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HowTo: Disable Hotkeys in Venus Remote Console on LAN

As requested in the community, it should be possible to disable the "hotkeys field" in Remote Console on LAN. To be able to make the GUI going fullscreen, on a tablet or some kiosk mode display for example.

To do this, I created a modified Stylesheet: styles.css

Copy it on your Venus device to /var/www/javascript-vnc-client/styling/styles.css

To copy the file, you have to enable root access, following these instructions:

After clearing your browsers cache and reloading the Remote Console on LAN page, it should look like this:

This is someway update proof, as long as you don't clear you browsers cache again or change the IP address of your Venus device, the modified styles.css will stay in browsers cache after updating Venus to a new version.

The hotkeys field on Remote Console via VRM is not affected by this mod, as the hotkey controls are created by the VRM webpage.

I use this modification, to have a local fullscreen display for a VenusGX using a Raspberry Pi with display attached and Chromium browser in kiosk mode. It is also possible to connect with a VNC client to the Raspberry Pi with multiple sessions at the same time, so you can have several mirror displays, showing the same, and you are able to control Venus from every mirror.

If you want to know, how to get Chromium in kiosk mode on a Raspberry Pi, read:

If you have some further questions, I will be glad to answer them here, if I can ;o)



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NICE modification I was looking for this a long time and somehow missed it .


Tried the stylesheet. The only problem I have is the keys are removed but the white space is still left in place of keys. I have to zoom 150 % to fill up the screen.

Any setting I can apply to zoom the tiles on load.

Hi, @Anil Ghatikar,


It seems something has changed recently.

The new path for the stylesheet is: /var/www/venus/styling

I tried to put the modified Stylesheet there (2.30-32) and it works.

I tried on IE (Windows) and Firefox (Mac) both work without a white frame.

But yes, you have to set zoom level to match full screen resolution.

The Raspi Kiosk mode (set up following your posted instructions) saves the last zoom level in my case and it is therefore going fullscreen after every reboot.

I am so thankful that you brought me to this idea, I absolutely want you to have this working too, so I will help you to get this done!



PS: look at attached screenshots. (without zooming to fullscreen) do they look the same in your case?

Its obvious to say that your screen size has to be the same ratio than 480x272 to get 100% full screen. My "Master Mirror" Raspberry Pi has exactly set this resolution. Every additional VNC mirror can fit scaling to match the ratio on any resolution.


Still very much in "beta state" but this is my "Master Mirror" kioskPi ;o)


Usefull stylesheet!!

i have used it in an iframe in Home Assistant

many thanks

Thanks! Could you explain how you've setup your VNC mirror or link to a guide? Can't seem to find anything thats working.


This is a super easy task:

Activate VNC protocol in Raspberry Pi settings.

After that, download a VNC viewer on the device that you want to have the mirror and connect to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

If you register to the VNC cloud you are able to connect to your RasPi from everywhere not just inside your LAN.

Pls. try that out, and if you have further questions I will be glad to help.



Sorry but confused. I think I am missing something. I cant find anyway to enable vnc on the pi.are referring to a second pi?

Hi @philcollins,

yes, this is all about monitoring a Venus device without display with a (2nd) Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS and local touchscreen.

The Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS acts as a VNC Server then, for more mirror displays.

Best Regards,


@Markus could you please make a modified styles.css with balck or brown background instead of white . is it possible.

The while display is jarring during the night with so much brightness

Hi Anil,

there is no real background, there is nothing. The white background is only how your browser interprets that.

I would suggest to change the resolution of your raspberry pi to a resolution matching the aspect ratio of Venus OS to be able to zoom it to fullscreen.

Since CanVu is out, it is even possible to set Venus OS itself to a higher resolution.




could you give more instruction on the how?

Copy it on your Venus device to /var/www/javascript-vnc-client/styling/styles.css


This is great but have two questions:

1) How do you back out these changes. I tried removing styles.css but that caused the page to fill with icons.

2) Is it possible to change the resolution for remote display on a CCGX where there is a local display?



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