the batteries to say 60% or 80% only while on shore power, knowing that I will have plenty of sun for the rest of the day.

How can I set an SOC target for the Multiplus, or better via Venus GX? I don't want to change the absorption/float voltages.

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Reference for VenusGX connectors

Hello all,

My (second hand) VenusGX came with some connectors missing.
Does anybody have a reference for these or can they be purchased separately ?

I'm missing the connector for CAN2, Relay1 & 2 and 5V DC.

Kind regards,


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Why Pylontech Batteries only reach 97% SOC

After the upgrade of Venus GX to v2.20 software, everything worked fine. The daily usage pattern is largely the same when I noticed Pylontech batteries (4xUS2000B) only reach 97% SOC (originally 100%) with plenty PV capacity available. Matthijs kindly advised that the end/of/charge voltage was lowered to fix an occasional over voltage shutdown from the Pylons and they are discussing various things with Pylon R&D though perhaps with some changes on both sides. Are there any planned changes envisaged or recommendations readily available? Charger is a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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Time to go not changing

I just installed a BVM 712. I set the battery capacity and everything appears to be working but the time to go does not change. i ran every light and the fridge for over 12 hours last night and this morning the time to go is at 240 H which is the same as it was last night prior to running these things. The battery charge percentage came down from 100% to 93% so it seems to me that the time to go should have changed as well. What am I missing?

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How to Remotely update/configure Multiplus and Quattro's via VRM remotely - UPDATED

This post has been Updated with Latest Changes. 30th May 2021

NOTE to other users, who feel they can improve on this post please feel FREE to edit it and add changes that can help others.

This post has been wikified, any user with enough reputation can edit it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi just some info for everyone in-case you did not know about these options/features,

If you enable two way comm's on the Venus or the CCGX or Cerbo GX units. (Fw2.60 or higher.) The GX device must be connected to the Internet and you do need a VRM site login, ( the GX device must also be registered on the VRM)

you can then remotely configure all the Multiplus/Quattro settings and now also firmware upgrade the units via the VRM as well

Of note I have also been able to reconfigure remote systems and add and remove inverters from the setups, thus saving trips to site.

Basic procedures,

Log onto the Victron VRM system and select your site, then from the Device list (Fig 1) the select Remote VE configure (Fig-1) then select download, (this will download the remote systems configuration files, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE the file do not open then edit the file.) the file usually ends up in your downloads folder, then using Victron's Ve Configure program you can then change all the settings including assistants etc. when finished then save the file. Then back to the VRM and select UPLOAD, select the changed file and this will then be uploaded to the remote system.

Multi Phase and Paralleled systems, can be updated and inverters added or removed to and from the system setup, AS WELL


if you wish the upgrade the firmware of the devices inc the Multiplus and Quattro units. then select Firmware update. (Fig-3)

Nice Feature, please use the below link for further details








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