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Bad connection with

Hi !

I have recently bought a Bluetooth Dongle to adjust parameters on the MPPT (Bluesolar 150/70) in mye Easysolar 24/3000.

I have big trouble being able to sustain a connection (with a non-flashing blue light on the dongle), and the app on my mobile keep reloading. I have been able to do what I want and have a connection over a few minutes a few times but now I cant anymore, and only once of maybe 20 attempt yesterday did I see the Bluesolar MPPT picture come up on the screen after searching for devices.

The conection to the CCGX works, but it is very easy to pull out. I can also mention that it was not connected when I received the Easysolar one year ago.

I am afraid that if I try to anjust prameters on the MPPT it might cut the process half way and I will be left with and MPPT that I dont know the charging settings for, and that I can not access or change settings on.

What can I do?

I am considering changing the MPPT to a Smartsolar, but this would be a waste of money since the MPPT works fine (althought it has a peak absorption value that is alittle to high -this is what I would like to alter).

How complicated is it to change the MPPT in my Easysolar? And can I upgrade it to a stronger MPPT if I want -if so what which MPPT would be the strongest MPPT I could put into the Easysolar?

Great to be able to ask questions here ! :-D


Eric Heiberg

MPPT - Solar Charge ControllerEasySolar All-in-OneVE.DirectVE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle
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Hello Eric. Typically the MPPT is sized for your array so unless you want to upgrade the array, it could be overkill. I did understand indeed the MPPT can be swapped out (sales advice from Victron prior to buying my equipment) Do however be mindful of different dimensions so best to check specs and with Victron e.g. 150/45 is same as 250/60 but they are smaller than 250/100. Consider maybe a to usb connection to configure the MPPT as it definitely will be cheaper.

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Thank you very much for the tip on the VE.Direct to USB (rather than bluetooth) - that is very much worth trying.
However, it seems that the bad connection is in the VE.Dirct port on the MPPT (and not the bluetooth connection).

With regards to replacing the MPPT:
I could replace it with a Smartsolar MPPT of the same size (150/70). I know this is costly, but I do not want to be stuck with wrong charging parameters on the MPPT.

The max charging voltage is already alittle high, and if I try to change the charging parameters (charging voltage) the process (and connection to the MPPT) might be cut off and I would be stuck with a charger I do not know the settings of.

I want to avoid that happening....


If you think it's the port connection, have it looked at. Have to be much cheaper than changing out expensive kit.

The VE.Direct connectors aren't a particularly rugged item, and maybe even the cable end could have been 'stepped on' or something equally silly. In the absence of handy spares could perhaps even be hardwired in. A useful tech should be able to sort it if it's just the plug.

Thank you John. I have bought a new dongle now and hope that it works better....

If not I might uninstall it and bring it ashore to have it looked at after summer.


I would personally also explore the cabling replacement options etc. as John suggested and even try borrowing spares for testing. Fingers crossed for a quick easy fix.

Thank you for the reply ejrossouw - I have bought a new dongle that I will try.

Fingers crossed :-)

Also curious to hear if others have experienced the same problem with bad VE.Direct connection.