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12v 3000W 220v Inverter U.K. Flashing Green Light Sold Overload Light

Hi guys,

I've done some looking around online for an answer and also looked at the Victron PDF manual for this inverter but I just hoped someone could give me some confirmation and further advice on this

Picked up a Victron Inverter on the second hand market. I've tried testing it out prior to putting money on it, I'm fairly new to this type of electrical work but have some basic handyman type skills and have done quite a bit of research on what sort of system I finally want.

Anyway tried to test this thing out using some wire that I had from a 1000W inverter and using my vans newish strong 75AH 12v battery. Battery is about 5 months old and has been well maintained and had a voltage reading of 12.60 at the time of this test.

Anyway I included a video of what is going on, so I've got it wired up, and I switch it to ON and then there are some clicking noises and green light is flashing and Overload is sold red. By using some of the information I found from other posts, Is there any point in me testing this out with beefier wire / larger battery or is it pretty safe to conclude that it is faulty/shorted?

I couldn't find a HQ number on it but it did have a label on two of the boards which I thought may show that this was mamufactured in 2021, which if is true, would this still be under warranty? Even though I could be second owner with no paperwork?

Can something like this be fixed with some patience and time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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You need to precharge the inverter capacitor bank. Usually a beefy resistor will do. Your battery cannot the surge needed to do it.

Yes if under 5 years you can still claim under warranty. But i doubt at this point it is the case.

Pre rma bench test instructions here if pre charge does not help.

FYI for 3000W @12v is 250A is needed from the battery, so be gentle with your loads.

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Hi @alexandra

Thank you for your answer

How would I precharge the inverter capacitor bank? I note that you say a beefy resistor would do, but would you be able to help me out anymore on what I would do with the resistor? My apologises I'm fairly new to this

Many thanks


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How I do it:

1. All equipment and disconnect switches off

2. All wiring connections in place

3. Clip a voltmeter onto the DC input terminals of the Multiplus

4. Bypass the battery disconnect switch using the resistor, note that voltage begins to rise on the input terminals

5. When input terminal voltage stops rising and is very close to normal battery voltage, close the disconnect switch. (If it doesn't get to normal battery voltage, the resistance value of the resistor is too high, or something was left on by accident.)

6. Disconnect resistor and voltmeter

7. Turn on equipment

I have a 100W resistor in my bag for doing this.

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I did a bit of research on charging the capacitor bank, so I'll order a 50W 7 OHM resistor and try that.
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