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Generator input voltage showing to high in ve configuration

hi all, having high voltage issues with a 24v 8000 quattro. Genset without load has been checked with various meters putting out 238v 52hz, at the generator. Voltage on ve configuration is showing 272v-280v 52hz. Can someone please help how is this possible? Does the quattro pick up peak voltages? If genset is loaded the quattro changes to charger mode and operates perfectly. Thanks in advance

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Generator service notifications

Hi all,

Is it possible to send automatic alarm from VRM if generator service hours are due (hours or time period for example)? It would be handy in case there are many sites to monitor.

Best regards,

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Generator feeding appliances but not charging batteries.

Hello everyone. I have an installation with a Quattro 48/8000, two Solar Chargers MPPT 150/60, a Colour Control CCGX and a BMV-700. One of the Solar Chargers is a Blue Solar and the other is a Smart Solar. I don't think this is very important, but just in case.

I also have a Hiunday generator 6kva, that didn't give me any trouble in the last two years. When it started it would feed the appliances from the house and charge batteries. It usually never starts, as I have very little energy consumption in the house. Only in case of heavy rains I need it to avoid water level getting in the basement.

I've been doing some starts on the last week so that the genny would run a little bit and be prepared for the winter, and I see now that when started it feeds the appliances but does not charge the batteries. I've tried it with batteries at 97%, 95%, 89%. Also tried it during the day with photovoltaic energy coming in and in the evening with no pv energy.

I've also gone into VE Config settings and didn't see any changes.

The only two changes that happened in the last months is that we added to the system the BVM-700. And also, one of the Blue Solar chargers stoped working and we had to change it for the Smart Solar.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some ideas of what can be wrong.

I put here a small image from the CCGX so that you can see:

Thank you!


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Phoenix Smart 12/3000 Installation (RCD, cables, fuses)


I wonder if somebody can help me with some questions regarding the installation of the Victron Phoenix Smart 12/3000.

First, I am not sure which type of RCD I require. Is a 2 pole, 16A & 30 mA RCD like this one appropriate?

My second question relates to the cross-section of the cables and the size of the fuses. The manual recommends 95mm² cables and 400A fuses. However, these cables are really rigid and heavy, and I wonder if 70mm² cables with 300A fuses would not also do the trick?

I would be very happy to hear about your opinions.


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Multiplus II shutting off grid power.

Hi, we have strange issue. We have installed many Multiplus II's but never experienced this. The multi is AC output1 is connected to a backup circuit via a changeover switch. The AC1 input is connected to a breaker on the main board. What is happening every now and then is the AC main board is shutting down for a few minutes. This turns off all appliances which are not on the backup circuit. It must be an issue with the inverter because when we turn the inverter off, this doesn't happen. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?



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Mutliplus 2000 plus Generator


I have a Multiplus 2000 acting as a UPS for a vital pump in my house, as we live below the water table in the winter. The pump takes ~16A startup current and is rated at 6A continuous.

The Multiplus is connected to a 120Ah NorthStar battery which should give me ~1hr of continuous pumping or over 12hrs in real world as the pump is only on periodically to empty the tank.

I have a Hyundia HY3000Ci Converter Generator. This is a converter generator not pure sine wave inverter.

In case of long term power outage, if I disconnect the main supply and connect the generator to the Multiplus:

Q1: Will the MultiPlus 'clean' up the generators power allowing me to use sensitive equipment (such as the pump control board)

Q2: Do I need to add more hardware or enable the MultiPlus for "Power Asssit" mode to enable the MultiPlus to charge the battery from the generator (when there isn't the pump load) and also to supplement/clean the power when pump load 'on'?

Thank you.



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Onan Gen Shutdown Multiplus

Hello, we use an Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30, BMV700, MPPT100/30 in our Motorhome. If we start the ONAN Generator the Multiplus goes down without any Notifications / Alarms. After stopp the Gen nothing works. We switch off und on the Multiplus, than its work. Any Ideas?

Thanks and Greetings - Gerhard

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Multiplus Max AC input from generator

I have a Multiplus 3000 inverter charger and couldn't quite work out from the manual how the max AC input feature worked. I have a 3.8kw diesel generator, so I'll set the AC input limit to 3.4kw. My question is, if the multi is pulling 1.5kw(ish) to charge the batteries and I was to turn say a 3kw dryer on, would this just overload the geni or would the multi cut the battery charging current to allow the dryer to run? Or does the battery assist come into play somehow here? Would appreciate if someone could explain. Also side question, I bought my Multiplus second hand and although looks identical inside and out, the front actually says Multi-G, but can't find anything online about it, so I assume it's the same as Multiplus?

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Generator start and stop from ccgx, toggle Multiplus

At off-grid location, I switch my Multiplus 3000/12/16 on and off on the CCGX. Normally leaving it off to conserve bettery power.

I am about hook up a multi-relay system, with programable logic features, to my generator via CCGX-relay for authonomus function.

This might be a stupid question, but will the Multiplus start up (charging or charging/inverting) when the generator is manually or automatically started from the CCGX.?

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How to autostart/stop my Onan 8000k with Victron CCGX?

I have a Victron CCGX along with a MPPT 150/85. I also have an Onan 8000k generator. Im looking for a SIMPLE solution to incorporating my CCGX with an auto-start/stop function on the generator. Upon digging online, and within this forum, I found some schematics where you can use relays to make this happen. I don't want to get involved with making a solution, I'd rather buy a 'box' that I can plug both my generator into along with the CCGX. Does anyone here know if such a solution exists?

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Quattro AC Input Current Limit ignored on Pass Thru

Two Phase ESS setup with 2 x 48/8000/110 Quattros, 15kVA three phase generator with Titan 48/50 Charger on third phase.

Firmware: CCGX 2.53~2, Quattos 469.

Generator on AC-IN-1 with current limit of 14 Amps. All good while loads are low and system in Bulk, charging battery. Current hovers around 12 - 14 Amps. The problem I have is when a large load turns on, the mode changes to "Pass Thru" and excessive current is drawn continuously from the generator. I was monitoring the system when the 3kW water heater came on. I watched the Quattro draw 27 Amps from the generator for 30 seconds before I turned the generator isolator off. This is virtually twice the limit set.

Dynamic Current Limiter - disabled

UPS Function - Enabled

Was going to try the "Dynamic Current Limiter" but the increase in current is not temporary. It matches the loads applied and completely ignores the “AC Input Current Limit”. Also I don’t want it working while connected to the grid.

Please advise if I’ve overlooked something.

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generator for automatic Start and Stop
Has anyone connected a MASE Marine IS 5.0 generator for automatic Start and Stop with Raspberry Pi with Venus OS? Can you tell me connection diagram, thanks


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I have a system made up of 2 Multiplus 5000/24 connected in series. And I want to connect a generator (75Kv / 220) to charge batteries and supply electricity to the system. An installer has told me that if I connect the generator output cables directly to the 220v output of the Multiplus 5000/24 Master (Taking special care to connect L in L and N in N) the Multiplus 5000/24 Master will automatically recognize the generator input when it is running and will act automatically in less than a second without the need for a changeover installed, working like main surce and battery charger at same time without the need to switch the button "Charger" on third swistch position on Multiplus main panel, Is it true? Personally I think that with this method it can be more practical, but also when connecting it to the 220v Multiplus outlet. when the generator is stopped I can send 220v from the Multiplus to the generator and I do not know the consequences of this.

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[Multiplus II 48/5000 (240v AC)] AC In (grid) limited to 1.8kW in 'Inverter' mode (ESS Mode-3).

Hi all,

I recently got ESS (Mode 3) working on a MultiPlus II 48/5000, with a 300Ah LiFePo4 pack.

I'm able to control the import and export (setting AcPowerSetpoint through MQTT, topic W/<VRM_ID>/vebus/261/Hub4/L1/AcPowerSetpoint).

However, I've noticed that the import/export from/to the grid (AC In) is limited to 1.8kW, when charging or discharging. This limit isn't there when in Passthru mode.

Some examples:

'Maximum import' mode (i.e. full charge):


AcPowerSetPoint: 6000.

Expected: AC in would ramp up max rate service AC out load and to charge batteries with remaining power.

'Maximum export' mode (i.e. full discharge):


AcPowerSetPoint: -6000.

Expected: AC out would be serviced by the batteries, while AC in would ramp up to max negative value (export), supplied by batteries (-100A on batteries). I've observed this -1.8kW Grid value, even with low AC loads value (~0.6kW), but don't have a screenshot at the moment.

Maximum import rate with full AC out load:


AcPowerSetPoint: 6000

Observed: AC out is at max load (cooker, kettle, other loads on) for a limited time, at ~6.3kW. AC In is limited to ~1.9kW, with the 4.9kW being supplied by the batteries.

Expected: AC input would go to maximum to supply the AC loads, with any excess going to charge the batteries.

Here's more details of that instance, from the VRM portal:


Passthru mode, high AC out load:


AcPowerSetPoint: not being set (so not actively controlling setpoint). The AC in (Grid) isn't limited to 1.8kW here.

Here are the firmware versions installed:

MultiPlus II: 475

Venus GZ: v2.58

Is there a setting I've misconfigured that's causing this behaviour (1.8kW limit in AC in, when in charging/discharging a.k.a 'inverter' mode)?

Many thanks and Kind regards,


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Autostart misbehaving, Cerbo GX starting generator early

Cerbo GX with BMV712. Several times in the last week the cerbo has activated the gen start relay before the battery SOC gets down to the set point. I have SOC start enabled to go at 40% and stop at 95%. There are no other conditions set for autostart. Occasionally the system will close the relay at somewhere around 85% and run to 95%. In the menu under gen start, the readout states "running from SOC" I do not have "quiet hours" set to on. The SOC on the BMV readout agrees with the Cerbo readout. I cannot understand why it comes on before getting to 40%. Any ideas? Cerbo set to auto update, firmware is 2.58.

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Relay 1 settings change of use of excess power


I am trying to improve on the settings for utilising the relay option to start up a pump when there is excess solar power. I am able to start a well pump by opening up a solenoid valve through the use of 'relay 1' on the VenusGX. This is great as I am able to start the pump only during certain times of the day and also when there is excess solar available. The settings that I am using at the moment are:

1. 'Relay 1' uses the 'Generator start/stop settings';

2. Use 'AC load' as a 'Condition' to open up a solenoid valve;

I currently have the solenoid close when the total consumption is higher than 50W for at least 600s (this avoids opening and closing the solenoid too often on partially cloudy days). I open up the solenoid when the total consumption is lower than 0W for an hour. As the total consumption is less than 0W I know that the batteries are fully charged. This means that I am certain that there is excess power being fed into the grid and therefore there is power that can be utilised elsewhere. Unfortunately I am not able to determine how much excess power I have and therefore the 1kW well pump might be starting when there is only 100W of excess power.

Victron staff, is it possible to have the values for setting 'Stop when power is lower than' under 'Generator start/stop settings' > 'Conditions' > 'AC load' > to a minus figure? That way you can start bigger pumps/heaters when the excess load is closer to the rated power requirements of the pumps/heaters. Effectively what you then are creating is a unit that has similar functionality as other units like the Fronius Ohmpilot.



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Do I need a circuit breaker?

I'm putting together plans to add solar to my RV and I think I have figured out what I need, but have one open question. I'll be splicing-in the the new power system to the existing AC input line.

Question is: do I need a 30A circuit breaker added to my schematic? The shore power will come out of a 30A breaker, and there's a 30A main breaker on the existing AC/DC distribution panel.

So is it necessary to add yet another breaker where I'm splicing-in the Multiplus?


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Genset fail to start

My generator does not have a controller. It has a freq counter that turns off the starter motor via a relay. This all works when the gen auto starts. But if the gen fails to start, or it stops due to a fuel issue, the starter motor will re-engage, flattening the batt.

The generator autostarts on the colour control. Is there a way to switch off the colour control relay, when a fault occurs and no ac appears, which by default will switch off the starter motor.

Kind Regards

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How can I use the 2nd Cerbo Relay?

One relay controls the generator start function based on SOC as reported by a SmartShunt. Turns ON the main generator at 60% SOC, and OFF at 90%. So far so good.

Is there a way to use the 2nd relay output with similar logic to control the field current to the main engine alternator so it turns ON at 80% and OFF at 95%?

Alternatively, I imagine I could use a BMV-712 and use its relay logic as the control for the second charging source as a function of SOC?

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MPPT remote control on/off

On regular solar systems you *must* disconnect load before disconnecting the PV array (to prevent damage). Can the remote On/Off (wired - usually a link.. wired in the Easysolar units) on the 250/70 be used to shutdown the output of the MPPT safely (without risking damage to any component)...?

Reason: I have a situation where I am in ESS mode and if the power goes out everything still runs via battery and/or solar.. however the backup generator starts and the easysolars must not attempt to export whilst running on generator.. so was thinking as part of the generator changeover of hooking up another relay to “remote on/off” the MPPTs (one or more) to ensure when running on generator solar is not available... not ideal, but there is no way for ESS to know whether it’s running on generator or not, and no way to otherwise limit export on command (or even switch to hub-1 mode when power is not grid supplied.



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Can Quattro start a generator like a car - off/on/start-momentary ?

We will be installing a Quattro 48V/10K sometime soon, and would like to have it autostart a small Duromax XP12000EH generator. That generator uses a typical car-like starting system, with a keyswitch (that I'll tap into) that has Off/On/Start-momentary. Looks like this


  • Off : two sets of wires are jumped. Easy enough to do with an extra double-pole relay. These ground out the coil, and open the fuel solenoid.
  • On : nothing is connected.
  • Start : Just like a car, momentary jump of two wires until gen is running, maybe 2-3 secs

I see lots of posts about using special generator control modules ($$) or timed relays etc. There must a way to use the programmable relay assistants to handle this. @Mark gave a really nice description in

that it should be possible using two relays, programmable primary, and secondary K1. (I want to use K2 for a vent fan in the battery box ...)

The logic would look something like this I think :

Quattro determines that gen should start (battery SOC/Volts AND no grid AC)

  • Close primary relay. Hold in this condition as long as gen should run.
  • Wait 1 second
  • Close K1 relay
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Open K1 relay

Quattro determines that gen should stop (battery SOC/Volts OR grid AC good)

  • Open main relay

How could we implement this with Assistants etc ?

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Load on AC-Input exceeds the limit under certain conditions, causing my generator to cut off

At my summerhouse I have an off-grid setup with MultiPlus II 48 | 3000 | 35-32, 600W Solar panels, 2 x 4 LiFePo4 batteries (12V and 100Ah each) and a true sine inverter generator with capacity 1600W (240V x 6,67A). I have set a limit on the AC-Input to 6.0A to avoid overload on the generator. But still I experience that the generator is overloaded and cuts off. Of course, this happens most frequently when there ar sudden increases in the load when the generator runs and are swithched through, e.g. when we are running a washing machine. But it also happens when the load variations are minor: Changes in the size of 100W or even smaller can trigger such overload.

I expected that setting the limit on AC-Input would protect effectively against overloading the generator. With that limit set to 6.0A, I rarely see a load higher than 1300W from the generator in the Remote Console on LAN. It seems as if MultiPlus adds a margin to the limit an makes it even 10% lower, i.e 5.4A = 1296W in my case. I have even tried to set the margin to 4.0A, but still I experiences that the generator cuts off due to overloading, although more rarely. This is quite annoying as we can't trust that the generator supplies power to the system. We have to inspect the monitors and restart the generator many times if we try to use it when the load is not completely stable.

My question: How can I deal with this problem?

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MultiPlus-II: Protect generator from feed-in

Planning a DC-coupled ESS with Multiplus-II (due to grid regulations) and 2 x Pylontech US2000 batteries and Grid Feed-In enabled.

Batteries are mainly for backup (feed-in tarriff works out cheaper than batteries per kWh transferred).

I also want to be able to connect a small generator and charge the batteries during longer power outages when battery SOC is insufficient to last through the night.

If I connect the generator to the AC in, I'm concerned that the Multiplus-II might try to feed-in to the generator.

1. Is there a way to automatically ensure that MultiPlus-II will not start inverting while on generator? Automatically switch it to "Charger Only" and pass-through to AC loads?

2. I could completely avoid the risk of feed-in to generator if I could find a charger that could connect directly from 230V AC generator to the batteries, so the generator would be kind of "DC-coupled"...but what charger would work for this type of batteries with built-in CAN BMS?

I have already read other similar questions like the one below, but the answer there would not work for me because I would really want to charge the batteries from the generator.

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primary and backup generator on Quattro

Hi, For a high availability off grid site we need to be able to bring in a temp generator if the main generator dies. Is it possible to have a primary generator on AC1 in and a backup generator on AC2 in. If the generator on AC1 dies will the system pickup AC2 or ignor it? Or should the primary generator be on AC2 and backup on AC1? OR should we just install a two way switch on AC1? I have been told it will not run with the temp generator plugged into AC2-IN


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Wiring 2wire auto genstart on Multiplus-II Gx


The alarm relay on the inverter has




My start module will start generator when the 2 wires are closed, and stop if circuit is broken.

Does this mean that my 2 wires should go to NO and COM on my Multiplus?

activating the relay will switch/close NO thus closing the circuit, have I Understood this correctly?

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Generator start/stop autostart conditions not applying

Hi, I have a question regarding the generator auto start/stop function in the Venus OS. Should the generator autostart conditions be applied immediately or does every change of conditions require a reboot. Currently when I change for example the SOC conditions the CCGX needs to be restarted in order to the autostart to work.

Testing setup:

Battery SOC: 92%

Set autostart by SOC: 95%/98%
Relay clicks, State: Running by SOC condition
Change SOC autostart conditions to 85%/98%
Relay keeps being closed and State: Running by SOC condition

Venus OS: v2.60~37

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RCD Tripping randomly

I have just about installed Multiplus 48/1200/13 and hooked it up to Li-ion 14s1p batteries.

It has been working perfectly in UPS mode and pass through. To test the capacity, I turned off the mains and the UPS kicked in, I let the system run - till the cut off voltage was reached.

When I turned on the grid/mains - the RCD (on the mains consumer unit) tripped. It did this a few times. I disconnected the load and the same happened (rocker switch in ON position). Then I switched it to charger and it did not trip.

I tried various combinations and unfortunately - the RCD tripping is very random and not reproducible.

AC in comes from the grid

AC out goes to feed a total of 250W (a few pumps)

Any input or help would be appreciated.

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Generator Configuration missing in EasySolar IIGX remote console?

I've got a EasySolar IIGX and wish to connect my generator and configure autostart and silent hours, however the Generator menu seems to be missing from mye Remote Console - I can only configure the generator from VEconfig. Am I missing something here? Are the advanced generator features of the Multiplus not available in the Easysolar? Any tips to how to set up silent hours using EasySolar IIGX? asked
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VictronMultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 Generator to Charge the Battery

I have a Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 5kva system , I want to put a silent inverter generator as backup. What type of Generator do I need to get to charge the battery Lithium Ion 3.5KWh Pylon US3000 in extended period of power outage. What is approved to use on this system

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Inverter Quattro 15Kv issue connecting with Zordan LMDE 150 PM0 150 KVA generator

f8369b0177f1_inst_ttyO1_Interfaces_Mk2_Tunnel.zipHi all

I manage a large solar power system running in a hospital in Africa. I wanted to connect a 150 KV Zordan generator to this system provided by 3 inverters quattro 15KV.

The generator is only a year and a half old and has recently been revised. The current and frequency are stable, but the inverters are unable to synchronize it (drop down every few seconds).

Anyone have a suggestion?

I have already tried many of the recommendations found in this forum unfortunately without success.

Attached Inverter config file

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