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How to connect a Pylontech HUB?

Hello Victronauts!

the question is, how to connect a Pylontech HUB to Pylontech US2000B on one end and with the other end to a Multiplus-II? The problem is, that there is no documentation on the Pylontech website available which fits to the delivered LV-HUB and all suspects I know, doesn't have an idea.

Here is a screenshot of Pylontech PDF


there is mentioned that maximum 5 battery strings are possible, but my hub looks like this ...


... my hub has eight CAN-Bus connectors. I don't have any idea how a CAN-Bus cable looks like? Is just a normal network cable? I am willing to try, but without any input it is hard to start.

Hopefully there is somebody out there, who can set me on to the right trail! ;-) Thanks!


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ello guys,

Given the difficulty of correctly configuring an LV HUB with GX and several clusters of US2000C/3000C, I thought it would be good to lay out our parameters that have been successfull with our Victron systems, after many trials and tribulations. LV HUB manual lacks clarity.

  • VERY IMPORTANT : Adress of the LV HUB must be : 000111 (not shown in any Pylontech manual !)
  • [image]

  • Cable used : Victron Type A (from "CAN OUT LV HUB to GX).
  • Cable used to connect Master US3000C battery (group 1) to the LV HUB port "1" : specific cable supplied by Pylontech (PIN 1/3 : null), with blue tag on it.
  • You need to use straight UTP cable to connect each stack (B/RS485 to ACAN to slave, and so on). You can use the Pylontech cable with the blue tag on it shown "battery connection parallel". BE VERY CAREFUL on the quality of the UTP cable, it can otherwise mess up all CANBUS communication between each stack.
  • You have for example 38x US3000C, 3x stacks of 12x US3000C. You let all ADD of the batteries as defaut (all UP). Here's the procedure
  • Disconnect LV HUB from master battery.
  • Boot up every single battery, sequence 1-2-3 .... to the last battery.
  • Then you should hear an alarm buzzer which goes like this " bip, bip, bip" (three times). That means every battery is online and connected.
  • Then you change the DIP of ONLY the master battery of GROUP 1 to 0010. (please find pictures attached).
  • Then you connect the master battery to the LV HUB (using proprietary RJ cable with PIN 1-3 null). Use that specific cable, otherwise communication won't work.
  • Then you boot up the LV HUB. You will hear the LV HUB rings. Then all the groups connected shall be shown on the LED.
  • Once it is done, you connect the LV HUB to the GX device with TYPE A cable only (Type B will NOT work and will put the LV HUB in error mode). Do not forget to use RJ45 120 Ohm terminator on the BMS CAN unused of the GX device.
  • You're all set.

Hope this helps !

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Mixing Pylontech 3000 and 3000C using LV-Hub


Extending a Pylontech battery from 4 US3000 to 4xUS3000 + 8xUS3000C using an LV-HUB. Connecting to Cerbo GX via BMS cable type B. So far not able to make the Cerbo see all 12 batteries (Total capacity and live currents) at the same time. I can get up to 8 batteries showing by eliminating the LV-HUB from the setup. I can also get 8 showing with the HUB but not 12.

I realise the LV-HUB comms set up is very different for US3000 and US3000C. Hence I have also tried to create 2 stacks of 4 3000C followed by 2 x 3000. This means each stack is limited to 6, and both stacks are using 3000C as master battery. No joy getting both stacks to show on the Cerbo. (Even though one stack does show)

Has anyone managed to mix US3000 and US3000C with a Cerbo GX in a single system ?

I'm out of options but still keen to be able to monitor and control charging as a single 12 battery system via Cerbo GX

Any hints / tips / suggestions welcomed,


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Installation guidance cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus


Is there anyone who out can guide me through the Installation cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus?

At present, I have one of the three battery groups communicating to Cerbo via VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable, works fine.

Which are the right cables to link the battery groups with the LV-HUB, and where can I buy the right cables? Really from Pylontech? I found a Video that Shows that pin 1...3 are required and their trouble came from the cables...Pylontech didn't answer. The manuals of lv-hub and battery are contradicting...
Can I take the type A cable to link LV-HUB to Cerbo?

How about the DIP settings of Batteries and LV-HUB?

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Pylontech LV Hub Communication protocol

What cable do you use between the Pylontech LV hub and Cerbo GX. I am getting no comms using either of the Victron BMS Can cables (type A or B)

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Pylontech LV hub disconnects from Cerbo GX when the inverter receives mains


I have a system with 12 x US3000 batteries connected in series of 3 (4 banks) via an LV hub-CAN to a Cerbo GX device.

Initially, we had challenges with the LV hub staying connected to the Cerbo GX. After a few days of operation, the Cerbo GX would no longer see the batteries and the inverter (8000va/48V) x 2 connected in parallel would shut down. We fixed this by updating the firmware of the LV-hub to V1.7.

Now we observed that the system is stable in off-grid mode. I.E. No active grid connected. but when the grid is active the after a few minutes the GX will lose connection with the batteries and the inverter and charge controller will shut down as a precaution.

Has anyone experienced this before, kindly advise on what the issue might be? See full system specs below

Pylontech - US3000 x 12
Victron 8000va/48/230 x 2 (parallel)
Victron 150/100 VE.can & 250/100 VE.can
400W units of PV modules x 35
Cerbo GX
Lynx Distributor

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Ned Yu (Pylontech)

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Pylontech L-V Hub problems with Quattro 48/15000

Hi all. I have an off grid set up with a victron 48/15000. Up till now I had a single stack of pylontech batteries and everything functioned fine.

When adding a second stack and wiring up the LV hub to both stacks, the hub keeps getting a red flashing light error. The dip switches are correct and all wiring is perfectly done.

Each stack connected independently works fine but when put both through the hub they don't work. The error is also present if the hub is not connected to the colour controller. Does anyone have any ideas?

The sellers puntoenergija have no idea. Not much documentation online either. Pity cause pylontech batteries are very good quality.

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Pylontech stacks in parallel installed with LV-Hub incorrectly reporting charge / discharge current & limit

System - Single phase - 2x 5kw Multis in parallel.
2x stacks of 5 Pylon US2000 in parallel with LV-Hub
Cerbo GX
It would appear that the LV-Hub doesnt correctly report the correct available charge / discharge current to the GX.

The GX is showing 125A. (which follows the 5x25A mentioned in this doc:

It should report 250A ?

The LV-Hub, also does not correctly report the operating charge / discharge current the the batteries into the system. (Noticed this as we also have a BMV in the system)



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