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OS Releases: Where are they? Supported vs non-supported? Normal vs Large?

I have a new RPi4B1.4 and have been reading a lot. I just downloaded the Venus OS Large, but I am a little confused about various locations of releases and forums. I am not even sure I’m posting this in the proper forum. Here’s just a few links that I’ve found: (what’s the difference between these folders?) (this is where I found the OS I wanted) (is this different then Victron Mods forum?)

I am trying to understand the overall process of releases of various OS’s along with the associated community forums that should be used. TIA…

Venus OS
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The links you found are the correct ones.

The feeds area is the correct place to get released and beta ("candidate") software for the various platforms. But not the Large versions. A "small" version for RPI4 is available there, but only a v1.2 or v1.2 board will run Venus OS.

The RPI 4 v1.4 board will not run Venus OS at this time. Victron is aware of the problem and the cause. For now, use an RPI 3B with the raspberrypi2 image.

The main page for the large versions is here:

Which links to the dropbox page for downloads. It's possible the drop box page will change over time so if it doesn't work, go back to the link above.

GitHub is a space for posting ideas and code, generally aimed at developers and DYIers. It has it's own place for comments but generally is the place for discussions.

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Thanks - good to know....

In the Feeds/Venus folder, what are the various folders for? Is there a different one for the Large OS?


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The top level folders are for the development phase:

  • release contains released versions
  • candidate contains beta versions (usually just the last one)
  • develop and testing are for prereleased versions and should not be used for normal systems

Within each folder, you'll find images, packages, sdk. The one you will be interested in is images

Then with images, you'll find a folder for each platform:

  • ccgx - for Color Control
  • einstein - for Cerbo
  • nanopi - for the imbedded Venus device in the Multis
  • raspberrypi2 - for RPI2 and 3
  • raspberrypi4 - for RPI 4

These are all the normal (aka small) versions. Large versions are elsewhere as I stated previously. You only need the large version if you are going to use Signal-K or Node Red to interface with Venus.

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Hi, to add to Kevin: the release, candidate etc folders, in https://updates.etc are part of normal build process.

Venus OS large is not yet part of that, hence its not in that structure and in the separate the dropbox instead.

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