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SMA STPTL-30 + data manager M + Victron Quattro = ESS + zero feed-in

I have 4xSMA STP20000TL-30 + SMA Energy meter + Data Manager M installed with zero feed-in.

There is a need to make ESS system (grid-parallel, hub-4). there are three inverters Quattro 48/15000 from another project and BYD batteries (64kW h). Is there such a possibility?

I found that Data Manager M supports SunSpec Modbus profile. Also I found Integrating with SolarEdge: "configure Sunspec to allow inverter monitoring via Victron GX device"

Do I need any additional devices? Any energy meters for Victron f.e.

ESSCCGX Color Controlsunspec
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It looks like it is possible, but not jet officially supported:

You could use the EM24-DIN energy meter:

Yes, fore example, you can connect the BYD via the BMS-Can communication on the Cerbo GX or the VE.Can on any GX device:

One workaround, if you have less then 15000W of solar connected, is to connect the SMA STP20000TL-30 to the output of the Quattro 48/15000 and switch off the zero feed-in function in the SMA and program the Quattro in VE Configure to the frequencies of the SMA.

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