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ver2.70 issues

VictronConnect Android App Version 5.71 (New feature) Stored trends internally: SmartShunt - Consumed Amp Hours (Ah) not stored internally, history values lost after restart


in the VictronConnect Android App Version 5.71 is a new feature available:

- (New feature) Stored trends: BMV-712, SmartShunt, SmartSolar and Smart Battery Sense now store the trends data internally.

With my SmartShunt all values are store internally, except of the value Consumed Amp Hours (Ah). After every restart of the App the history value of Consumed Amp Hours (Ah) is lost, all other history values are available (see attached Screenshot) .

That's too bad, because Consumed Amp Hours is one of the most interested value for


me in the history.

Can anybody test this and confirm this issue?



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