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Installation guidance cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus


Is there anyone who out can guide me through the Installation cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus?

At present, I have one of the three battery groups communicating to Cerbo via VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable, works fine.

Which are the right cables to link the battery groups with the LV-HUB, and where can I buy the right cables? Really from Pylontech? I found a Video that Shows that pin 1...3 are required and their trouble came from the cables...Pylontech didn't answer. The manuals of lv-hub and battery are contradicting...
Can I take the type A cable to link LV-HUB to Cerbo?

How about the DIP settings of Batteries and LV-HUB?

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Have you seen this post.

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Yes I did see the post but was not clear on cables and dip settings. The post is very helpful, and shows the rigt way. I am really angry about worrying manuals.

PROBLEM IS SOLVED - Here my clarifications and findings:

The post describes the right way - thanks to perma-batteries for the time spent! I will add my comments in their instruction:

  • VERY IMPORTANT : Adress of the LV HUB must be : 000111 (not shown in any Pylontech manual !)
  • 2022-04-08-12-58-59.jpg-> I did it, and it works!
  • Cable used : Victron Type A (from "CAN OUT LV HUB to GX).-> YES type A
  • Cable used to connect Master US3000C battery (group 1) to the LV HUB port "1" : specific cable supplied by Pylontech (PIN 1/3 : null), with blue tag on it -> cable has SN WI0SCAN30RJ1, refer to US3000C manual page 15 .
  • You need to use straight UTP cable to connect each stack (B/RS485 to ACAN to slave, and so on). You can use the Pylontech cable with the SILVER tags on it shown "Battery - Battery "... -> cable has SN WI0SCAN35RJ3, with SILVER mark: Bat-Bat, refer to US3000C manual page 15. Probably any other LAN cable where pins 1 to 8 are directly connected.
  • You have for example 36x US3000C, 3x stacks of 12x US3000C. You let all ADD of the batteries as defaut (all UP). Here's the procedure ->

    1659361600964.pngNOTE: The above picture is WRONG!! Wrong in
    and even on their website:
    Next picture from US3000C manual is RIGHT:
    1659362108777.pngThis picture is as decrcibed in the post by perma batteries.

  • Disconnect LV HUB from master battery.
  • Boot up every single battery, sequence 1-2-3 .... to the last battery.
  • Then you should hear an alarm buzzer which goes like this " bip, bip, bip" (three times). That means every battery is online and connected.
  • Then you change the DIP of ONLY the master battery of GROUP 1 to 0010. (please find pictures attached). -> Again, descrption is wrong in the US3000C manual
    1659362502691.pngMaybe they refer to the wrong assembly of DIPs. As a picture was missed, I attach my one:20220801-151740.jpg
  • .
  • Then you connect the master battery to the LV HUB (using proprietary RJ cable with PIN 1-3 null). Use that specific cable, otherwise communication won't work.-> Yes. the blue labelled cable with SN WI0SCAN30RJ1
  • Then you boot up the LV HUB. You will hear the LV HUB rings. Then all the groups connected shall be shown on the LED. -> looks like here, 3 groups connected:
  • Once it is done, you connect the LV HUB to the GX device with TYPE A cable only (Type B will NOT work and will put the LV HUB in error mode). Do not forget to use RJ45 120 Ohm terminator on the BMS CAN unused of the GX device.
  • You're all set.

-> I see them in Cerbo GX as shown:

1659363373222.png1659363424643.pngThis is where I am now.

My next issue is how to reduce batt charging to 95%.

And then: How to integrate stacks/groups made of other batteries in the Pylontech LV-HUB configuration

1659361600964.png (331.2 KiB)
1659362108777.png (296.3 KiB)
1659362502691.png (14.0 KiB)
1659363327811.png (5.3 KiB)
1659363373222.png (23.2 KiB)
1659363424643.png (21.5 KiB)
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perma-batteries answered ·

Dear Ekramer,

If it shows up on GX as "PYLON", it means your LV HUB is not updated with the latest firmware. You should therefore proceed to firmware upgrade thorugh a RS232 cable with the Batteryview software. Do you have the required hardware, cables and software ? Firmwares can be downloaded from the following link :

Contact me on if you need more details, you'll need to crimp a specific cable to be able to properly communicate with the LV HUB and Batterview software.

Best regards

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ekramer answered ·

Dear perma-batteries thanks a lot i'll contact you via email

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