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Easyplus Fuses (Lightning Strike)

Good morning

We have a yacht that was hit by.a lightning strike. Parts of the electronic equipment seem to be damaged. For some others, it‘s fuses that blew and where the device works fine again after fuses were replaced.

The EasyPlus (as well as a Venus GX and a BMV) is dead as well. We have checked connections which all work. We have disconnected the EasyPlus from the VE.Bus (and the Venus), so that no external control interferes with the operation of the EasyPlus. But it‘s dead. No reaction to the switch, no LEDs lighting up, relays clicking. No output of 12V to the battery or 220V from the inverter.

I have opened the EasyPlus, where everything looks alright, no damage, no smell, etc. It seems that the control logic is not working. Before I consider replacing the EasyPlus, I‘d like to ask here whether there is anything I could check. For example, are there any fuses inside the EasyPlus that I should check and potentially replace? If that’s not successful, would it make sense to get the EasyPlus repaired by Victron or should I aim for buying a new one?

Many thanks!!

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It is a simple job to replace the control board - this is the most susceptible part, but after a lightning strike, I would consider completely replacing the unit, as there may be concealed damage to insulation in the transformer, and to the power FET's which could lead to operating problems or reliability issues.

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We in the end replaced the entire MultiPlus, after a closer examination showed burnt parts on the board.
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