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VE.bus mains detector / EasyPlus 1600 / Drained Lithium

Hi All


Victron EasyPlus 1600, VE Bus BMS, VE Bus Mains Detector, 3x 200Ah Smart Lithium.

Situation - batteries drained down to very low. All 3 batteries drained to 2.85v (couldn't access bluetooth to see cells - but assume they are at 0.72 each or something like that).

The Multi has been turned off my the VE Bus BMS - as it should be. When connecting shore power again - the multi will not come to life - despite having VE Bus Main Detect installed.

My first step will be to try and recover the batteries with a very very low Amp charger.

However, regardless if I can bring the lithium back to life, any ideas of how I can force the Multi to come back on again ? The Main Detect doesn't seem to be doing its job.

Thanks, Tim

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Victron Easyplus mit Victron Connect programmieren

Guten Tag,

ich habe eine Frage zur Einstellung meines Easyplus.

Wenn ich den Batterie Typ und andere Parameter über PC und Victron Connect einstelle müssen dann die Dip Schalter im Gerät in eine bestimmte Stellung gebracht werden oder ist es egal wie diese im Gerät eingestellt sind?

Danke und Grüße


Good day,

I have a question about the setting of my Easyplus.

If I set the battery type and other parameters via PC and Victron Connect, do the dip switches in the device have to be set to a specific position or does it not matter how they are set in the device?

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Konfiguration für Null-Einspeisung mit ESS


ich plane die Realisierung einer netzparallelen Anlage, allerdings mit dem Ziel eines vollständigen Eigenverbrauch ohne eine Einspeisung ins öffentliche Netz Also kein echtes off-grid, sonder netzparallel mit Auswertung der Stromrichtung zur Steuerung des Wechselrichters.

Komponenten (u.a.):

  • Easysolar II 3kVA
  • DIY Akku 10 kWh
  • 6 kWp Panels

Der Easysolar II besteht ja im Wesentlichen aus einem Multiplus II und einem MPPT 250/70, so dass ich mich bzgl. der Null-Einspeisung in die Konfiguration des Multiplus eingelesen habe. Alle Software wurde runtergeladen und im Demo-Mode getestet (sehr schön gemacht übrigens).

Aber: nirgendwo habe ich die Einstellungen gefunden, die notnwendig sind, um eine Null-Einspeisung konfigurieren zu können. Ich weiß, dass ich den zusätzlichen Strommesser benötige, um zwischen Sicherung und Zähler die Stromrichtung detektieren zu können. Laut Assistent in VE Configure 3 lässt sich der aber nur für ein Anzeige des eingespeisten Stroms benutzen.

Gemäß Datenblatt des Easysolar ist aber die gewünschte Konfiguration möglich. Wer kann mir einen Tipp geben?

Viele Grüße


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Easyplus victron lifepo 200 Ah


Ich habe einen Easyplus fertig angeschlossen und wollte diesen nun konfigurieren. Bei den DIP Schaltern habe ich keine Konfiguration für Victron LiFePo gefunden.

Wie ist das Seting und gebot es dazu eine Dokumentation?

Gruß Thomas

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EasyPlus 12/1600/70 Switching itself from "ON" to "Inverter Only"

I have a Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70), running firmware version V430, although I am aware V490 is available to update.

The last day or so I have noticed a few occasions where the Cerbo GX has reported the Multiplus Switch is set to "Inverter Only" when I had had it set at "On". This has happened when I have not been doing anything with the system and so all by itself.

I checked on VRM to see if the AC input had done anything unusual and seems fine. a bit wobbly maybe in terms of a nice level voltage but only a few volts up and down and nowhere close to a disconnect voltage. When the switch changed to "Inverter Only", I can see there is still an active AC input available.

I can't see any reason why this disconnects but it is a bit annoying as when it switches over, the Electric Heater (connected to the "Boiler" MCB) goes off as well so I am losing the room heating - which could be a problem later in the winter when I want to be able to rely on electric heating for frost protection.

I have chosen not to update the Multiplus firmware to date on the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" as I have had no issues until this one (I do update the various and multiple VE.Direct devices I have, but they are all a bit simpler, less critical and cheaper!). So if a firmware update would be known to resolve, I will happily go ahead, but woul like to know why this switch change happens first really.

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EasyPlus 1600 tripping house RCD
Heh people.
I have an issue with the Easyplus and have no idea what’s causing it.
I’ve been running the Truma heater off the 240v while parked at home with no problems for a week or so.
Today I switched off the EasyPlus for a bit then switched it back on again and now it’s just tripping the house electric off all the time regardless of which socket ring it’s attached to.
I plug into house socket. Fine
Plug the EHU cable into van. Fine
Switch on EP input fine
Switch on EP output fine
Switch on the “on-off-charger” rocker to on and everything on house socket ring trips off?
What could be causing this?
Also trips when repeat sequence but switch to “charger” instead of “on”
Inverter seems to work ok

No loads are switched on or wired in while testing it.

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EasyPlus 1600

Hi, Quick question cant find any documentation what the smal black and red wire is for and where thay shuld connect. and witch of the two rj45 ports is for the VE.Bus for the MK3.



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easyplus 12 / 1600 / 70 red light + click, no power, no charge

I have a camper setup with

victron easyplus 12 / 1600 / 70

2x battery victron AGM 12-220

after not using the camper for 2 weeks I saw the battery alert was on and the batterypower was only 5,5 V ( external battery monitor, not victron)

when i plug in the 220 V cable the light is red ( not blinking ) and every +- 30 sec I hear a click but nothing happens.

--> batteries not charging ( normally I see the monitor on 14,8V, now stays 5,5V

--> no 220 V measured in the sockets.

I already disconnected all the elements that can use battery-power as i suspect one of the items caused this

I bought the camper with the system so I have no history about the installation. I also found it strange that the batteries didn't charge while driving but that is poblem n°2 :)

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Has DC System strange effect

I have Easyplus, Bluesolar MPPT, Cerbo GX. I have the "Has DC System" enabled in Easyplus and noticed that the charge output of MPPT appears to be going to the Easyplus in VRM and it shows battery idle. When I disable "Has DC System" (which I have via a 12 way fuse box in my automotive system) the MPPT shows charge to battery and that the battery is in charging mode in VRM. So what is causing the "Has DC System" to direct the charge to Easyplus with that setting and is that what is actually happening? See screenshot attached.


Further confusion: The remote console does show the current flowing from the MPPT to the battery when "Has DC System" enabled in Easyplus but on the battery shows no charge.


And when "Has DC System" switched off the current flow is to battery and battery shows the incoming wattage.


Whats going on here?

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EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70 sudden restart during end of battery charging during Absorption

I am running firmware v485, and my EasyPlus is attached to a 200Ah LiFeP04 battery with on board BMS.

I am testing the system in lab before final installation and I noticed this behaviour.

I lightly discharge the battery using the inverter, let's say to 13.09V


The I attach the mains and the charging starts. First the bulk phase kicks in at 50A


Then it soon enter the absorption phase and current decreases:


Suddenly the Inverter and Charger switches off without any warning or errors. It comes back online after few seconds.


It then enter again insto absorption phase where it stays permanently at 98% drawing 0A


I have tried the above with and without AC loads connected but it's alway the same. The EasyPlus kind of "restart" during the current ramp down of the absorption charge and reconnect staying in absorption at 0A and 98% forever.

Any idea?


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EasyPlus, VE.Bus Smart Dongle, SmartShunt 500 Temperature Sensing confusion


I am playing in my lab with my new setup to be installed in a campervan. The setup is as follow (questions listed later):

200Ah LiFeP04 battery:

EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70:

- Temperature sensing cable connected to battery minus pole

VE.Bus Smart Dongle:

- RJ45 connected to EasyPlus

- B- connected to battery minus pole

- B+ and T- connected to battery plus pole using cable "Temperature Sensor for BVM-702/712

SmartShunt 500A:

- Aux and Vbatt+ connected to battery plus pole using cable "Temperature Sensor for BVM-702/712

Interface MK3-USB:

- RJ45 connected to EasyPlus


1) Temperature is being read in three places (EasyPlus,Ve.Bus Smart Dongle, and SmartShunt)

Can I simplify the cabling by removing some of the temperature sensors? I.e. can EasyPlus Compact use the temperature readings from either VE.Bus Smart Dongle or SmartShunt 500A? Please note that I will also add a SmartSolar MPPT75/15 and that one for sure will need either the SmartShunt 500A or the VE.Bus Smart Dongle for temperature sensing (using VE.Smart Network)

2) How come that the temperature cable from the EasyPlus has to be mounted on the negative pole whole the ones from VE.Bus Smart Dongle and SmartShunt 500A goes on the positive pole? Can I attach it to the positive pole as well. Since I am using the shunt, I rather not attach anything between the shunt "To battery minus" and the battery minus pole

3) on VE.Bus Smart Dongle the B- should be connected to battery minus pole (according to documentation)

Could I attach it on the side "To system minus" of the shunt? Again to avoid (as best practices) having anything between the shunt and the battery minus pole.

4) can EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70 read from the attached VE.Bus Smart Dongle or SmartShunt 500A (using VE.Smart Network) to get temperature information and battery monitor status? I know I can enable "Enable battery monitor" in the EasyPlus, but how does it play with the other components? In general, can EasyPlus pull information from other components?


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What is required for configuring and monitoring an Easyplus?

I have a RPI with Venus software running and a MPPT and a Smartshunt connected by VE.Direct over USB. Can I configure and monitor the Easyplus with a Victron Interface MK3-USB, or is it better to migrate the RPI Venus to a CerboGX. And can I configure the Easyplus via the CerboGX or do I need both?

The MK3-USB is much cheaper than to migrate to the CerboGX but the advantage is that I can hook up my tankmeters direct.

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EasyPlus charger making humming noise when SOC near 100%

I have an EasyPlus 12/1600 here which charges a smallish battery. When the EasyPlus is in Storage or Float mode, it makes an annoying noise, a constant hum or buzz, that changes slightly every now and then, but is always well audible.
My questions are:
- Is this a normal thing for the EasyPlus? Could the humming be caused by some bad external wiring or wiring error?
- Is this the same for the other MultiPlus units? Even the ones labelled as "new model, intended to replace the old MultiPlus series"?

- What about the Phoenix Smart IP43 or Skylla IP65? Do they makle any noise during any SOC?


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EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70 - Fuse Size

Hi All

Can someone confirm the correct fuse size to use ? I am thinking of using a 150A fuse.

My logic is -

When charging - the max it could throw to the batteries is 70A. When inverting the max it could be pulling from the batteries is 1600W / 12v = 133A plus about 10% = 150A.

So a 150A fuse would cover charging and inverting.

Thoughts ?



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