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Generator/ multiplus2 synchronisation
If you enable generator pass through to support loads with a Multiplus2 in 3 phase configuration- how long does it take for the generator to synchronise and take the load?

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Split phase 24/5000/120 dual Quattros with single phase-240v generator

My current motorhome system uses two 24/5000/120 Quattros wired in split phase, these are fed from a Lynx BMS & distributor from five 25.8v Victron Lifepo batteries. I do not have any 240v loads to power. The motorhome has a 50 amp shore power connection and my generator is a 240v single phase Cummins Onan 8000QD (two same phase 33 amp feeds).

I have unselected grouping for L2 and set the input limits for shore power to 50amps and generator to 30amps. My power assist factor is set at 0.9. With the generator running the master Quattro connects to the generator mains and provides passthrough power and battery charging. The slave unit never switches from inverter mode. Is there a way to also have the slave unit connect to the generator mains? From the generator, I have wired the Quattrros with the black leg and split neutral going to the master Quattro and the red leg and split neutral go to the slave Quattro.

When connected to shore power, everything works as expected. The L1 and L2 values show on the Cerbo GX Touch screen and under Victron Connect (MK3 connection). When connected to the generator feed, nothing shows on the Cerbo GX and under Victron Connect, the AC2 shows connected, but doesn't have any other information. The outgoing L1 and L2 show values under both connections.

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Onan generator split phase compatible with Quattro

I have an Onan 120/240 VAC split phase 9.5 MDKBM generator that I would like to wire to a (yet to be purchased) Victron Quattro. The other AC in will be connected to the shore power (single phase 240VAC).

My question is: will the Quattro accept the split phase 2x 120 VAC as a valid 240VAC source next to the single phase 240 VAC shore power?

The current Victron Centaur charger works fine with both Generator and shore power (via manual switching), but needs to be replaced because of an LFP battery.

I was thinking of a Quattro or Multiplus, but prefer the Quattro because it switches grid/generator automatically.

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victron quattro 24/8000 Relay program

Hallo. I have a victron quattro 24/8000 with a victron cerbo gx connecete to the system. is it possible to program one of the relays to pull ON when switching to generator (AC1) and stay on? i can not find an option in VE. Config 3. That would be a good thing in the Marine world.

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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 certifications for german grid?


as the Multiplus-II does not accept generators if configured for the german grid we need to use Victron Quattros-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010. They can be bought in Germany but seem to lack certifications for the german grid.

When will the certifications for the german grid be available?

It would be sad if we have to switch to another manufacturer than Victron because of the lack of generator-support/certifications.

Thanx for any hint! :-)

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On-Grid PV Inverter als Generator für Multiplus II ?


ich möchte ein AC-ESS mit einem Multiplus II 5000, Pylontech-Akkus und dem EM24 realisieren. Als PV Anlage habe ich noch eine Anlage von 2010 im "Überschussmodus".

Soweit, so gut. Leider habe ich aber keine Autarkie-Möglichkeit, sollte das öffentliche Netz mal down sein. Ich habe dann lediglich die Akku-Ladung da sich mein Wechselrichter (Mastervolt XS4300) nicht mit dem Multiplus AC-koppeln lässt.

Nun aber folgender Gedanke: am Multiplus stelle ich AC In1 auf "Generator" und schließe dort den PV-Wechselrichter an. Dieser synct mit dem Multiplus und lädt dadurch primär den Akku.

Start/Stop des PV-Inverters ließe sich über den Relaiskontakt schalten, wenn der Akku voll ist, wird ein Relais geschaltet und der Wechselrichter vom Multiplus getrennt, wird eine bestimmte Akkuladung unterschritten, dann wird der Wechselrichter hinzugeschaltet, synchronisiert und lädt dann den Akku.

Das wäre vielleicht nicht die eleganteste Lösung, sie soll ja aber auch nur im Desasterfall funktionieren.

Wäre das prinzipiell möglich oder habe ich einen Denkfehler?
Besten Dank!

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Multiplus With Generator And Residual Current Device


I have a Multi 48/5000 and a very cheap but good working 2.5KW gasoline generator connected to AC IN.

At final installation tests, I found out that the Residual Current Device does not work, when the generator is running and supplying power, even though I connected a good earth to the generator.

It seems, the generator is not capable of a RCD.

Is it OK to hard wire PE and Neutral on the Multi? Or what is common practice?

Thank you.


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Quattro II für vorgesehenen Einsatz in Deutschland (Generator)

Moin, bin jetzt alle Einträge durch, aber habe drei Anliegen:

Ist absehbar ob überhaupt eine Zulassung für den Quattro 48/5000 kommt.

Ist absehbar ob es ohne Zulassung möglich ist das ganze "sicher" zu betreiben (LOM nur auf einem Eingang deaktiviert - ich habe die Anlage noch nicht und verstehe verschiedene Einträge so als wäre es nur möglich ohne Grid Code Deutschland (also other) den LOM zu deaktivieren

Wie würdet Ihr vorgehen (es soll eine 3P Anlage mit der Möglichkeit der Generatornachladung auf einem Bauernhof installiert werden)

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Using Multiplus to reduce generator fuel consumption

Hi, I have a multi-+2 3000 W charger/ inverter connected to 1450 amp hours of battery storage at 12v, I'm trying to figure out how to configure the multi plus so that I can use the stored energy in the battery to supplement the the generator to reduce fuel consumption for a longer period of use time. I tried this using power assist settings in reducing the incoming amperage from the generator so the converter would supplement power, that worked great until the loads dropped below the set point of power assist in the battery speaking to charge off of the inverter.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how this can be configured properly so I can use/consume the energy stored in the battery and supplement the generator for a longer period of runtime and fuel savings? Ideally I would still like the ability to use the MPPT
to charge the batteries while in this configuration. Also I am always not on generator and need to be able to switch back to normal operation when connected to the gird/shore power. I tried to use the ESS assistant but is not recommended and did not work well with the generators.

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Multiplus II/Quattro II: State of (co-)generator support in ESS mode?

@mvader (Victron Energy)

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

Customers are waiting for months now to have (co-)generator support in Multiplus II/Quattro II ESS mode. Especially with the new geopolitical situation (Russia) customers demand co-generator or backup generator support in stationary/grid tied installations.

What is the current state? When will generator support be available in ESS mode?

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Which generators are fully compatible?
I want to build a photovoltaic system for my home similar to the following (I will probably use EasySolar II instead of Multiplus II+SmartSolar MPPT+CCGX):

Which generators are fully compatible?
Someone has already used the Black & Decker BXGND5300E and / or BXGND6300E?
Someone has already used PRAMAC PMD5000s ?
I want to use the generator only for the time necessary to recharge the battery (2-5 hours) when the public grid is not available and solar energy is insufficient (I could also disconnect all non-essential domestic loads, if necessary to facilitate the operation)
I believe it is important that Victron publish a list of fully compatible generators for this type of application, without delegating the responsibility to local dealers.

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multiplus ii Generator disconnect

I have a 2,8kW max (10A) "non inverter/AVR" generator connected to Easy Solar II 24/3000. This generator can power directly 2,5kW Bosch AXT 25 TC branch shredder for hours.

Battery is first charged 100% by generator, which charges 35A with Weak AC option ON, and 50A without it (which is max for my battery, also my battery has 200A constant discharge rate).

Also i have 1,2kW of solar panels in good sunlight, but sadly as soon as generator is connected, SmartSolar stops supplying current to the system (solar input stays at 70V but current goes to 0A).

I start 800W heat gun, generator tries to ramp up rpms but inverter almost immediately disconects the generator.

I have tried lowering AC1 input current limit minimum - 3,5A (and also maxed all the way to 10A). Doesnt work still.


UPS OFF (also tried ON),

AC1 input current limit - 8A

Dynamic current limit ON (also tried OFF),

Accept wide frequency range ON,

AC low voltage disconnect 180V (and also tried 210V as suggested in the manual),

Power Assist on, assist factor 2 (also tried 1 and 1.5)

Nothing works.

Is the generator just too slow/low quality or are there any other settings i can try to keep generator connected until it revs to suitable speed/voltage?

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Can I start my generator from my phone?

I have an EasySolar-II managing my home’s off-grid solar power supply. Backup power to the EasySolar is provided by a Honda EU30iS generator with a two-wire remote start. In VE Configure I have set the virtual switch to start the generator if the battery state of charge is low or the current load is high and that works fine. However, sometimes when I am away from home I would like to manually start and stop the generator from my phone. I can’t see a way to do this. Is it possible? Thanks

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Bloody Grid Password?! Are you kidding! Just to setup a stock standard Generator AC Supply?

For you to understand why this is such a big deal - we have bushfires on three sides and the smoke is so bad that we can't get solar.

Our next step is to remove the MultiPlus from the circuit and go straight to GenSet because we need a bloody password just to configure our MultiPlus 2 to work with a Generator?

From the information online and the prompt in VE Configure we need a password inorder to configure the MultiPlus 2 to use the Grid / other setting in order to get the gen set working as the AC input -right?

Just as an aside; why on earth did you put that under Grid menu when we're using the device in an Offgrid situation for gods sake! Using a Local Genset is the opposite of Grid! Surely you're not going to do "power back" to a gen set right?

Everything else has been plug and play to a large degree so to run into this situation in an emergency that requires us to get back to the really nice bloke who sold us the equipment in the first place is beyond a joke.

I'm stuck now needing to urgently wait on him responding to my urgent calls and emails when no doubt he is also dealing with his own issues. Common guys!

What's the bloody password so I can setup my gen set to charge batteries that have been running fine off solar until the smoke made the sky go red and reduced the solar down to practically nothing!

Could do with an answer pretty before the battery runs out over the next few hours... in the middle of bushfires and heatwave.


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Hello, we mainly do off-grid installations (isolated). We always place a support group for the system and for a long time with the latest versions of the GX devices we can no longer modify or reset the group work hours in each maintenance. In "Generator start/stop settings" _"Generator total operating time (hours)". And it won't let you in, the GX is in user+installer mode.

Does anyone know how to get in? Is there another administrator password apart from the user+installer password?


Thank you

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