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How I managed to brick my CCGX , then fix it

Have a Color Control GX managing my system. I managed to brick it by incorrectly editing the sytem.conf file. Then I managed to install a fresh image to get it running again. Hope to help someone save a few hours of head scratching, caused by my own fault

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Writing DVCC parameters from Node-Red

Hi there...

I'm trying to communicate a BMS (from a HydraRedox flow battery) with a CCGX, in order to allow the BMS manage battery charge an discharge using DVCC.
The system is off-grid, so I've discarded using ESS.

The BMS includes a PLC which can communicate through Modbus TCP, and optionally using CAN bus (CANOpen).

One of the most interesting options for me is to communicate them through Node-Red, using the "node-red-contrib-modbus" and "node-red-contrib-victron" nodes. I'd install Node-Red in a computer in the same local network, as CCGX doesn't seem to support Node-Red.

I have no problem with the Modbus part, as I've used it in other projects, but have some questions about communication with the CCGX:

Is it possible to write the DVCC parameters needed (CVL, CCL and DCL) from Node-Red?

As it seems "node-red-contrib-victron" nodes use internally D-Bus, this question could also be asked like this:

Is it possible to write the DVCC parameters needed (CVL, CCL and DCL) using D-Bus?

And, if it's possible, where can I find the D-Bus paths to these parameters?

Just in case somebody suggest using Modbus to write these parameters, I cannot find some of them in the Modbus register list cor CCGX, and some other are just not writable.

My other preferred option is to communicate both systems using CAN Bus (Ve.Can/NMEA2000/CANOpen), but I also have some questions about that and will ask them in another thread.

I've posted this same question in the Spanish forum (in spanish), please tell me if you consider this a misuse of the forums (I'm a newbie here...).

Thanks in advance,


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