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MultiPlus Compact and MPPT non agreeing on Bulk/Float


I have a 200Ah LiFeP04 battery being charged by both MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 and by SmartSolar MPPT 75/15

When the system is attached to the mains, I have seen situations (i.e. early morning) when the MPPT start charging in Bulk mode while the Multiplus is in Float mode. why is this happening?

The MultiPlus is connected to the same VE.Smart network as the MPPT using the VE.Bus SmartDongle. In the system, we also have a SmartShunt 500a

VE.Smart Network details:

  • MultiPlus (SmartDongle): transmits battery voltage and battery temperature
  • SmartShunt: transmits battery voltage and battery current
  • MPPT: reads battery voltage and current from SmartShunt and BatteryTemperature from SmartDongle

Any suggestion? Thanks

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Smart Lithium BMS options with EasyPlus old processor 1906

Hey there,

I'm trying to figure out what my options are for a smart lithium BMS combined with my older EasyPlus 1600, the processor's label is 1906125. I can see that the VE.Bus BMS v2 is incompatible because it requires a 4xx firmware version, I think I'm limited to 2xx?

Seems like the original VE.Bus BMS might be an option when combined with the (deprecated?) VE.Bus Assistant and firmware >2xx, is that correct?


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easyplus transfer current vs easyplus ii


I'm about to buy an easyplus / easyplus ii 48/5000...

I note one difference which intrigued me. The "old" easyplus has a 100A transfer switch vs the 50A of the Easyplus ii

is that correct? what's the reason for this? Does this mean that I should go for the "old" easyplus if I want a smooth experience where any ramp up in demand (e.g. electric oven) is handled without any potential gotchas?

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Easyplus 12/1600/70 with generator use ac out 0 (bypass) off when vacuum cleaner (2400w) switched on

I have newly installed easyplus and connected a generator 5kva honda+sincro into ac in. 460 Ah flooded batteries. When charge mode on and using ac out0 to use heavy duty equipment like vacuum cleaner 2400w the dc charge and ac out cuts off immediately when switching vacuum cleaner on. 700w coffee maker works fine. What could be the problem. It should bypass 16A? After some tens of seconds the charge and ac out0 is back.

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Désactiver la Wi FI sur Easy Solar II GX

Bonjour, comment puis je désactiver la Wi FI (je suis Hyper sensible aux ondes Electro Magnétique) ? Il faut rentrer dans le menu de configuration .... Mais pour y acceder, il faut un code "instalateur" ... Merci par avance pour votre réponse !!! Cdt, Eric

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EasyPlus/Multiplus does not exchange data with Cerbo

I have an issue with an EasyPlus connected to the Cerbo.

- The Cerbo „sees“ the EasyPlus, but claims it‘s not connected. Still, the Cerbo can read the type of device (Multiplus Compact, the product number and firmware version (481), but not the device state or any parameters. See attached screenshots.

- I have checked:

  • EasyPlus DIP settings (1: off, 2: on, remaining switches off, as per the manual)
  • VE.Bus cable is plugged into the appropriate socket of the Cerbo (i.e. not the Ethernet socket)
  • All devices have been restarted using different sequences several times
  • EasyPlus is operating nicely along the setting of the physical switch
  • Firmware versions: EasyPlus: 481; Cerbo: 2.75

At the time I took attached screenshots the EasyPlus was inverting.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks!




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Use EasyPlus 1600 with BlueSolar MPPT

I have got a EasyPlus 1600 and already have a BlueSolar MPPT with PV Panels and a battery bank out of 4 lead acid batteries.

Is it possible to connect the MPPT BlueSolar to the battery bank as well, so that the batteries are charged by Solar Power instead of mains and leaving the mains input unplugged to the EasyPlus? Or may this overload the MPPT BlueSolar when batteries are empty?

Thanks for any advice


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Easyplus inverts but doesn't charge


I have an EasyPlus1600 12/1600/70.

It has worked without a problem until recently.

Now, it works as an inverter but does not charge the batteries anymore.

I am using it in my boat to charge the domestic battery (300ah LiFePO4) and the starter battery (AGM).

With the mains connected, I have measured that I have 230V into the EasyPlus. However, when checking the parameters with VEConfig the mains looks to be about 130V.


The problem might have occured when the inverter was accidently switched on with a kettle connected. The kettle is rated 2000w wich is more than the 1600w the EasyPlus can provide. I assume that the inrush current became large when the inverter was switched on. The domestic battery BMS did trip and disconnected the battery. The discharging overcurrent protection is set to 150A. I have checked the DC-fuse inside the EasyPlus and that is not the problem. Another thing that puzzles me is that when my remote Control - VE.Bus Multicontrol (on/off/charge only) - is set to off the low battery led is lit.

If anyone can help me understand how to get my charger going I would appreciate it very much! Thanks in advance.

Here are screenshots of the rest of the parameters.








Here is a photo of our boat a few days ago.


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Easyplus Fuses (Lightning Strike)

Good morning

We have a yacht that was hit by.a lightning strike. Parts of the electronic equipment seem to be damaged. For some others, it‘s fuses that blew and where the device works fine again after fuses were replaced.

The EasyPlus (as well as a Venus GX and a BMV) is dead as well. We have checked connections which all work. We have disconnected the EasyPlus from the VE.Bus (and the Venus), so that no external control interferes with the operation of the EasyPlus. But it‘s dead. No reaction to the switch, no LEDs lighting up, relays clicking. No output of 12V to the battery or 220V from the inverter.

I have opened the EasyPlus, where everything looks alright, no damage, no smell, etc. It seems that the control logic is not working. Before I consider replacing the EasyPlus, I‘d like to ask here whether there is anything I could check. For example, are there any fuses inside the EasyPlus that I should check and potentially replace? If that’s not successful, would it make sense to get the EasyPlus repaired by Victron or should I aim for buying a new one?

Many thanks!!

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VE.bus mains detector / EasyPlus 1600 / Drained Lithium

Hi All


Victron EasyPlus 1600, VE Bus BMS, VE Bus Mains Detector, 3x 200Ah Smart Lithium.

Situation - batteries drained down to very low. All 3 batteries drained to 2.85v (couldn't access bluetooth to see cells - but assume they are at 0.72 each or something like that).

The Multi has been turned off my the VE Bus BMS - as it should be. When connecting shore power again - the multi will not come to life - despite having VE Bus Main Detect installed.

My first step will be to try and recover the batteries with a very very low Amp charger.

However, regardless if I can bring the lithium back to life, any ideas of how I can force the Multi to come back on again ? The Main Detect doesn't seem to be doing its job.

Thanks, Tim

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Easyplus victron lifepo 200 Ah


Ich habe einen Easyplus fertig angeschlossen und wollte diesen nun konfigurieren. Bei den DIP Schaltern habe ich keine Konfiguration für Victron LiFePo gefunden.

Wie ist das Seting und gebot es dazu eine Dokumentation?

Gruß Thomas

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EasyPlus 12/1600/70 Switching itself from "ON" to "Inverter Only"

I have a Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70), running firmware version V430, although I am aware V490 is available to update.

The last day or so I have noticed a few occasions where the Cerbo GX has reported the Multiplus Switch is set to "Inverter Only" when I had had it set at "On". This has happened when I have not been doing anything with the system and so all by itself.

I checked on VRM to see if the AC input had done anything unusual and seems fine. a bit wobbly maybe in terms of a nice level voltage but only a few volts up and down and nowhere close to a disconnect voltage. When the switch changed to "Inverter Only", I can see there is still an active AC input available.

I can't see any reason why this disconnects but it is a bit annoying as when it switches over, the Electric Heater (connected to the "Boiler" MCB) goes off as well so I am losing the room heating - which could be a problem later in the winter when I want to be able to rely on electric heating for frost protection.

I have chosen not to update the Multiplus firmware to date on the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" as I have had no issues until this one (I do update the various and multiple VE.Direct devices I have, but they are all a bit simpler, less critical and cheaper!). So if a firmware update would be known to resolve, I will happily go ahead, but woul like to know why this switch change happens first really.

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EasyPlus 1600 tripping house RCD
Heh people.
I have an issue with the Easyplus and have no idea what’s causing it.
I’ve been running the Truma heater off the 240v while parked at home with no problems for a week or so.
Today I switched off the EasyPlus for a bit then switched it back on again and now it’s just tripping the house electric off all the time regardless of which socket ring it’s attached to.
I plug into house socket. Fine
Plug the EHU cable into van. Fine
Switch on EP input fine
Switch on EP output fine
Switch on the “on-off-charger” rocker to on and everything on house socket ring trips off?
What could be causing this?
Also trips when repeat sequence but switch to “charger” instead of “on”
Inverter seems to work ok

No loads are switched on or wired in while testing it.

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EasyPlus 1600

Hi, Quick question cant find any documentation what the smal black and red wire is for and where thay shuld connect. and witch of the two rj45 ports is for the VE.Bus for the MK3.



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