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HowTo: Change Tile Names in Venus OS Tile Overview

If you ever wondered, if it's possible to give custom names to tiles displayed in the Venus tiles overview, it is.

Navigate to: /opt/victronenergy/gui/qml and edit OverviewTiles.qml

The tile name for each tile is set with: "title: qsTr ("TILENAME")", just change the string.

I used this for example to change "PV Power" tile to "Hydro Power" for my Hydro Power MPPT

or change "DC Sytem" to "DC Loads" which sounds more appropriate in my opinion.

It is also possible to change the tile color of a tile in changing the hex value for color.

If you are looking for a good freeware text editor, I can suggest PSPad.

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ben avatar image ben ♦ commented ·

Note that these changes will not survive a firmware update, so you'll have to go back and re-apply them after upgrading.

There is a way to make changes like this survive upgrades, but it is fairly involved and anyway probably better to manually do it each time in case the QML itself gets an update at some point.

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Mark avatar image Mark commented ·


Have you added relay switches to the tiles? I've managed to add a switch to the tile but I cant select/switch it? I added this to the tile

Tile {

width: 160

height: bottomRow.height

editable: true

readOnly: false

color: "#538ed7"

border.width: 2

border.color: "#fff"

MbSwitch {

id: manualSwitch1

name: qsTr("L/L")

bind: "com.victronenergy.system/Relay/1/State"

show: hasRelay1


I'm guessing ive missed a comand or something? when i added the mbswitch to page main it works ok. I'd just like to be able to switch the relays from one of the main tiles rather than having to open menu.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks Mark

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safiery avatar image safiery Mark commented ·

Hi Mark, did you get this resolved? We are interested in this.

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Mark avatar image Mark safiery commented ·


Sorry no I havnt and its something i'd really like to be able to do. I'm hoping some one will come along and say you just need to do X Y Z kind of thing, I have managed to get the switch itself onto one of the tiles but it has no functionally?



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espen avatar image espen commented ·

@Markus, I've seen screenshots of your Console where you have changed the icon for the pv charger. Have you edited the original icon, or added a second one for the Hydro?

And are you manually redoing your changes after an update, or are you using scrips to auto reload your changes after an update?

I have a mppt on a wind turbine, and next is to add a new icon for wind:)

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markus avatar image markus ♦♦ espen commented ·

Hi, @Espen,

sorry for the late reply.

I stopped any effort to modify the GUI Console, since there is another good solution available.

You can create such nice dashboards with Grafana

Have you seen this?:

Best Regards,


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espen avatar image espen markus ♦♦ commented ·

Hi, ok thank you. I have some experience with Grafana (with SQL-database), but I’ve not yet used Grafana with Victron system. Maybe I should set it up:) With the new features just released in Grafana 7, like Transformations, it looks like Grafana (with InFlux database) could be a good supplement for VRM. (but maybe not for GX GUI console)

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daniel-martin avatar image daniel-martin commented ·

Hi Markus, I have followed your commands and I find after rebooting the changes have reverted. Not sure how to save this modified OverviewTiles.qml file and have it nor revert after a reboot. Perhas newer versions on Venus have rendered this path obsolete.

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