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Relay assistant: is the load option per phase or whole system power on 3 phase setup?

I have successfully been using relay assistants for various load shedding control on various systems configurations for some time now.

A need has come up on a particular 3 phase Multiplus system (3 x 5kVA) with asymmetric 3 phase load where i need to load shed above a certain load on any inverter. (For example say I have more than 4kW load on one phase and less than 3.5kW on each of the other 2 phases I want to load shed on all 3 phases).

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) Does the relay assistant "based on load" power compare whole system 3 phase power or only per phase?


If i set up relay assistant on L1 inverter to switch off relay above 4000W (see screenshot) is this 4kW measured against the total system load or only the load for that phase? (i guess i will find out on trial and error - just nice to know before i start "hysterical" starting and stopping of loads :"D)

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