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Grafana CCGX docker Win 10 some data null, but visible in MQTT Explorer

I have a Batrium controlling my CCGX. It is passing data back to the GX and VRM. However not everything gets passed to VRM. I have installed Docker/Grafana in an effort to track the missing data.

The information in question is WHICH cell of the battery is the high voltage and which is the low voltage. VRM and Grafana readily show the min and max cell voltages, but not which cell is each.

If I run MQTT Explorer and connect to the CCGX, it reports the min/max cell IDs consistent with what the BMS is reporting:


My Grafana queries are identical, but plots for "MinVoltageCellId" and "MaxVoltageCellId" show "No Data".

Can anybody provide a suggestion?

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Using Influx & Grafana: Someone already created a downsampling and data retention script?


I use the victron docker Images to push all Data from MQTT to a local Influx DB.
This is a very nice solution, having detailed 6 samples per Second for all measurements.
The Data consume about 300 MB per Day what is fine for a few month.

But I want to use this also for long term storage of the Data (>10 Years) as well.
So I want to use the influx data aggregation and retention methods to down sample old data.

Data older as 1 Month should get aggregated to 10 minutes slots, reducing the data consumption from 9 GB / Month to about 15 MB/Month.

Anyone already done this and can provide his downsampling task script? Would be great to share this, that not everyone needs to write it again and again.

Thank you

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Additional data to online MQTT server

I have been playing with the local and online MQTT victron servers and it has been a very smooth process until now. All the data shows up perfectly on grafana with the server running on a computer in a different location.
I am trying to install additional sensors to get more data from my boat online using venus's broker (like indoor temperature, air quality etc). I can succesfully publish data in the local broker which then shows up on the online broker. However I am not able to subscribe/locate that data or topics in the remote grafana setup.
The first image shows MQTT feed from victron broker showing the data from my sensor but in the second image I cannot locate it on grafana.
Is influxDB only subscribing to hardcoded dbus topics, or do I need to refresh the database in some way? Or is the format I am publishing in is not accepted by influxdb? Any help will be appreciated.



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Grafana + Venus + Reference Points


Could someone tell me what the difference is between :




I am trying to create a panel that displays the sum of the 2 solar chargers. The issue is that "solarcharger/Pv/I" reports correctly for each instance, but the value retrieved for "system/Dc/Pv/Current" is more than double the cumulative value of the solar chargers?


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Looking for collaborators for Victron -> Grafana project

Hello! I am currently playing around with an off grid system for collecting victron data to display on grafana (with no internet). The system uses an influxdb server. At the moment it kind of works, but it is very hacky. It collects data via a cron job to query the dbus on the color control gx. Looking into mqtt now, and I was wondering if anyone wants to help out. I am not experienced in this field so it is a learning process for me. I want to end up with a guide for others to use that has the same or similar goals. Anyone interested?

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