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Grafana CCGX docker Win 10 some data null, but visible in MQTT Explorer

I have a Batrium controlling my CCGX. It is passing data back to the GX and VRM. However not everything gets passed to VRM. I have installed Docker/Grafana in an effort to track the missing data.

The information in question is WHICH cell of the battery is the high voltage and which is the low voltage. VRM and Grafana readily show the min and max cell voltages, but not which cell is each.

If I run MQTT Explorer and connect to the CCGX, it reports the min/max cell IDs consistent with what the BMS is reporting:


My Grafana queries are identical, but plots for "MinVoltageCellId" and "MaxVoltageCellId" show "No Data".

Can anybody provide a suggestion?

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Anyone? This is vexing me.
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I have also found that this cell information is also visible in Remote Console, but I still can't extract it via Docker/Grafana:


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