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Relay K1 settings not clear

Sorry for this new topic. I have a Quattro 48/10000/140 with two MPPTS (charging from QUATTRO not active), CCGX and a battery 48V floaded lead acid. Yesterday I had opportunity to check settings of quattro but I can't understand the behavior of the K1 relay settings (see pictures). Installer didn't answer me

EDIT: those are the only two assistants loaded


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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

Is there something connected to the relay?

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Sorry matthias , I was sure that the answer was sent. Btw, yes there are 2 small white cables connected to each K1. Those cables run through the case to some undefined components, then stop their route... Attached a PDF with the cable path. I hope it could be helpful

Presentazione standard1.pdf

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The one circled in red or blue?

Either way you will need to trace the other set wires (the ones that dont go to the quattro) from that one to what ever device.

whatever it is it turns on when the load exceeds 20w and off when it drops below 21w

1613113827255.png (275.7 KiB)

You (we) need a wiring diagram to say what K1 is switching.

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Paul B answered ·

You will need to follow that external relay you circiled in red and see what that drives or is turning on and off,

as all the K1 relay is doing is turning that small relay on and off based on the settings as per the assistant.

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20210214-174028.jpgI'll ask for wiring diagram... The behavior still strange, today full sun and at 16.30 battery stops giving power... What will happen if I delete this strange assistant? How does a quattro work without assistant? Are assistants necessary? I am sure that my systems is useless in evening

The Quattro will work without the assistant but as long as you don't know what that relay is switching you will maybe get unexpected behaviors.

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Yes it's clear... This assistant must have a reason, but what I cannot understand is what I'm suppose to expect by system and distributor didn't explain me... Maybe only during daytime it works

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There’s something seriously wrong with the setup there, where is the power coming from?

From the grid... You can find attached my quattro settings in PDF set (1).pdf

Or could be an hardware wrong set?

set-1.pdf (240.6 KiB)
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Well for starters, the venus device is not reading any grid feed. Is the system installed in grid parallel or through the quattro?

Do you have grid meters?

I think that my system is with grid through the QUATTRO. As I described in some other post, to see what the grid is feeding I have to set in CCGX as grid meter the PV inverter, but I don't have a pv inverter...


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Ok, today my two MPPTs perform full phases of charge.. when sun comes down battery fed the house for a while until main load ( 5kw heat pump) started... Could it be that there was not enough solar power to fill the capacity of the battery? The 47V read in MPPTs graph happened after heat pump starting


Here the other mppt