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Getting Started with the new Venus HTML5 interface

Hello Victron Modifiers,

A new frontier in front end Victron modifications has arrived - the HTML5 interface!

This is probably the easiest entry yet into making new and interesting ways to view your power system info the way you want to.

This article is to point you to some of the resources that are already out there to help you get started. But it is also so you can help shine a light on the areas where the documentation or implementation needs improvement.

I'd really love to see a dev community form around this, sharing their code for how they make their power systems show up on their e-fridge, etc.

Essential Reading

Launch of the beta with a working version of the HTML5 app built it

Victron Venus HTML5 App Github

Translating system components into HTML5

Dashboard Overview

Available Items

GX Customised Overview

HowTo: Change Tile Names in Venus OS Tile Overview

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