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Relay assistant: is the load option per phase or whole system power on 3 phase setup?

I have successfully been using relay assistants for various load shedding control on various systems configurations for some time now.

A need has come up on a particular 3 phase Multiplus system (3 x 5kVA) with asymmetric 3 phase load where i need to load shed above a certain load on any inverter. (For example say I have more than 4kW load on one phase and less than 3.5kW on each of the other 2 phases I want to load shed on all 3 phases).

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) Does the relay assistant "based on load" power compare whole system 3 phase power or only per phase?


If i set up relay assistant on L1 inverter to switch off relay above 4000W (see screenshot) is this 4kW measured against the total system load or only the load for that phase? (i guess i will find out on trial and error - just nice to know before i start "hysterical" starting and stopping of loads :"D)

P.S. "Bold" button on the rich text bar stopped responding :P

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Generator Start and Stop Assistant: "Stop when AC Available" is cause overload during brown out.

I think that Victron developers should take a look at the assistant. I am using it to power ACOUT2 and I want to ignore the logic when ACIN2 is ACTUALLY connected NOT available. My grid electricity is bad so sometimes when the voltage is too low ACOUT2 will power even though it is not yet connected. Even when the grid is good ACOUT2 start powering about 30 seconds before connection.

Is there a way to modify the assistant to ignore the logic ONLY if ACIN2 is connected?

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Virtual Switch/Assistants tabs not available in VEConfig

New marine install...

Can't get VEConfig to show "Virtual Switch" or "Assistant" tabs...

2 Quattro 24/5000/120-2x100 120V (Two units configured as split-phase) Firmware 487 (Input 1 Shore Power --- Input 2 Generator)

Cerbo GX Firmware 2.73

Multi Control

50 Touch Display

3 SmartSolar 100/20 48V Firmware 1.59

4 Orion TS Chargers Firmware 1.06 (Charging AGM Batteries)

8 Lithium 12V 270A batteries

I wish to activate the 4 Orion Chargers whenever the Quattros have incoming AC power using the Quattros Relays

Additionally, I'd like to activate the generator any time battery voltage is less than (some predifined) voltage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Scott

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Controlling a Dump load on AC2 Out using assistants depending on SOC AND charging level

Off Grid installation with 8.2 KW Fronius AC coupled on AC1 Out and 10000VA quattro

I have successfully set the relay assistant to switch on the AC2 Out relay when SOC is above 92% and off when SOC drops back to 91%

However when a cloud for example comes over and my PV drops significantly I want the AC2 relay to temporarily switch off again until it clears

I am thinking to use an additional relay assistant to switch AC2 off if batt voltage drops below 50.5 volts and on again when above 51 this i think would mean i only load AC2 when i am truly in surplus generation mode??

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Is there a time/clock function to use in programming ACOut2 virtual assistant?

Dear all,

In case there is grid power available I would like to turn of my ACOut2 at 22hrs and turn it back on at 5.30hrs. So the geysers and fridges are not working through the night. Is there a way how I can manage this in a virtual assistant?

I have the following assistant rules in place in case there is no grid available to turn of ACOut2 to avoid my batteries run flat before the sun comes up. (and alarm goes off etc) With these settings the ACOut2 will go off between 19-20hrs. (and come back when the sun is blazing around 8.30hrs) That is fine in case there is an issue with the grid, but not for structural use. Any tips?

Or is there another workaround to create an assistant with "AND" logic iso "OR" for the rules?



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Putting +12V on Multiplus input signal

Could be tricky to explain this question, but here goes....

The Multiplus's have signal inputs - Aux 1, Aux 2 and Temp, depending on model. I am working on an EasyPlus 1600 so I just have the temp sense input.

I am using assistants to read the sense input and set behaviour depending on if the input is open or closed.


I have a pair of wires connected to the temp sense input and when I connect them together, the assistant does as it should - but now the question ...

Is it ok to connect +12V to one of the inputs and then connect +12V to the other input to close the circuit? (I want to control this via a programmable relay and switch setup for semi-automation and the way this is setup, it will be easiest to use a 12V signal into the sense port )

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Victron multiplus 12/1200/50 Relay activation


Trying to get to use the multiplus relay to activate when AC is cut off, but cant seem to get it to work. It is set up like this:


When i measure between COM and NC/NO nothing happens when I disconnect AC power. What I am doing wrong?



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Disconnect non-critical loads on overload on multiplus II

I have a Multiplus II 48/3000 in my cabin which normally only takes small loads like lights, TV, PC and so on. But occasionally I plug in a kettle, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, microwave or other brief high power loads.

As I have recently installed about 2kW more PV, I am thinking that this may be enough to install a small 5-10L hot water tank as a dump-load or pre-heater during the summer to save some propane when the batteries sit fully charged. I want to install this on AC out 2.

But considering that this may overload the inverter if it coincides with other high power loads, I wonder if there is a way to use the assistants to disable AC out 2 to off-load the inverter when one of the other high power loads kick in, to prevent a shutdown.

I saw a thread here which nicely described how to do this but can't find it.

The best I could find when playing around with assistants in VEConfig was to use the "programmable relay" assistant. One for switching the AC out 2 relay on when the AC load is below a certain treshold, and one for switching off when it exceeds the limit of the inverter. And with some delay and enough difference between max/min to prevent the relay from switching back and forth.

But I believe there was another assistant which was even better suited for the task? Where it had all the high and low tresholds built into the same assistant. I want to use assistants rather than VS because I may want to combine this with more features in the future.

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AC connect 3kW wind turbine Victron Quattro System

I have a Off-Grid Quattro 10kVA with AC Connected 3kW Fronius Primo solar inverter and 4kW of solar panels. Frequency shift is used to manage battery overcharge. System works great in summer but we are expanding for winter with additional solar, and a wind turbine. We will AC connect an additional 4kW Fronius and solar array. For wind, we are installing a 3kW 60V AC turbine that will rectify to 48V DC and this feeds to a grid tie wind controller/ inverter (China Supply) that will synch to the AC Bus. The controller will dump power to dump resistors to protect the turbine from over speed/ voltage/ frequency.

However, i am concerned the Wind controller inverter will not spill turbine power (trigger dump resistors) when the AC Bus frequency is shifted by the Victron Quattro (High batrery voltage). Logic tells my the inverter would disconnect on high AC Bus frequency and send all power to dump resistors, though I cant be sure and manufacturer info is sketchy.

My question is whether it would be possible as a back-up to use one of the quattros Programmable relays to trigger when the AC Bus frequency is shifted to say 53hz. In this way I could trigger dump resistors to spill wind turbine power when it is not needed for House Load or battery charging.

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Relay K1 settings not clear

Sorry for this new topic. I have a Quattro 48/10000/140 with two MPPTS (charging from QUATTRO not active), CCGX and a battery 48V floaded lead acid. Yesterday I had opportunity to check settings of quattro but I can't understand the behavior of the K1 relay settings (see pictures). Installer didn't answer me

EDIT: those are the only two assistants loaded


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Programmable relay (AC OUT 2) bug

I've connected a relay to one of the AUX inputs on my EasySolar-II GX to control the AC OUT 2 relay, thus overriding the default behaviour of AC OUT 2 (ie. load shedding when AC input is not available).

My relay allows me to force AC OUT 2 on (after checking load will be low enough of course) during an outage of AC IN.

I also want the default behaviour (that AC OUT 2 is disconnected when AC IN is lost, and that it is reconnected after AC IN has been available again for a given time).

To that end, I have two programmable relay assistants configured, one to turn the AC OUT 2 relay off, and another to turn it on, I have them configured as follows:

1. Programmable Relay

- Use ACOut 2 relay
- Set relay off
- When AC1 not available for 0 seconds

This assistant above works fine, the load is shed as expected if AC IN fails.

2. Programmable relay (1)
- Use ACOut2 relay
- Set relay on
- When AC1 available for 120 seconds
- When auxilliary input 2 is closed for 0 seconds

This is not working as expected - the part about aux2 works fine (the external switch controls the relay and AC OUT 2 can be forced on during an AC IN outage), but the part that should turn AC OUT 2 back on after AC IN has been available for 120 seconds is triggered too quickly.

What happens is that AC OUT 2 switches on exactly 120 seconds after mains power on AC IN is restored, NOT 120 seconds after this power has been accepted by the EasySolar.

What I mean is that, in VeConfigure, I can see the blue bar on the left (or under the popout bigger VE. Bus Monitor window) ticking across as the quality of the mains power is assessed by the system prior to accepting it.

After 120 seconds, even though the mains power has not yet been judged to be of appropriate quality to be accepted (this time can vary in my installation up to some tens of minutes), the AC OUT 2 relay will close. In actual use, what will happen as a result is that the sheddable loads on AC2 will be powered again before the AC IN power has actually been put on the bus, and so the inverter could be overloaded and shut itself down.

The delay specified in the assistant should be from when the power is accepted, not when it is first connected.

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Assistant Explanation

What exactly does the following Assistant options mean?


I have an unstable grid where my Quattro loses frequency sync. I am looking for an Assistant option to select that triggers on Grid Sync Loss (Grid doesn't fail, frequency drops low).

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Losing AC Loads when Disabling AC-In via Virtual Switch or Programmable Relay


  • Multiplus 12/3000/120

  • 3 SmartSolar MPPT 100/50

  • 800Ah Battle Born Battery Bank

  • 1625 W Solar Array


My system was installed by a third-party, but since then I've been unable to get a response from the company. I was given little insight into how the system works, so I'm learning from scratch. Any help is appreciated. I recently moved into an RV and some of the time I'm connected to Shore Power. When connected to Shore Power, I want to limit the AC-In and utilize batteries and solar as much as possible. Only when the battery SOC drops to a certain level, or when the AC Loads exceed a certain wattage do I want to use Shore Power.


Whether I successfully disconnect AC-In using the Virtual Switch or via the Programmable Relay, once AC-In is cut, I also lose all AC-Loads (i.e., none of my AC appliances work), though DC Loads remain. Once I remove the Virtual Switch/Programmable Relay settings, all AC Loads return, along with AC-In. The only way I've managed to obtain (most) of the functionality that I'm after is by using an ESS Assistant, which is expressly forbidden for RVs*, so I'd prefer to use other options if possible.

Since I did not setup my system and since it's setup in a tight space, I can't get into my Multiplus to verify the wiring, but I believe my AC Loads are wired to AC1-Out (my understanding is that AC2-Out only works when AC-In is present).

*Note: I will disable the ESS Assistant prior to disconnecting from Shore Power to alleviate the concerns with disconnecting an RV while on ESS.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and what I could do to resolve this?

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Help with Assistants to use AC2 as dumpload

If I connect my 1000 watt water heater to AC2 of my Multiplus 48/3000 and use the assistants in below screenshot, is it correct that it will do the following?

  • Start the boiler when above 70%
  • Stop the boiler when at 60%
  • Stop the boiler when overall load is above 2400 watts
  • Only start the boiler when overall load is below 1500 watts


I found this thread that I've used as reference. My system is Easysolar 48/3000 with BMV712 battery monitor running 14kw lifepo4 batteries and the reasoning is that I'll never need more than 60% of batteries for other vital loads.

Thanks a lot!

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Trigger a dump load when your batteries are full (opportunity loads)

After browsing the docs and this forum for a while I’m still a bit puzzled about the fact that Victron doesn’t provide an easy way to manage opportunity loads. In this recent video it is said everything should be possible, but I couldn't find any information about how to do it. There seems to be no specific webinars in the professional portal.

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relay assistant based on charge state - how does it work

Hello Victronauts!

I need your help. I am trying to find out how I can use the relay assistant based on charge state.


It is possible to select during setting the assistant on four different "WHEN" states:

  • when charging
  • when not charging
  • when bulk finished
  • when absorption finished

I have a three phase ESS system with a AC / grid based PV system and a pylon battery bank with 17,2 kW useable energy. I am trying to find out how and when the relay will be set / reset.

I setup the assistant in the Multiplus-II for phase no. 3 according to the followings screenshot:


and the relay is set indeed when bulk is finished. Great! I understand! But it is never reset as I thought when absorption is finished. Okay it can happen during absorption phase, based on the needs of energy and / or PV harvest that the absorption switches from absorption after 20, 40 or 60 minutes back to discharging or bulk phase. But never, NEVER this was obviously the sign for "absorption finished" and the relay always stays SET and was never reset, as long as I investigated the system.

Question 1:

So what has to happen or what has to occur that the relay is switched off, based on "absorption finished". Who can explain it to me?

Same with my investigation with the relay assistant on phase two:


I am sure it is some how naive, but I just thought when the Multiplus is not charging the battery it switches the relay ON and in the same sense when it is charging it sets relay OFF.

But after several days of investigation, the relay stay always OFF and there is no effect in the relays contact when charging or not charging the batteries.

Question 2:

What is wrong in my mind and my thinking?

Is there any body who has experience in this and can explain it to me, please?



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