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Venus Docker Server Standalone - Difference between Github and NPM Install

Hello Everyone! :)

In the last few weeks i tried to install the Service victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana ( from Victron without Docker on a Debian 11 Linux.

Todo so i pulled the master Branch of victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana-images: See .

Then i installed InfluxDb and Grafana manually. Connected Grafana to Influx by the Datasource.

The next step was to start the Server Node JS Application.

This also worked as expected with the proper Nodejs Versions and NVM.

The logoutput said something like this one (Copied from Victron)

[info] [influxdb] Attempting connection to v-7c242b35567af6a044fcaae432a98bb7f25cdf68-influxdb:8086/venus

[info] [venus-server] running at

[info] [influxdb] Connected

[info] [influxdb] Set retention policy to 30d

As the log output says the Server connected to the influx and started the server itself on . Now the static websites should also be available on .

But this was not the case and i started searching for the issue.

After hours of reverse engineering i found out that the Server Application can also be installed via npm install with the command "npm install g unsafe-perm venus-docker-grafana-server"

The installation will be placed in usr local lib node_modules venus_docker_grafana_server

Starting this venus-server in the usr local lib node_modules venus_docker_grafana_serve bin folder will start the Server Application also accordingly AND will load the static websites as expected. With the Websites on 0 0 0 0 8088 all the configuration can be set as needed and will therefore be placed in the config config.json file.

If the configuration is valid,the Venus OS data will be collected form the Server.

Shutting down the "npm Server" and restarting the "Github Server" will result also in proper working Server and pushing data to the InfluxDB. Just the Static Websites are not loaded.

The reason is that there is a Difference between the "npm Server" and the "Github Server"

The "Github Server" only has the folder "public_src" instead of the "public" folder with the static websites.

Now after the long explanation my Question.

Why there is a difference between the npm install and the pulled Github Server?

It may be a dump question due to my lack of nowledge in NodeJS and Docker ;-)

PS: Hier are my used Versions:

Node v8.17.0

npm v6.13.4

Influx v1.8.10

Grafana v9.0.8

Greetings, Lukas

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