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Node-RED: Flow to keep Lifepo4 charged to 50%-60% (Winter or storage)

Winterstand.zipFirst of all, i am/was completely a Node-RED beginner. I have build some flows recently and started testing in a life enviroment. I would like to share this with the Victron community so here goes :

As i was investigating everything about Lifepo4, i found out that a SOC around 50% is ideal for storing the battery. Since i use the battery on a pleasurecraft, which i only effectively use for something like 60 day,s a year. (Mostly in boating season) I made a flow to keep the battery between 50% and 60%. You will need to change the flow depending in your situation and setup. The JSON file is attached.

My setup :

8S Prismatic lifepo4 battery with BMS (BMS not connected to Multiplus-2)
500A smartshunt on battery.
Multiplus-II and Cerbo-GX with touch 70

On Cerbo-GX Relais 1 : AC-in shore power breaker
Multiple other stuff like Orion-TR smart to load 12v genset battery, 2x Orion-TR 24/24-20 to protect my main engine alternator from overcurrent. 230v 24V charger for main engine and bow thruster battery's.... And a lot more from Victron.

Maybe this flow is a good starting point to achieve a 50 to 60% SOC status (Its in dutch)

In the UI you can switch this node on or off.

The charging current can be set (Default 20A)

When the charge state goes below 50% the AC-Will switch on, the Mutiplus-II goes to charger only and loads the battery to 65% (Switch node). After the battery reaches 65% the Multiplus goes back to off.

Temperature protection is set to disable charging when ambient temp *sensor is <5c

When the lifepo4 battery has a low voltage (Treshold is low voltage alarm) the inverter also goes to charger only, and stops when the voltage is okay or SOC is 65% (to protect from small loads draining over time without changing SOC)



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Hallo manta,

I am a total beginner as well; it is good to see what other people are doing in Node-Red.

I am just getting started on figuring out a flow to maximize the use of solar collected and maintain a decent level of SOC, and to make sure my system runs larger loads from stored solar during peak grid pricing.

I loaded your flow, and there are some ui files missing, but I can see what you are doing without them. Thank God for Google translate.

This will give me some ideas to add to my flow.

Best regards,


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manta avatar image manta conkev23 commented ·

Would be better if i made the flow in English. I hope you can rebuild it to your needs. For UI you need to change the tiles to your UI Tabs.

And you need to add the traffic signs, via palette.

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Hello manta,

Can i ask you what kind of nodes did you used for imputs and outputs? I am trying to cammunicate with my battery, but i am not getting respond.

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Appologies for grammar mistakes...

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