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Multi rs solar - Warning#59 acin1 relay test fail

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I have turned on my solar installation, and one of the problems showed up.

When inverter is working without grid connection everything is working perfect. No problem's at all. But when I turn on grid supply the warning #59 ACIN1 relay test fault.


Sometimes it's also showing warning #43 ground fault detected.

All this problems are when inverter is connected to the grid. Without grid all working perfect.

I have traced wires checked connections 10 times, polarity is totally fine, all grounding is fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerrs inverter
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danielmar90 avatar image danielmar90 lifeingalicia commented ·
It didn't helped. I have done all that was in there. I have found that electricans from meter company that changed my meter, connected L and N to the wrong pins in main switch (L was connected to N from DB and N was connected to L from DB). So I had to switch the ones on the other side same way as they did to have correct polarity. L to L and N to N. But now when I turn on grid power it's tripping RCD that is connected to the grid. Any idea why ?
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seb71 avatar image seb71 danielmar90 commented ·

You should always check (not just by wire colour) which is L, which is N and which is PE before connecting to AC In.

Now there is a chance that something got damaged.

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1 Answer
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I have the same Problem.

But from the beginning L was on L and N on N

Ground on ground

It was and is 100% correct.

But i have still this error.

There are some other ideas or news about this??

Many thanks

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·
@Jochen Fuerte

Do you have a good neutral earth bond? Is there any voltage across there?

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jochen-fuerte avatar image jochen-fuerte Alexandra ♦ commented ·
All good there as well. Yes
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