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How could i get data from two installations


i have now two cerbo gx running. So i have two installations in VRM. I could see data from both installations in VRM.

I use venus-docker-grafana to load the data into a local influxdb. All Tables has the field portalID so it should work with different installations. (Each installation has its own portalID).


But in the Dashboard it only transfers data from the first installation.


What do i missing?



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Using Influx & Grafana: Someone already created a downsampling and data retention script?


I use the victron docker Images to push all Data from MQTT to a local Influx DB.
This is a very nice solution, having detailed 6 samples per Second for all measurements.
The Data consume about 300 MB per Day what is fine for a few month.

But I want to use this also for long term storage of the Data (>10 Years) as well.
So I want to use the influx data aggregation and retention methods to down sample old data.

Data older as 1 Month should get aggregated to 10 minutes slots, reducing the data consumption from 9 GB / Month to about 15 MB/Month.

Anyone already done this and can provide his downsampling task script? Would be great to share this, that not everyone needs to write it again and again.

Thank you

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