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Venus OS v2.60~23 available to be tested

Hello all,

A new version is availabe to be tested. See below for the changes.

In case you're new to the v2.60 beta test series, please make sure to read below six previous posts about them. There are several significant improvements in v2.60. The highlights are the addition of a feed-in limit, added ethernet-connected energy meters, updates on the NMEA2000-feature (addition of tanks), as well as many other improvements with regards to tank monitoring.

Change log

  • Fix bug in the new limit feed-in option in ESS, related to three phase systems.
  • Fix bug in Settings -> System -> AC Input configuration

Known issues

  • the new Ethernet-connected energy meters can't be configured; this will be fixed soon.
  • grid alarm creates warnings rather then alarms; a regression introduced in v2.60. Will be fixed soon.
  • there is an issue in the new limit feed-in option in ESS, will be included in next release.

Other reported issues in v2.60 testing are still being- and/or will be looked into.

Best regards,

Matthijs Vader

Ps. If you don't know what this post is about: this is about our GX Product range (CCGX, Venus GX, Cerbo GX, and so forth). This message is for all the members of the Beta test group. Information on how to join (and leave) that group.

Venus OS
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Fix bug in Settings -> System -> AC Input configuration

Still can't select any other Input than Grid or Not Available setting. Running Raspi 3 with ~23 firmware. Nothing connected to Raspi at the moment, just running the new code.

Is this an issue with the PI version only? It seems to be working fine on my CCGX. Running a Multiplus Compact 2000/120 which doesn't have two inputs but the CCGX still provides two AC input selections.

Not sure, I only have a Pi version to test with.

All 4 types (Not Available, Grid, Generator, Shore Power) can be selected on both AC Input 1 and AC Input 2 on my CCGX system.

I checked the system setting values using dubs-spy and they track. Setting values there is reflected on the GUI.

Any chance your /data/conf/settings.xml file is corrupted (like not having write permission)? (Just guessing.)

My guess is that all options show up only *after* connecting a multiplus. More info later today

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         12312 May 20 05:41 settings.xml
<AcInput2 type="i" min="0" max="1" default="0" silent="False">1</AcInput2>                                  
<AcInput1 type="i" min="0" max="1" default="0" silent="False">1</AcInput1>         

The file is fine but I am not sure about this though... That 'max='1' seems suspect. It is not a variable on my Venus running the Production version of code.

Edit: Yip, confirmed. When changing it to "3" it works fine.

I checked my settings file and the max is 3 for both AcInput parameters.

Lets see what mvader finds.

found it: its a long story, but conclusion is that you need a mk3-usb connected on a rpi to get that min and max set correctly. We also added a note about that in the rpi manual.

On all "real" GX devices all works well and as before.

This was changed over the last few v2.60~beta builds. And before v2.60 it wasn't necessary. And the changes were put in a bit messy (lots of attempts to get it right... ). But, the way it is now is the way its preferred. Even though it means those two settings will show "Unknown" if you haven't ever connected an mk3-usb on a newly installed pi.

And for raspberrypis systems that had v2.60-beta versions installed, all work will well as well when you install an mk3-usb. And if you don't it might be that you see unknown, or it might be that you see only two items in that menu, or it might be taht you see all four.

so, anyway, thanks for bringing this up yesterday - it helped.

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markus-001 answered ·

VE.can 150/85 old Box type and new smart solar VE.can MPPT 150/85 ramp down when ESS state changes from 10 to 11 or 10 to 12. The ramp down is not always on the same MPPT it switches between the two.

The minute ESS state changes back to 10 they both ramp up again. If in ESS state 11 and I cut the grid supply both MPPT's ramp up.

I now see that the Multiplus II goes into Pass through then MPPTs ramp down.

I also updated the multiplus II to firmware 2623474 at the same time and there was also an ESS assistant update at the same time possibly something there.

If I switch to keep batteries charged then the MPPTs Ramp up to help supply the AC Load if the batteries don't require the full energy available.

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Hi Markus, we'll look into this. Thank you.

EDIT - this was discussed offline & closed