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How could i get data from two installations


i have now two cerbo gx running. So i have two installations in VRM. I could see data from both installations in VRM.

I use venus-docker-grafana to load the data into a local influxdb. All Tables has the field portalID so it should work with different installations. (Each installation has its own portalID).


But in the Dashboard it only transfers data from the first installation.


What do i missing?



Ulrich asked
Ulrich answered ·

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Intermittent measurement rate through Grafana /

I'm experimenting with Grafana on both PC and RPi, and it can work well, no problems accessing anything from DBus. The issue I am seeing is that it will return data every few seconds for a period of anything from 10 mins - 40 mins and then nothing. The measurement rate drops off to nothing, I get a gap or 1 or more hours in the data and then it picks up again and off it goes.

There's no pattern emerging, so I am wondering what might be causing this. When it works, it works great. Network seems fine, database is running, CCGX is online, everything connected and I can see it producing data via the VRM without any issues.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.

Steve Byrne asked
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