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Venus OS v2.60~3 available for testing

Hello all!

Just now we have released beta version v2.60~3 for testing. This is the first time we make v2.60 available for testing. More versions will follow, there are still changes being completed.

The main improvement is that v2.60 adds a new energy meter, one that connects over Ethernet; making installs a lot simpler in houses with a network connection, typically the router, near the main distribution board. For a complete list of changes, see below.

What to test?

Well all of below changes of course, but in particular these three functionalities need testing to make sure there are no regressions:

  1. that tank monitoring on a Venus GX
  2. that PV Inverter monitoring, especially Fronius PV Inverters
  3. Generator start/stop, since we changed how that feature obtains its battery monitor data. Details here.

For those wondering what about v2.50: that version number is reserved for putting the new Cerbo GX into production.

Best regards, Matthijs.

ps. If you don't know what this post is about: this is about our GX Product range, and this post is aimed at all the members of the Beta test group. Information on how to join (and leave) that group.

Changelog (since v2.42)

Main changes:

  • Added support for the Carlo Gavazzi EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X.
  • Fix Victron App icon blinking on Navico displays.

PV Inverter support:

  • Scanning is more efficient, for all types, but especially for Fronius PV Inverters
  • A bug in relation to Fronius PV Inverters was fixed that caused the system to read 0W output now and then, while the actual power was higher. This issue caused downward spikes in graphs on VRM, but could also affect the Fronius Zero feed-in functionality: all works better now.
  • More stability & performance improvements

Minor changes:

  • Generator start/stop: improve how it gets battery monitor data; details here.
  • Increase spead of Remote VEConfigure with a factor of 2 to 3.
  • Fix bug in tank level reading on the Venus GX (and the Cerbo GX): on startup it didn't always immediately read the correct level, now it does. And many more stability and code improvements.
  • Fix bug causing the first time enabling of Remote Console on LAN not to work always on a CCGX.
  • Add bluetooth menu containing enable/disable as well as option to change the pin code (only shows on hardware with working bluetooth)
  • Fix that the time, for example in scheduled charging, could not be set above 23:00 hours on a few time zones.
  • Move the VRM Two Way communication setting to the VRM Portal menu
  • Show the link-local IP Address
  • Improve Remote Support by implementing load balancing
  • Increase the sharpness of Remote Console on LAN, by fixing a bug that caused it to scale slightly. Same bug has been fixed on Remote Console on VRM a few weeks ago.
  • Replace several icons in the gui by SVGs, so they are sharp on higher resolution devices such as the Cerbo GX.
  • Change the name of the CAN-bus services (in Settings -> Services) so that they match the wording of the comm. port on the product. More clear than the CAN-bus (1) and CAN-bus (2) naming.
  • Make the "Grid meter installed" switch on the ESS menu work as expected: when a grid meter is available, it would be used even if the switch was off. This was confusing. Now, disabling that setting always makes the system use just the inverter/charger, and disregard any connected energy meter configured as grid meter.
  • Fix Error #48 showing in a demo mode.
  • Hide the Battery Details menu for battery (monitor) types that do no support that data.

I'll complete this list later, my editor broke down and I have to go. Once updated, I'll make a comment below. My apologies!

Venus OS
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With the update to the generator start/stop logic - does the 'battery current' condition now use the actual 'battery' current sourced from a BMV/battery monitor?

This is not totally clear to me from the GitHub ticket.

I suppose that I can/will find out for myself, but thought that I would ask...

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Hi Mark,

a) nothing will change for systems with a real battery monitor being used in Settings -> System Setup.

b) for systems with Inverter/charger(s) & Solar chargers, but not having a battery monitor, the system now use the calculated battery current (inverter/charger + solar charger), rather than just the DC current as reported by in the inverter/charger in the system

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Does this mean we can use RS485 to Ethernet adapters with other CG meters too (ET112, etc)?

This would be way cheaper and easier than the ZigBee adapters.

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Hi @pau1phi11ips, no thats not possible. That would be a complete separate development. Better use the ethernet type meters.

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I have been testing this new version. I would like to praise Victron for these changes. It really makes customer feel is being heard and accounted for.

So far I have not experienced any problems, seems very stable. The start condition for battery current is now working perfectly in my case.

I just wonder, is there any possibility that the STOP (not start) condition can consider both positive and negative values? When the start generator condition is initiated, the effective current on battery will have contribution from Multiplus charging as well as load needs. So, in some cases it can pass from depleting battery to small charge current. The actual battery current can be either negative or positive when generator turns on.

Anyway, I'm currently using "0" as stop condition, which is very fine, and is enough to avoid start/stop "loops".

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Hi @Elimac, thank you for the positive feedback & idea. Yes, making it possible to enter both positive and negative battery current threshold(s) is on the list. Not for v2.60 most likely, but for some day. Thanks, Matthijs

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Good Day, I have been testing Venus OS v2.60~3 since Monday and below fix seems solved the reported issue and CCGX is working as expected now.

  • Fix that the time, for example in scheduled charging, could not be set above 23:00 hours on a few time zones.

Other than that, system (MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100,MPPT 150/100, BYD BBOX Pro 10KW) is quite stable.

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Hi @dolak, great to hear. Thanks for the feedback!

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