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HowTo: Access Files on VenusOS with Root Access using Total Commander   

If you have wondered how to access the VenusOS files on your Venus device after you gained root access, I will show a simple and easy to use method for Windows users:

1.) enable ccgx:root_access

2.) download Total Commander

3.) download the SFTP Plugin ("file system extensions" section)

Install the plugin in Total Commander "configuration --> settings --> plugins"

After the plugin installation is done, you will find a new connection under "network neighborhood" in Total Commander called "Secure FTP", hit F7 to create a new connection.

Enter IP address of your Venus device,

User name: root,

Password: your custom root PW

This should be it, you can now access your Venus OS files using Total Commander.

There are for sure much more ways to get this done, but this is a simple and easy to use method. Once set up, it is a "one click to connect" task.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to help.

Or if you have a better/ more easy method, please post it here too.

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Keep the open source spirit (of Venus OS) and use instead WinSCP

No need for additional plugins, it supports by default SFTP, SCP, FTP...

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