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MultiPlus 12/2000/50 no longer accepts AC in (shore power or generator)

I have a MultiPlus 12/2000/80 managing my power system on a 2012 Sprinter Van Conversion. Inputs include solar, vehicle alternator, 2,500-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet generataor and shore power (generator and power connected to transfer switch). The system worked well for two years. This past week I turned on the generator and ran a vacuum cleaner. Not sure if I tripped anything but the AC in hasn't worked since. I happened to have my Victron Connect on while using the microwave (with generator running) and realized I was drawing down the house batteries (2X 100 ah battleborns). Checked and played with my settings on VE Config and can't get the AC work through the MultiPlus. I can see voltage coming in and frequency (~61 hz). Wiring wasn't really handled at all and appears to still be solid. Is there something I can re-set? Any help would be appreciated.

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Einstellung bzw Konfiguration mit Generator

Guten Morgen,

Es geht um folgende Anlage:

3 multiplus 5000 / 48v (3 Phasen System)

Cerbo gx mit Display

2 Smart mppt für Solar

Lifpo4 Speicher inkl. 123bms zur Überwachung

die Anlage läuft problemlos aber jetzt soll im Falle der Fälle ein Generator mit angeschlossen werden! Kein Automatik Start oder ähnlich soll alles von Hand gehen! Einfachste Variante ein Umschalter vor dem AC In und gut ist! Wie kann ich aber sicherstellen das nur als Beispiel je Phase 2kw gezogen werden ?

bei anderen Ideen gerne vorschlagen


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Multiplus 24/5000, et générateur 20 kVA Tri

J'ai un système triphase en site isolé, avec 3 Multiplus 24/5000 et un generateur 20kVA tri

Le système à bien fonctionné depuis 5 ans, mais depuis un mois, le générateur ne charge plus les batteries; il n'apparait même plus sur le GX. J'ai l'impression qu'il y a un relais qui bat sur le Multiplus maitre

Quand je branche le generateur sur l'installation ça fonctionne: donc pas de problème avec le générateur

Quelqu'un a t'il déjà rencontré ce problème

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Cerbo GX Setting Amperage Limit based on Generator

Howdy- I'm setting up an RV install with 2x Multiplus, a Cerbo, pre-existing automatic transfer switch (ATS), and pre-existing 220V Onan genset. Okay- so the transfer switch takes shore (50A service) and generator haven't tested which it favors. So my thoughts are ATS L1 going to one multiplus and ATS L2 going to the other multiplus. What I'm confused about here is if I can setup decently smart amperage limits based on the input. Eg, can I say that for shore I'm at the house and hooked up to a 15 or 20A, but if the generator is on use all the available 45 amps. I know that since the ATS is out of the CAN system (is there any integrated ATS?) it won't know which source is active. But my thought is if the system is kicking the generator on itself, that it would set it to 45A. After the generator goes off, set it back to previous amperage. Is this something that the Cerbo can do or something that I might want to write an MQTT script for? Though- if I recall correctly, since the gen is 5.5KW with 2 lines, the input amperage should be ~22.5 which is close enough to the 20A in this example and on a 50A service or 30A service switching to the genset doesn't make sense. So I'm probably just over thinking this 15/20A service situation but am curious if others have answers.

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Propane generator recommendations

Hello Victron Community,

I am looking for permanent install, propane generator recommendations. I have two Victron Multiplus invertors running in parallel operation at my house. And I want to supplement the solar power with a generator.

I would like the ability to manually initiate the generator, via blue tooth or wireless. I would also like the ability for the Multiplus to automatically turn on the generator.

Do you have any recommendations for a high quality unit?

Thank you!


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MultiPlus-II 2x 120V Not working with Generator as AC input

It was a long day but the install of the MultiPlus-II 2X 120V went pretty well. Running of battery is flawless. Switching between Shorepower and battery works perfect. The problem lies in using it with generator. I have a Furion Transfer switch before the MultiPlus that is fed from a factory installed Onan 5500 gender. When the generator is running r as my primary source for power the Multiplus wont carry the AC load through. It just sits on inverter even getting confused. Prior to installing the multiplus the get set would start and after about 20 seconds the transfer switch would engage and AC would come on. Not sure what I’m missing.

Separate but perhaps related question. If the inverter switch is off, the AC doesnt pass through. It really just shuts off the entire coach.

Any help will be appreciated. I’m kind of new but working my through this.

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Inverted current values in Multiplus-II

Dear friends,

I am seeing some strange values while charging from grenerator in an offgrid cabin.

System setup:

- 16 Winston Lifepo 300 Ah cells connected in series@48V
- Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50
- CerboGX (fw. v. 2.73)
- Smart Solar MPPT 250/85
Generator: Honda EU70is

The Multi was installed prevously this year, but were after a while replaced by the dealer with a new unit due to malfunction (constant humming/buzzing sound, even with no load).

Upon installing the replacement, I allso installed a surge protection between the genset and the Multi. The AC-Out L1 leads to a breaker box with overload protection and 4 RDCs. They are all connected to ground. The genset is alsoo tied to ground with another ground ple connected to the chassie.

I am not sur exactely in the installation the fault appeard, but while charging from the genset, the Multiplus AC-In L1 shows negative current (A) and watt (slightly). The AC-Out L1 shows high negative values (-4100W / -18.1A).

However, the BMS menue on the Cerbo shows that the batteries are charging at full power.

On the Pages display the Generator icon shows a slight negative value (around 100W), that the Muti is in bulk mode and that current is flowing into the battery bank. See the attached screen shots.

Can anyone help med make sence of this or sugest where to start the troubleshooting? Preferabliy, suggest a solution?




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Quattro and Multiplus overcharge battery when connected to Genset

Hi. I'm having an issue with Quattro and Multiplus inverters continuing to send a small amount of current to the batteries even though the batteries are at 100% and the charge current is supposed to be 0. This only happens when connected to a genset, the systems work properly when connected to the grid. I have tried the assistant that is supposed to turn off the charger when charge current is 0 but this has no effect. Any help would be much appreciated.

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RCD Tripping randomly

I have just about installed Multiplus 48/1200/13 and hooked it up to Li-ion 14s1p batteries.

It has been working perfectly in UPS mode and pass through. To test the capacity, I turned off the mains and the UPS kicked in, I let the system run - till the cut off voltage was reached.

When I turned on the grid/mains - the RCD (on the mains consumer unit) tripped. It did this a few times. I disconnected the load and the same happened (rocker switch in ON position). Then I switched it to charger and it did not trip.

I tried various combinations and unfortunately - the RCD tripping is very random and not reproducible.

AC in comes from the grid

AC out goes to feed a total of 250W (a few pumps)

Any input or help would be appreciated.

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Batteries not charging from generator on AC1 with ESS

Hi guys,

I've got a scenario that I cannot come around by myself and I hope someone might have some suggestions. I've browsed through various forums but none seem to be similar to mine.

More about my system:

I've got a Multiplus 48/3000/35 running ESS through a Venus GX device, a Smartsolar 150/70 MPPT with 12 x 330W canadian solar panels ( 4 x 3s) and 2 x Freedom won E5000 eTower batteries, 10kwh of which 80% usable.

I am connected to a stable grid but we do have outages quite a lot in South Africa so I've connected a 6.5Kva Ellies Diesel silent type generator through a motorized break before make automatic transfer switch with the municipal grid supply to AC1. I've set up the generator stop/start assistant to start the generator only when the batteries are below 20% SOC, as well as with an inverter overload or over temperature alarm. I've also connected the starting circuit of the generator through a NC relay which is energized by Grid supply to keep it open. This means that the Generator stop/start assistant will only be effectively be able to start the generator should grid supply fall away.

This setup works fine but I do however have an issue. When the grid falls away and the assistant starts the generator, the multiplus goes into passthru mode and do not charge the batteries, even when no PV is available. This is only with ESS enabled.

Is there a way, through settings, for a Multiplus to detect loss of grid supply and charge the batteries from the excess power available from the generator? Current limit is set to 12Amps on AC1 and this morning, during an outage, the generator was running with a 3 Amp load on Passthru while it could have charged the batteries with the surplus. I guess the ESS assistant should be able to detect when the Generator start/stop assistant is actively running the generator and change the ESS charging conditions? Technically AC1 will be the effective input for Mains as well as generator, unlike the AC1/AC2 in the Quattro's but this can be distinguished via software with the active assistants, am I right?

I'm not sure if I missed a setting somewhere seeing that I've tried a lot of different settings but cannot seems to figure it out.

This the ESS assistant cannot detect generator operation through AC1, maybe this might be reserved as a future option when both ESS and generator start/stop assistant are being used.

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Can I use an external Blue Smart Charger while Multiplus is Inverting?

Trying to avoid installing a generator transfer switch.

In the event of low battery (under 20%) AND grid failure can I use a small generator to charge the batteries with an external stand alone "Blue Smart Charger" while still utilizing the normal capability of the Multiplus II inverter? When I say normal I mean this is a small cabin with a typical full load of about 350 watts. 900W microwave on occasion.

What if the power comes back on while charging? Should the main breaker be turned off before attempting this?

What about solar charging at the same time? Is that going to be ok?

Grid connected ESS with the following equipment.

Cerbo GX
MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 120/240V
BMV-712 Smart
SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V

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Washing Machine runs erratically when powered from Genset

I have just installed a new generator (GearGB 6.5kw LPG off-grid with 2 wire relay). When using this to charge my batteries (Pylontech on a MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48) I like to run some appliances as to utilise the genset output. However, the washing machine really struggles with this, it is very erratic as if there is too much modulation with the AC power. There is also occasionally some pulsing in the light bulbs.

My question is, Why is this happening and how can I mitigate it? Are there any settings on the Multiplus or genset that can smooth the power output?

I previously was running a 9kw Lister diesel genset without any such issues.


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Three-phase off-grid system with 6 Quattro 15kva, 172 kwh pylontech, 60 kva generator

I have a three-phase off-grid system with 6 Quattro 15kva, 172 kwh pylontech battery and 60 kva generator that gives me the following problem. when the gen is running the power on the ACIN1 input varies continuously very quickly with constant AC load. In addition sometimes the generator has not been able to connect to the Quattro: it connects in parallel for a few seconds and then switches off immediately. We connected the generator directly to the load, without going through the victrons and it works perfectly. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance

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View power generated from generator in VRM App

Is it possible on the VRM app to view how much power has come from the generator? It used to show it as from grid but since I changed ac1 to be generator I can’t seem to find anything to say how much power has come from the generator. I have a Multiplus ii gx and am totally off grid.

many thanks.

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connecting a back up generator to system with 100 30 charger

Can I connect a backup generator and charger directly to my batteries when using solar system with victron 100 30 charger?


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Which generator should I use for Victron Multiplus II 3kw?

please can someone advise a compatible generator for multiplus II inverter charger 3kw?

The advise is vague...I want to know DEFINITE generator that will connect to Victron without problems.

Any advice/suggestions?

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Cerbo GX to autostart NL M643 - Preheat?

Just installed a Cerbo GX, SmartShunt, Multiplus 3000VA, and Touch 50 on my 36' boat.

I would now like to hook up the Cerbo GX gen start to the circa 1999 Northern Lights M643 5KW with Series 3 generator control panel. I can probably figure out the connection to the "Engine Control Switch" to start, but how do I handle the "Shutdown Bypass - Preheat Switch" for preheat? From cold I am used to holding that for 10 seconds or so before starting. I can't seem to find any Preheat functionality in the Cerbo GX docs...there used to be a "GSC300 Auto Start Engine Controller" for that generator that seems out of production...there are other generator controllers on (for example) Amazon. Do I need something else? Any pointers appreciated.

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Connecting a generator to 2 x 5kw quattros (wired in parallel)

Hi all. I'm planning to connect 2 x 5kw quattros in parallel as I need both 120v and 240v.

I have a 6kw 240v generator. Can I connect it to both inverters? I would really appreciate any guidance or a wiring diagram example


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Inverter generator compatibility??


I have been looking to purchase a power bank with Victron inverter/charger or other make from a UK supplier. One of the criteria for buying such a system is that I can be guaranteed that it can be charged from an inverter generator. First of all, the inverter generator is surely recommended at it gives a pure sine-wave but having an inverter genset that it minimum 1.5 time of a ~5KW Inverter/charger would be a 7.5 KW generator which would be really expensive especially if you want a good quality and silent.

So, I got two options, stay with a ~3KW inverter generator and run as needed and forget about the power wall or can someone confirm that the inverter/charger is compatible. For all models it says you can set the Amps for charging yet the supplier in the UK says it will NOT work with a smaller gen-set. So you can charge the batteries with less than 1 kw from a cloudy day with solar panels but you cannot charge with ~3Kw from a genset. Really! It even says same in the Victron manual. Why?

2nd question, how would I ensure the house load power will not be limited (by-pass) even if the inverter charger is limited to 5KW?



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Multiplus only charging at 500W with 6.5kVA Generator

My work-in-progress off grid house has a Pylontech bank with a Multiplus 48/1200 inverter charger. With the UK winter being not very sunny this last couple of weeks I had to bring in a generator to charge the bank - I hired a Stephill 6.5kVA unit. For some reason the Multiplus wouldn't charge the batteries at more than about 400W. If I turned on other loads in the house it would also power those from the generator output though (so with 500W house loads the total from the gen was about 900W.

With more dull weather likely before I can finish expanding my PV, how can I extract maximum charging from a generator?


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Remote Start Generator - Cerbo GX

Has anyone set up a cerbo gx to be able to auto start a generator?

Wondering how this can be done and what generators would be compatible?

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Power in house goes out while connected to generator

We are completely off grid and Using MultiPlus 48volt/5000va/70amp/230v. Had a week with no sun, so batteries were drained. Had to hook up backup generator. Generator had been on for 15 mins +/- and I heated something in the microwave and the power went out. Tried flipping main switch on power panel inside house - did not work. Had to flip the "On/Off/Charge Only" button on the inverter box to restore power to the house. When the generator is on, shouldn't everything work? Before we got our new system we had to frequently use the backup generator. As long as it was on, everything in the house would work. Thanks for any help.

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Cerbo GX connect to Honda eu3000is

Can you connect a Honda generator (eu3000is) to the cerbo gx to control the generator remotely and set up auto start/stop variables?

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Grounding for Multiplus and generator

Hi, what position shall in my Multiplus 12V/2000/230V be the ground relay? Enable or disable? I have generator of Honda EZ2200 without any grounding. My system is "off grid" by the lakeside of Finland. I will ground my 230V net inside summergottage to connecting the AC`s PE wire with the ground potential bushbar. The frame of Multiplus and Victron MPPT 150/85 Tr will be connected into the same ground busbar. The batterys negative pole will be connected into the same ground busbar According Victron "Wiring Unlimited".

What position in Multiplus inverter settings is the right one for ground relay fuctionality? It is a littel bit hard to uderastand the function of that relay.

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Self powered ET340 And Generator

is it possible to connect an Et340 meter to measure the output of a generator when there is only voltage when the generator is running? in other words, because the meter is self powered it is only on when the generator starts. Will this work? How is this shown on GX touch 50?

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Connecting small portable generator to Quattro 15kVA inverter - can I use AC Input 1?

Hi. I am living on a boat with an entirely off-grid system. Equipment:

9kW solar

30kWh lithium batteries

3 x MPPT 250/85

Quattro 15kVA inverter charger

Color Control GX

Honda 2.2kW portable generator

NO shore power

NOT wishing to have automatic generator start-stop

95+% of my power needs are being provided by solar. I just want to occasionally run the small portable generator in cases of prolonged lack of sun in order to top up the batteries, i.e. trickle charge of approx 1400W. This is a simple manual process, e.g. I start the generator and leave it running for, say, 3 hours to top up batteries by 4kWh - not automatic start/stop based on battery SOC.

The generator connects fine. The issue is that the generator is immediately overloaded due to either of:

1. The batteries demanding more charge than the generator can provide (generator capacity is only 2.2kW).

2. A heavy draw AC item becoming active, e.g. the water heater switching on.

I understand why (small generator cannot handle big loads) and am aware of a workaround via the settings in CCGX to limit the overall charge current such that I have been able to use the generator to charge the batteries whilst avoid it being overloaded. However.. it is a very tedious process that requires constant monitoring/adjusting of the limit in the presence of varying additional charge supply (i.e sunshine) and it does not solve the second problem, that when a heavy AC load is introduced it immediately overloads the generator which then cuts out in order to save itself, therefore I have to disconnect all such potential loads in advance.

I understand that the proper way to solve the issue is to set up an upper charge limit on the relevant AC Input such that the generator can never be asked to supply more than that amount. In my case I wish to set it at 6A. 6x230 = 1380W, so comfortably within the generator's 2200W capacity.

I see online that the recommended set-up for two AC input sources is to have the generator as Input 1 and shore/grid power as Input 2. However, the guys who installed my system did it the other way around: shore power is Input 1 and the generator is Input 2.

My question is: In my case does the allocation as to Input 1/Input 2 actually matter? It seems to me that it should not. My understanding is that the only important difference between AC Inputs 1 & 2 is that Input 1 has the higher status such that when both AC Inputs are active then AC Input is given priority, i.e. if both shore and generator power are available then under conventional set-up the inverter would use the generator whereas in my current set-up it would use the shore.

Please note that whilst I do have a connection set up for shore power (currently AC Input 1) this is not actually live. My boat is on a mooring a long way from any shore power. The connection is only there as an option in case of one day the boat being in a marina or at a boatyard for maintenance. As it stands currently the only actual AC input source I have is the generator. Therefore now (and for the foreseeable future) there can never be the situation of both AC Inputs being active.

Obviously I would prefer to stick with the current set-up (AC Input 1 as shore and AC Input 2 as generator) rather than have to re-wire the connections to the inverter. If that is deemed to be ok then I would simply set the current limit for AC Input 2 as 6A. Please let me know if there are any issues that I haven't considered.

Many thanks in advance for your advice.

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Generator handling in ESS mode (runtime)

I am planning to have my Victron system with the capability to run in cases of grid failures also with a generator. Like most generators it has some boundary conditions, like its only supposed to run for 6 hours and then cool for about 1-2h before restarting.

Is there a way to have that conifgurable on a GX?
Basic idea would be to define a maximum runtime followed by a cooling pause time. There can possibily somthing be done with quite times, but that seems to be a workaround for me, as its not ideal, so to say, if the grid failes in a quite time and then you have to wait 1h for the genset to start or still do it manually.

On the same note:
Is it possible to stop the generator on low fuel? Like adding a tank sensor somehow to the generator and have it stop on empty tank condition? Basically one could also invest in an automatic re-fuel system from a bigger tank, but issue remains somewhat the same (big tank empty).

Sounds for me like a "Generator Health Assistant", like the assissant which takes care about optimal battery usage.

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Multiplus II 2x120 generator compatibility.

What is the condition that the Multiplus II 2x120 uses to determine its power flow as described in the Data sheet? Or whether the AC input is 120v or 120v/240v split phase?


In the case of the Multiplus II 2x120, when you connect the inverter in-between the automatic transfer switch and the RV panel the 120v/240v input connection works as intended and a 120v input connection also works as intended. Unfortunately it seems that the Multiplus does not pass through both lines from industry standard generators.


I believe the problem is that a lot of RV and off grid generators only output 120v. Most of them such as the Cummings Onan- 5.5HGJAB-6755L which is rated for 5500watts or 45+amps has two outputs. Each is 120v and outputs about 23amps. In most cases it is not possible to combine L1 and L2 out of the generator as the two lines are out of phase, not 180° out which would give you 240v but 120°. Meaning you can't combine the 2 lines to get the full 5500watts or 45+amps single phase to the Multiplus. Probably a cost savings thing on the part of the generator manufacturer as they can use the same components across multiple generator configurations. Either way this is common place in the industry here in the US.

So my question is, can the Multiplus II 2x120 be configured to detect this power type and passthrough both legs? If the Multiplus is actually detecting the phase and not just 240volts then there should be reason to believe Victron could remedy this with a firmware update. Correct? Also, if the voltage between L1 and L2 is 208v would that be an easier setting than the phase detection?

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How can I add a cool down delay on a generator, such as Venus disconnect AC IN 1 when Generator signal is sent to shutdown the generator?

In a system with six(6) Quattros 10K configured in 3Phase and parallel, the backup generator we has a needs of 5 minute cool down period when the generator start signal is removed.

When the Venus relay removes the start signal in relay number 1 the Generator needs to be disconnected from the Quattros, is there a way to have the Quattros Disconnect AC IN 1 so that the generator continues running in its cool down period without load?

FYI we are using ESS, this issue happens when the grid has failed for a long time (days) and generator is turn on for its weekly excessive or when the battery is too low and needs to be charge enough to reach the next solar cycle.

In essence we would like the generator to run without load for a period of 5 minutes after the generator is not needed any more.



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