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Tare load/Standby load on the inverters - Choosing a DC vs AC refrigerator?


As we all evaluate the features and benefits of using an inverter to run loads, balancing using a dc appliance, like a refrigerator is important in a boat, rv, or off grid application.

Seems like on the multi-plus 3k inverter datasheet it consumes 20 watts in standby mode? Is this correct?

So to keep the inverter on, it's 20 watts x 24 hours = 480 wh's of consumption on the battery.

As it relates to my first question, if you have the choice to use an ac refrigerator as the inverter will be on most of the day to run other loads, does it make sense to purchase a dc refrigerator?

When evaluating the cost of a 3.0-4.0 cu ft off-the-shelf ac refrigerator around the USA from the big box stores, they cost around $200. A comparable dc refrigerator costs $800+. The ac unit consumes about 1 kWh per day or so.

Does it make sense to purchase the less expensive ac refrigerator and get more storage (LiPo) to compensate for the difference in consumption?



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Fronius PV peak power Limited

We installed 2 Victron 24/3000 in parallel and a Fronius Primo 3.6 connected in the output of the multis.

First we configured with ESS and the fronius was working fine. It reached 3.6kW.


We had some problems with the grid and we had to quit using ESS. We had to configure the PV inverter support Assistant instead.

The AC side worked as we want, unfortunately, we realized that the PV production is limited to 2286kWp for some reason.




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bmv 712 temp sensor not displaying temperature?

hi all

bmv 712 smart with temp sensor on LiFePO powerplus 12v cell. it doesnt seem to work. i believe wiring is correct, have changed aux settings etc and just no read out. im missing something here but not sure what. help would be much appreciated. best wishes

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COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV

I've just installed lithium Eco 4840p powerplus battery with Quattro

i have 6 x 4kw batteries + bmv and want to set up with latest firm ware and settings with 2 solar chargers 250/70 mppt and color controler. Included is auto generator start

Ive installed plenty BYD set ups and haven't had to many problems so hoping ther was some directions similar on victron website some one and point me towards.

I have all battery parameters from power plus ready to fill out.

This being a Aus Battery can some one help with the steps of programming as i see this a great option going forward

COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV with color controller and two SMART SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS 250/70 MPPT

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How can I use the voltage free contact on PowerPlus to trigger an alarm with my Cerbo GX?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Hi Guy - We've had several Victron installers who use Powerplus batteries that have an alarm pin in their (optional) RJ45 connector, voltage free contact, normally closed, Opens if the breaker trips. Most installers just want to get an email to let them know. Could we recommend the Venus and use the Potential Free Contact, (one of the 3 inputs) or similar on the Cerbo. Then set up an email notification in VRM.


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Float charge mode with no battery connected


I have a Multiplus 48|3000|35 with a PowerPlus Eco LFP battery. This battery has its own built-in circuit breaker and internal BMS. The battery BMS provides a NC dry contact when all is well. A BMS alarm of any sort (low/high voltage, fault current, temperature, circuit breaker trip, etc) will open the NC contact.

I am using the Multiplus "Two signal BMS" assistant (single contact for high/low) to control what happens if the battery BMS contact opens. My current (preferred) setting is to "switch to float" rather than "bypass" because I think it would be safe under most conditions. And, if the BMS cable was removed or faulty at least the battery would be on float charge.

My concern is that if the BMS alarm was cause by the battery circuit breaker tripping the Multiplus would be float charging to no battery load. Is there any problem with the Multiplus being in float charge mode with no battery?

Regards, Greg

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Disable Multiplus & MPPT charger at low temp for lithium batteries

Hi All, (we have read Schnitzel's question from Feb 7 and found info/response valuable)

An off-grid installer customer of ours is preparing for a tinyhouse install (with self managed lithium) in an alpine area that will get snowed in over winter. I'm keen to offer him a couple of options for him to disable charging when batt temp drops below the nominated temp.

The installer will insulate battery cabinet and install a pad heater operated by a thermostat but we're keen to also disable charging if this pad heater fails or isn't sized appropriately.

The lithium battery he is using is an Australian made battery by PowerPlus which is self managed. (no comms cable) The battery has internal protection and self protect if charging is attempted below 0 deg C but we want to prevent system shut down as this would unnecessarily inconvenience the occupants. Australian battery standards prevent batteries being located in living areas so batteries will be on the towing frame in a foam constructed/lined cabinet with heat pad.

The site will have an auto start gen-set which we expect to come on frequently in winter when solar gain is low so we need to ensure charge from the Multi is disabled. Primary solar charging will be with a SmartVictron MPPT so this needs to be disabled also at low temp. Considering an Easysolar 48/5000 or Multi and MPPT and CCGX. VRM will be set up at this site.

QUESTION: We're keen to provide several options to the installer, from simple to complex. We see Schnitzel's option for BMV relay linked to the MultiPlus Aux 1 controlling the Charge Assistant. Keen to hear other options if any. Because the above example is only one of many similar installs we are seeing where we're keen to disable charge at low temp for self managed LiFeO4 we're keen to provide this to other installers. Apologies if there is a simple solution for this which we've missed. We know about Smart Batt Sense and disabling MPPT charge option but we prefer to have a CCGX at the site and understand potential conflict with SmartBattSense and CCGX from FAQ6 in the product manual.

Thank you.

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